Wednesday, 27 January 2010

McShay on Day 3, Ducasse on NFL


Anonymous said...

Rob, Kyle, Kip-

Don't know if you guys saw the new Fox Sports NFL mock draft but it's horrific.

#6: Taylor Mays
#14: CJ Spiller
#40: WR Eric Decker (who was chosen before Aurrelious Benn and Brandon Lafell)

After I picked up my brain off the floor and recovered from momentary unconsciousness, I had to try to make some sense of these selections...and I can't come up with any. Guess I just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the good work. It boggles my mind how someone at Fox Sports gets paid to basically not know anything about football or the upcoming draft.

ivotuk said...

Rob, great job with the website, the writing, the format and love the video links! They are great because even though I cruise all over the net you seem to find them before I do! :) I'm a fan!

Sean Lewandowski said...

Rob, do you see any scenario where Seattle could take CJ Spiller (I.E Combine) with the 6th overall pick, i hate the idea of San Franciso snaggin him with the 13th before we have a chance at him with 14.

Steve in Spain said...

FWIW, Scott Wright spotted Seattle scouting Jacoby Ford (WR Clemson) and Riley Cooper (WR Florida) at Day 3 of the Senior Bowl practices.

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - thanks for posting the Fox mock. I think it's easy to put Mays at #6 because of the Carroll links, but not a lot of thought has gone into that one.

Ivotuk - thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

Sean - I can certainly see a situation where Spiller goes in the top ten. If he lights up the combine, put that alongside his massive production at Clemson and eye brows will raise. I think it's unlikely Seattle would go in that direction, but Cleveland are a strong possibility for me - Buffalo and Jacksonville are outsiders too. I just think the Seahawks, with the Gibbs system, will avoid spending $50m on a running back.

Steve - thanks for the links.