Monday, 22 February 2010

Tebow working on his delivery


CLanterman said...

Ok, his windup looked pretty good in that video. I just had a crazy crazy crazy crazy idea (yes, four crazies were needed), and I apologize in advance for excessive rosterbation.
We trade down with both of our picks, even if it means an under trade (this is assuming we're not sold on Clausen or Bradford). This nets us say the 10th overall pick, the 24th overall pick, a 3rd rounder and a 2nd rounder next year (conservative).
10. Joe Haden.
24. Charles Brown.
40. Lamarr Houston
3rd. Tebow

Next year we have a 1st and 2 2nds, and depending on how bad we are (presumably BAD) we draft Jake Locker.

Then we have Locker as the QB, and Tebow as a trick play specialist, but with two QBs who can run fast or run guys over, we have a type of wild cat formation for 5-10 snaps per game. People have said that Locker is the 'Tim Tebow of the West', and I think it would be very fun to watch both on the same team.
Obviously not a realistic scenario, but fun to think about.

Curt said...

Personally I think Tebow will be gone by the third. I agree with you about trading down and getting more picks. This is a good draft to get as many picks as possible. I am one who is on the Tebow bandwagon although he has a lot of work to do to be NFL ready. I am NOT a draft scout and in no way qualified to judge NFL qb's. I have watched him every week for the last 4 years and just love his leadership. The guy is a winner and if they can fix the release and some of his throws I think he can be a top tier qb.

CLanterman said...

True, he could be gone before the third. He certainly looks like he has all the tools to succeed, he was just in a gimmicky college system, and he has a slow release. I heard that the Senior Bowl has hurt his stock considerably and he was only a late 1st / 2nd rounder before that. All it takes is one team to fall in love with him though.

Kyle Rota said...

If he tightens up his throwing motion, improves how he holds the ball, and makes some strides with his footwork he'll shoot up boards. I don't think he can succeed as a QB with that windup, but with a shorter release he's a whole different prospect.

I'm a little frustrated he didn't show this off at the senior bowl - but as long as he does a full workout at Florida (meaning I want to see him throw deeper patterns with zip - I'm concerned that the windup was a big part of why Tebow has a strong arm) it won't really matter. His pro day will be absolutely huge.


My only question is...why the hell it took him this long to take these steps. This should have been what he was doing last year (or earlier). If we all knew that this was a problem for his transition to the NFL, he surely did. This does make me hopeful that he can (and is willing to) change his release. Maybe he'll do well, if this sticks.

Kyle Rota said...

USAFANARC - Totally, 100% agree. It's perplexing because it isn't like the long release was an asset in college - it even hurt him then. And I'm surprised we didn't see it at the Senior Bowl, since supposedly Tebow has been working with a QB-Trainer since the summer.

Mike said...

If we get a 3rd and Tebow drops to the third I would love to get him there. It seems to me that fixing mechanics is a lot easier than the wealth of leadership/winning that Tebow represents. He might not be NFL ready, but if he can learn and fix mechanics, he could have more upside than any other QB in this draft.