Friday, 8 January 2010

Mallett staying with Arkansas

This is a busy news day huh? Ryan Mallett, a potential X-factor in the 2010 draft has decided to stay with the Razorbacks for his junior season. Mallet, a red shirt sophomore who transferred from Michigan, has the tools to be a very high pick. He's raw though and like Jake Locker, has taken the decision to refine his talents in the college game. It could make for a bumper year at the top of round one in 2011. Locker, Mallett and Jerrod Johnson all are likely to be available as rocket armed throwers with great size. With Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy entering the NFL this year, it could be that the next college season and the draft is a battle of the big arms.

That contrasts to this year where there's slim pickings. Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are the two expected to go early, but teams will have to think long and hard about investing top picks at the quarterback position in April.


Patrick said...

I'm actually very excited with this because Mallett was slowly dropping down my list. Like you said, he had the size, but to me he seemed very unimpressive during the Liberty bowl. I will admit there were a lot of dropped passes and such, but I just didn't want Seattle to invest in the sense that he may be the future QB of our team.

I'm not sure who, if any, QB will be the x factor now. Clausen and Bradford seem to be the only 1st round guys (although I know Clausen isn't even a first rounder in your draft). I think Tebow could be that X factor now, assuming he makes it past Jaguars.

Any chance Seattle grabs Tebow at #14? Do you think (let's assume he is hired) Pete Carroll would seem more, or less likely to take the risk on someone like him?

Rob Staton said...

I will be very surprised if Pete Carroll drafts Tim Tebow 14th overall. He doesn't run a funky spread system at USC like a lot of college coaches do, it's more pro-style. I don't see why he'd do the opposite in the NFL.

I think it's time to accept that at least on paper, this won't be a great draft for quarterbacks at the top of round one. I would expect Matt Hasselbeck to be the Seahawks starter in 2010 and if a rookie is taken, it might not be in round one.

Anonymous said...

Good for Mallett. He has a lot to learn, and another year in college will do him well. Glad to see someone care more about being a good qb than getting the $$$ it will pay off in the long run.

an petie doesn't like those crap-armed spread qbs so people can just forget about tebow and mccoy (thank god), probably bradford too. he might be interested in clausen since he did try recruiting him to usc.

hcg said...

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