Saturday, 16 January 2010

Updated mock draft: 16th January

The deadline for underclassmen to declare has passed, so we now know which prospects will be available during the 2010 draft. The Seahawks have made major changes since my last projection, with Pete Carroll taking over as Executive VP and Head Coach. One of the biggest questions that will dominate this and future mock drafts is whether or not St. Louis draft a quarterback. Ndamukong Suh is clearly the top prospect available, but the Rams have a clinical need at QB - Marc Bulger looks set to retire or get cut, whilst Keith Null won't be starting in 2010. Will they sign someone before the draft? If not, the prospect of spending the #1 pick on a quarterback will increase dramatically - something represented in this mock. The idea of these early projections are to look at all eventualities rather than make a completely accurate prediction months before the draft.

#1 St. Louis: Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma)
The Rams' biggest need is quarterback. Until they find one, the franchise cannot move forward. If Bradford can prove he's healthy and work out before the draft, people will start talking about him again. Matt Stafford wasn't the best overall prospect available in 2009, but quarterback needs are usually filled.

#2 Detroit: Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska)
This is a no brainer if St. Louis goes quarterback. Jim Schwartz had a lot of success as a defensive coordinator in Tennessee thanks to an elite defensive tackle.

#3 Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma)
The Buccs will be just as happy if the Rams pass on Suh, because it means McCoy drops here. He'd fill a huge hole on Tampa Bay's defensive line.

#4 Washington: Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers)
The Redskins have two big needs - quarterback and offensive line. Davis has Ryan Clady type potential and Mike Shanahan drafted Clady in Denver.

#5 Kansas City: Rolando McClain (LB, Alabama)
The Chiefs are committed to creating a strong 3-4 defense but lack that presence at inside linebacker. McClain can be an impact player for Kansas City.

#6 Seattle: Derrick Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech)
Pete Carroll has already admitted the Seahawks must find a legitimate pass rusher at defensive end. Morgan fits the bill as a prototype 4-3 prospect.

#7 Cleveland: Joe Haden (CB, Florida)
Haden is a physical, athletic corner. The Browns are in rebuild mode, so finding a stand out prospect at a crucial position makes sense.

#8 Oakland: Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland)
Campbell has unique size and and athleticism, something that will undoubtedly interest Al Davis. He's had injuries though, that's the potential red flag.

#9 Buffalo: Brian Price (DT, UCLA)
If the Bills appoint Leslie Frasier as head coach, he could look to invest in the defensive line. Alongside quarterback and left tackle, it's amongst Buffalo's biggest needs. It'd be a surprise to some if they passed on Okung and Clausen, but not me.

#10 Jacksonville: Eric Berry (S, Tennessee)
I still believe Berry's best position could be cornerback in the NFL. The Jaguars will rebuild their secondary this off season.

#11 Denver: Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida)
Dunalp's size could mean a transition to five technique end in the Broncos 3-4. He has plenty of time to repair his stock.

#12 Miami: Dan Willims (DT, Tennessee)
The Dolphins priority appears to be finding a nose tackle for their 3-4 scheme. This is a reach, but one that fills a vital need.

#13 San Francisco: C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson)
The 49ers don't have a huge need at running back, but Spiller is a threat to score every time he has the ball. Alongside Frank Gore, San Francisco would have a dangerous running attack.

#14 Seattle: Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma State)
Bryant won't run a brilliant forty yard dash time and receivers are always susceptible to a slight fall. The Seahawks need to find playmakers on offense.

#15 New York Giants: Earl Thomas (S, Texas)
Questions remain about the future of Kenny Phillips. The Giants need a playmaker in the secondary and Thomas (eight interceptions in 2009) is a good fit.

#16 San Francisco: Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma)
Williams is strictly a right tackle in the NFL. With Joe Staley entrenched on the blind side, this makes sense.

#17 Tennessee: Everson Griffen (DE, USC)
The Titans are likely to invest in their defensive line this off season. Griffen has been inconsistent but work outs should aid his stock.

#18 Pittsburgh: Donovan Warren (CB, Michigan)
Warren's stock is likely to rise over the next few weeks during work outs. The Steelers could use an upgrade in the secondary.

#19 Atlanta: Jason Pierre-Paul (DE, USF)
With Warren off the board, the Falcons address another need on the defensive line. JPP's rawness and lack of experience is a concern and he could drop into round two. Alternatively, his upside is high enough to justify this selection.

#20 Houston: Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa)
The Texans need to bolster their offensive line. Bulaga projects as a right tackle in the NFL.

#21 Cincinnati: Arrelious Benn (WR, Illinois)
Bad quarterback play and inconsistent hands has hurt Benn's stock, but this is still a guy touted as a top 15 pick at the start of the year. A tight end like Jermaine Gresham is also a possibility.

#24 New England: Jared Odrick (DT, Penn State)
The Patriots are in the process of major changes on their defensive line. Drafting the versatile Odrick gives New England some options long term.

#25 Green Bay: Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State)
Okung was beaten badly twice in the fourth quarter against Ole Miss, once leading to a severe hit on the quarterback. He would've been a late first round pick as an underclassmen, nothing this year has proved otherwise for me.

#26 Philadelphia: Brandon Spikes (LB, Florida)
Spikes' stock is difficult to project. He could go this early, or he could suffer a dramatic fall. The Eagles need to bolster their inside linebacker position.

#27 New York Jets: Damian Williams (WR, USC)
Williams and Sanchez know each other well from SoCal. Creating the perfect long term platform for the 'Sanchize' is essential and Williams' route running qualities mean he could have an instant impact.

#28 Baltimore: Jermaine Gresham (TE, Oklahoma)
The Ravens would entertain the prospect of drafting a talented wide out. With most off the board, they'll look at an equally talented pass-catching tight end. Gresham has top 15 talent, but injuries and character questions see a fall.

#27 Arizona: Ricky Sapp (LB, Clemson)
Arizona are still piecing together their 3-4 scheme and Sapp could be a stand out OLB.

#28 Dallas: Mike Iupati (OG, Idaho)
Dallas like bigger lineman and at 330lbs and room for more, Iupati is as big as they come. An immediate starter in the interior, he could eventually kick out to tackle. He might be the most talented offensive lineman in the draft. Senior Bowl work outs could define his stock.

#29 Minnesota: Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame)
If Clausen falls this far, the chances are someone will trade up to get him. However, I still don't see a top ten pick when I watch the tape. That doesn't mean he won't be taken in that range, but for now I'm sticking to my guns. I addressed this issue earlier in the week (part 1, part 2).

#30 San Diego: Brandon LaFell (WR, LSU)
The Chargers are not at risk of losing Vincent Jackson - who's likely to be a restricted free agent. However, they need a compliment and LaFell is good value at this stage despite an average year statistically.

#31 New Orleans: Sergio Kindle (OLB, Texas)
The Saints could use Kindle creatively, as a linebacker most of the time but an edge rush on passing third downs.

#32 Indianapolis: Brandon Ghee (CB, Wake Forest)
Ghee could go earlier than this, such is the importance of the cornerback position. Indianapolis' biggest need on defense is at corner.


Patrick said...

Although Morgan and Bryant aren't my favorite choices, I'd be pretty thrilled if we grabbed them. I firmly believe that DE will be targeted. My question is, do you think there's any chance we grab Spiller at 6 and then try to target Carlos Dunlap at 14? I know 6 seems like a stretch for a RB but Spiller seems to be worth it. Not to mention if a team like the 49ers could grab him before us it might be worth it to secure our RB spot. I firmly believe Dunlap would be a steal at 14 and if Denver or Oakland doesn't bite he could still be available.

By the way, great mock as usual!!

Rob Staton said...

From a Seahawks perspective I've tried to create this mock using what little knowledge we have about Pete Carroll and the regime e's setting up. He spoke yesterday about finding that edge rush on the defensive line as a priority. That would make Moran a logical pick if he's available at #6. If he isn't, it could be explosed at #14 with Everson Griffen. However, sometimes 'defensive' minded coaches will back themselves to get a defense moving and prefer instead to repair the offense - so that has to be taken into consideration too. There's no reason why they couldn't be more creative with Aaron Curry to get him rushing the QB.

I think Spiller to Seattle is less likely since Alex Gibbs was brought on board. The teams he's been involved with previously haven't invested high picks at RB before. That doesn't mean it won't happen - but Spiller at #6 is quite an investment at the position. He'd make sense at #14, but in this mock is off the board.

Dunlap can really propel his stock during work outs and interviews. He has unique size and speed. His issues are attitude, professionalism (DUI before the biggest game of the year?) and consistent effort. Seattle would be taking a high risk/reward pick to select Dunlap. I think he could go top 15 as shown in this mock. His size makes him a 3-4 option as a five technique. But he has a lot to do to repair his stock.

Anonymous said...

I've said this a few times, but if we use a 1st on a WR, I will be dissapointed. With all the holes on the roster, WR would be an unecessary luxury, and one that I don't think we can afford. Plus, so many 1st round WRs never pan out. I think they are a much better value in the 2nd or 3rd round. A lot of NFL teams are seeing things that way too, as fewer and fewer WRs go in round 1.

I agree that Morgan could on Seattle's radar. I believe that we will look to the DL, OL, secondary, or future QB with those 2 picks.

I watched Sam Bradford highlights on You Tube, and remain very high on his accuracy, quick release, vision, and size. I also noticed that he had the ability to fit the ball into some tight windows. I also noticed that he took snaps directly from center too, which I didn't realize he ever did. If his shoulder checks out OK, and he is there at 6, I still think he is a possibility.


Anonymous said...

Rob, thought-provoking mock. A couple questions. Do you think Morgan is a significantly better prospect than Griffen? Why not address another need at 6 (left tackle with Okung) and take Griffen at 14? I also see WR as a luxury in round 1, and frankly while I loved Bryants play in 2008, he has not played for a year. That has to drop his stock more than some are predicting. I'm not convinced he's clearly better than Benn, for example. I think regaining our missing 3rd rounder has to be a top priority also, so would welcome trading down from 6 or 14 to regain that pick.

Rob Staton said...

TJ - I think you have to judge each prospect on their own merits. At #14 Bryant would present good value and rather than receiver be a luxury, I think it's up there with the Seahawks biggest needs. One of the reasons there's so much pressure on the offensive line is due to other teams lack of respect for Seattle's skill position players. They don't fear being beaten and therefore can afford to blitz heavily and stack the box against the run. Bryant isn't a super fast receiver, but then the Seahawks don't own a quarterback with a huge arm. He's capable of being a YAC threat, he can get in behind and stretch the field. He will be a threat in the red zone and work as a nice compliment for Houshmandzadeh. Considering the other options available at #14, I had to put Bryant in Seattle and I think that's a move the new regime would consider.

Annonymous - I think Morgan has proven to be a more consistent threat to Griffen. Pete Carroll will know the USC DE better than me or anyone else, so if he thinks he can be that persistent edge rush, no doubt he'll consider taking him at #14. That could happen. However, Morgan is difficult to pass on. I rank him a lot higher than Russell Okung. For me, Okung is a late first round prospect. Bryant at #14 would constitute a drop because he was ranked as a top ten pick before suspension. He could still be a top ten pick - don't rule out Tampa Bay taking him to compliment Josh Freeman.

Also - the purpose of these early mocks, as stated, are to look at different possibilities. The next projection which will be posted next week will look at different scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Pete Carroll is about as "anti-spread" as you can get. He has always preached about his system being the best way to get QBs ready for the next level. No way he takes Bradford at #6, even as badly as we need a QB. Even the QBs he recruited to USC were "pro-system" guys. Needless to say, I'd be shocked if Bradford is under heavy consideration. Clausen on the other hand, Carroll has had a first hand view. I think it's fair to say that Clausen's personality (yes, perceived) wouldn't be a very good fit considering he'd be #2 on the depth chart and on a losing team. Does anyone think this kid can handle these two things? He sure as heck doesn't give the idea he can with his antics at ND. Perhaps Clausen gets a look at 14, but I think we can write off Bradford because of the spread and injury.

One other thing that has kind of bothered me, is this notion that we will not invest high picks on a RB or O-line. Just because we got Gibbs doesn't mean that we will not invest in a top tier OT or RB. How about the idea of creating a dominant line rather than just settling for a serviceable one with the sub standard talent we have? Shanahan was ultimately the decision maker in Denver, not Gibbs. Don't write off high upside guys like Anthony Davis or Bruce Campbell because there may be the thought that Gibbs can coach these guys up to an elite level due to their physical gifts. And certainly do not write off CJ Spiller who can certainly become the center piece of an offense despite not being able to be a 20-25 carry a game guy. There's nothing wrong with a RB who can run it 15-20 times a game (which he easily can) all the while being targeted 5-10 times in the passing game. A do it all RB has always been the center piece of a Pete Carroll Offense.

I will be kind of shocked if the first 3 picks are not spent on a top notch O-lineman, a pass rusher, and a playmaker. Doesn't matter what the order is, but bolstering the line, creating pass rush, and having a playmaker are clearly the top 3 deficiencies we have on our roster. This combination not only allows us to enhance the life of Hass, but ultimately, we will become instantly more competitive without sacrificing the notion of rebuilding for the future.

We've seen Bates and Carroll have success with young QBs, so let's not write off the idea of them creating an environment perfectly suited for a young QB in the 2011 season by providing protection, a playmaker, and a stronger defense. Now, I'm not saying Jake Locker (although I'd love it), but we do know Carroll's fondness of him and the ties between he and Sarkisian. Could it be a perfect storm? We'll have to wait and see, but let's not just assume that the a new regime means a new QB on day 1. As I previously stated, Bates and Carroll have had experience putting youngs QBs in the best situation to succeed. I see them putting a foundation down this year to go after a QB in 2011.

Christon Petersen said...

I agree with you 100% that Jimmy Clausen shouldn’t be taken until the late first round at best, but I highly doubt that he slips past where Brady Quinn was taken (at pick #22). Even last year less hyped Josh Freeman went 17th overall. The QB position is usually over valued and in a week class with Washington, us, Cleveland, Oakland, Buffalo, Jacksonville and Denver with a potential need at that position as well as the possibility of Philly or Minnesota trading up for him I think there will be someone dumb enough to take him in the first 11 picks, I just hope it isn’t us.

From the Seahawks perspective I would really like them to take Sam Bradford with their #6 pick because of his size, quick release, the good decision making ability and opportunity to learn the system for a year. However, I believe like you that he will be gone before we pick so I think you have to take the best player available. If Eric Berry is still on the board I believe that we’ve got to take him because it’s not like our secondary in great shape with the million plays we allowed over 20 yards last season. Also, with Tru having a down/injury filled year-the secondary needs to get better. I know that the secondary would play better if we actually had a pass rush but there is also way more depth in this draft class with Defensive linemen over DB’s that we’ve got to take Berry over Morgan.

Another completely different scenario that I wouldn’t mind is to try to trade the 6th pick down to another mid first round pick to take the best available tackle (i.e Trent Williams). Then try to trade the 14th pick down for a mid 20’s pick to take Mike Iupati. We would pick up an extra two second round picks with this senerio and with Gibbs working with them I could seeing the line developing pretty fast. In the not so off chance that the Rams draft Suh we will need the protection. We then might be able to get Jonathan Dwyer with our 38th pick. I think Forsett is a good third down back but if we had Dwyer who could pound the ball, teams wouldn’t be able to just sit back in coverage all the time which would also open up things for our passing game as well as keep our D fence off the field. Another player I like as a WR/back-up RB/return man is Dexter McCluster who we could get with a later 2nd rounder and we would still potentially in this scenario be able to get a pretty solid pass rusher.

Finally, I really don’t see that much of a difference between C.J. Spiller and Dexter McCluster. I think Spiller is overrated for his size. I see him as a Reggie Bush type all-purpose player who has value but not an every down back that can run between the tackles like what we need. McCluster is basicly the same guy that will go a round and a half later who I can see turning into a Percy Harvin type player for us.

Hey, great draft overall! I can’t get enough of your insight! Thanks.

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - if Seattle took Charles Brown at #40, they will have signed a pass rusher, a playmaker and an offensive lineman as you suggested. Sam Bradford goes first overall, not 6th to Seattle - the hawks take Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech).

Christon - I would expect a team picking in the early second to perhaps try and trade up to get Clausen. There's always a chance of that. I don't include trades in my mock draft because they're impossible to project. However - I do think if he fell as suggested in this mock, someone would move up.

Anonymous said...

Rob- I know you had Bradford #1 overall. I was more referring to those arguing for Bradford at #6 in a different situation.

And I agree, Brown at #40 certainly qualifies the 3 categories of Pass Rush, Playmaker, and Protection. I'm not fond of Dez Bryant for many reasons (no route running ability, the suspension = him being an idiot, lack of deep speed, inconsistent) but it would be a worhty risk because he clearly has ability. I know you had Spiller going the pick before, but if it was between him and Bryant, I would have to go Spiller without much debate. In all honesty, Spiller's receiving ability is probably more consistent than Bryant's.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for being who are dying to spend a #6 pick on Eric Berry....

Would you rather have spend a top 10 pick on Eric Berry, or settle for Morgan Burnett at 40? How about settling for Major Wright in the 3rd or 4th round?

It boggles my mind with how much help we need, that people really think it's no brainer to take a safety at #6. How many times have we heard "once a decade" talent. AJ Hawk fit that category. Laron Landry does as well. Though it's early, how about a guy named Aaron Curry (outplayed by 4 or 5 other rookie LBs by a wide margin)? Hawk, Landry, and Curry to a certain extent are reasons that the idea of positional value is so important in regards to the draft.

By investing that high of a pick in a position of little value, the money that player gets automatically vaults them to the highest paid at their position in the NFL (or close to it). Now, I know it holds true for most positions, but if these "once in a decade" talents don't become Pro Bowl players, then I'd argue that is a waste of a pick if they do not play a vital position that very few guys can play. LB and Safety certainly are not nearly has hard to find as a DE, OT, or QB. So please, when arguing for the likes of Berry, please remember the vital holes that are evident on the Hawks roster.

How much better would the Hawks be right now if we had Sanchez on the bench or Monroe or Oher playing RT ready to slide over to LT? This is what happens when you are a bad team and you decide to take a player of little positional value. Curry may end up being great, but the Hawks have 3 very good LBs on the roster that were found in the 2nd and 3rd round, along with a UDFA. Something to think about.

Chris (In Boise) said...

Rob, I know you're spending a lot of time on the first round right now but in rounds 2-5 how do you feel about Kyle Wilson the CB from Boise State? He's proven himself time and time again all four years on a very winning team. Not only shutting down opposing receivers when the other teams were having to air the ball out constantly to catch up (Boise never trailed in the second half this season, which means teams weren't able to run) but also as a quality return man


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,

I just read a post on the Tacoma News Tribune's Seahawk blog after they interviewed Rob Rang. Rang offered a few of his top players, with highlight tapes accompanying each. I did some more research myself to look at additional game film, and I must say my top 5 wish list remains similar. I like your pick for us at #6 at Derrick Morgan, because he looks like a phenomenal and disruptive DE against both the run and the pass. I like Dez Bryant overall, but not sure about that high. I love his strong hands, aggressive and physical play, and his ball skills, but don't know about that high. One guy Rang mentions is Dezmon Briscoe from Kansas. Similar skill-set, but should be available in the 2nd round. Also after watching film, I came away extremely underwhelmed with both Anthony Davis and Bruce Campbell. It could have just been the particular videos I watched, but neither seemed even remotely dominant and worthy of either the 6th or 14th overall picks. I still remain very, very high on Bradford and Spiller. I found a video that showed Bradford taking a decent number of snaps under center (usually through play-action), and he looked very comfortable and accurate in all of them. I think the spread system worries don't apply to him. Spiller is just electric and can score anytime he touches the ball. Teaming him with Forsett would immediately give the Seahawks a more explosive offense.

I'm sure your mock (and everyone's around the internet) will change a lot in the next few months, but so far what I'm taking away from all of this is the Seahawks will have a great chance to draft 2 super-star potential players, and this draft class is extremely deep.

For what it's worth, my top 5 players I'd like the Seahawks to draft are:

1. Sam Bradford
2. C.J. Spiller
3. Derrick Mordan
4. Eric Berry
5. Russell Okung

I also would not mind seeing Sean Canfield in the 2nd round if he's still there. Rang was also high on him for playing in a pro system, and having the size and arm strength to succeed in the NFL. What are your thoughts on Briscoe and Canfield? They're two players I haven't discussed with you that much yet.

ChavaC said...

Personally I think trying to fix the line by adding skill players is a backwards approach, especially when it's at the second strongest position on our roster. I haven't seen a lot of Bryant, but does he really give us something Housh doesn't? They both sound like YAC receivers that aren't going to stretch the field and open up the short game.

If there were no quality O line players on the board at 14, it would make more sense to me, but okung is still there in this mock. I think if you have the opportunity to walk away from the first with Morgan and Okung you take it. It adds pass rush and takes pressure off a decent set of corners, and under Gibbs Okung should be able to hone his technique to become an anchor on the line. If you can get any consistency on that line you free up Carlson to actually catch some balls. Pick up a safety in the later rounds and maybe a back like McKnight and you have a team that has the pieces (on paper at least) to compete.

Anonymous said...

whoops...forgot to sign my last comment. It's Chris from Seattle. Keep forgetting my new google account doesn't show up as Chris (Seattle).

Rob Staton said...

Chris in Boise - I've got tape from Boise State vs Oregon & TCU. I kept an eye on Wilson against the Horned Frogs but he wasn't really troubled all that much. I'll go back and review the tape in time and have something on the blog soon. Apologies for not offering an answer with greater depth - I'll do something on cornerbacks like Wilson soon.

Chris in Seattle - I've not had access to Kansas tape this year so cannot offer much of an opinion on Briscoe. Kyle might be able to help you out with a better opinion there. I'll see if I can't get hold of some footage.

There's a lot to like about Canfield. In two games against Oregon and USC he showed he can be productive against solid defenses. He hasn't got great arm strength but on a short-medium route he got the job done. I think his best value will be in a system similar to New England and Denver that uses a lot of shotgun and spreads the receivers out, relying on short-medium range passes. He's worth a look from Seattle's point of view, but I think as a maximum his value is probably in that 3-5 range.

Rob Staton said...

Chavac - I do believe Bryant offers something different. He reminds me of T.O. to an extent, I think he can be productive at the next level and a nice compliment to Houshmandzadeh. I've stated on the blog many times that I'm not a fan of Okung. I don't think he'll solve any of Seattle's problems on the line - I've seen him get beat badly too many times. It might appease people to get a 'name' and a first round pick at LT, but investing in someone like Okung long term doesn't interest me. He would've been a late first rounder last year and nothings changed in my opinion. He could fall - I think he's benefited more than most in the early mocks from the fact it's not a great year at OT and his is a name people know.

Seattle has neglected the skill positions for too long early in the draft and they must begin to find some players who can make things happen. The addition of Alex Gibbs - to me - gives the line an instant upgrade and picking up a guy like Charles Brown in round two would be ideal. If the Seahawks can find some playmakers with value in round they have to consider it.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that a QB, RB, and WR have better looking highlight tapes than a pair of OTs.

Rob Staton said...

Highlight tapes are never a good thing to use for judging a prospect, mainly because it's so selective. You learn more just watching one full game involving an individual then you do watching clips from 5-6 games.

Anonymous said...

Amen Rob.

Anonymous said...

I know you don't use trades in your draft but I'd rather trade 14 back to the broncos for Marshall. I'd rather have a proven WR. Also, how would Iupati fit with the Seahawks blocking system? I've become a fan of his after watching their bowl game and wouls love for him to be a Seahawk.

Rob Staton said...

Iupati would be a scheme fit in man or zone because he's big but nimble. Question marks have been raised in some quarters about the way he stands up and relies on strength but coughs up leverage - that could drop him into round two. Alex Gibbs' lines usually prefer smaller lineman, but Iupati has the agility to make it work.

Anonymous said...

Canfield is also a left handed QB right? Well if he is left handed then that means his blind side is the right. Does this mean he just needs a very good RT that can be found ALOT cheaper and is a more expandable resource? Just wondering....

kearly said...

With Marshall almost certain to be dealt this offseason, I think Broncos fans would be very upset passing on him at #12, especially if its for Dunlap. When I was researching my mock for the Broncos, Dez Bryant was decidedly the favorite choice. I googled something like "Broncos 2010 draft needs" and the first 20 hits or so all had Dez Bryant mentioned in the google summaries.

I also just can't see Cleveland going anything other than QB/WR at #7. They had 93 passing yards per game last year! That's particularly unacceptable to someone like Mike Holmgren. He'd leave himself open for criticism taking a CB in the top 10 also. I have a hard time seeing that one.

However, if Marshall does stay put, I can't complain with Bryant at #14. He's probably the smarter choice, but I actually like Damien Williams better as a Seahawk, even if his upside is lower.

Rob Staton said...

Denver are still rebuilding their defense as a 3-4. McDaniels as a big system guy might feel he can draft wide outs to fit it rather than feel the need to really spend a top pick at the position. As much as receiver would be a need, getting a top five technique is more important for me. I've watched a lot of Broncos games this year. Dunlap is a great fit with his size to play 3-4 DE. I also think Denver will struggle to deal Marshall because who' going to pay a first rounder for his soap opera ways? I think it's more likely he gets cut than traded - McDaniels is self confident enough to pull a move like that.

Cleveland might go offense, but they actually did quite well the last four games. They have an excellent offensive line, a couple of playmakers. They have so much invested at QB, I think Holmgren might give Quinn a year. Cutting would be costly. Wide out and corner were the option (Bryant or Haden) and I just felt that Haden was a much better talent and one that could not be passed up.

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - Canfield is a lefty. It's not so much getting a good right tackle as getting a good blind side tackle. Arizona tried to be cute taking Levi Brown to play RT for Leinart and it didn't really work out. You're better taking a quality blind side guy (usually the LT) and just moving him over. They're still being asked to do the same things as they would for a right handed passer, just on the opposite side. Teams will just move around their DE's.

jah said...

i notice that you left taylor mays out of this mock. is his stock falling that fast? and let's say that the 49ers pass on Spiller. Would the hawks still take bryant over him with the 14th?

Rob Staton said...

The Seahawks would have a tough decision to make in that case. They could certainly use a back like Spiller.

I have Mays falling into round two. I'm not sure the obvious athletic qualities will be enough to keep him in round one. All of these mocks are designed to look at what 'could' happen at this stage. I think Mays could be a first rounder, he could go quite high. A team could fall in love with his athleticism. But when you watch the tape - you see a guy who doesn't make big plays, he takes bad angles, his instincts don't appear to be as sharp as you'd want and he relies on big hits too often. Really his value is as a head hunter with athletic potential at this stage. I'm not sure a team would be willing to spend a first rounder on that - especially with two superior safety's available here.

I also have Charles Brown dropping out of round one. The size issue is a concern - if he arrives for work outs at 285-290lbs then team's will raise concern. He's very talented and would be ideal for an Alex Gibbs run offense. If he can get up to 305-310lbs then he could be quite a high first round pick. He could influence his own stock dramatically over the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

A tweak for me:

6 Morgan/Berry/Haden
14 Bulaga/Spiller/Clausen
40 Iupati/Mcdaniel/Brown

how i would pair it:

haden/spiller/mcdaniel (playmakers)
morgan/bulaga/iupati (line play)
berry/clausen/brown (future)

E in F

Nick said...

I have seen others project Anthony Davis as a right tackle. What are your thoughts on that?


Anonymous said...

Brandon Frye seemed pretty effective (quiet) as an LT the few games he started for us this year. What's the chance that he starts for us next year at LT, moving Locklear to RT and putting Willis on the bench? This could leave us passing on OT's in the first day of the draft.


Anonymous said...

If you're going to give the Browns a defensive back, why not give them the best one available in Eric Berry? Especially since both starting safeties from last season are free agents.

Rob Staton said...

Nick - there's no doubt Davis could play right tackle but his ability in pass protection would make him a more likely fit on the blind side. He's a better pass blocker than a run blocker.

Ben - I'm sure the new regime (Pete, Alex Gibbs) will look at what they have and make a decision. It's not beyond the realms of possibility they'll look to use what they already have on the offensive line, even if that would dissatisfy a lot of fans. I think they'll bring in a lineman at some stage, it might just not be as early as some are hoping. In this mock, Charles Brown would be a nice option in R2.

Annonymous - I'd rank Haden ahead of Berry. For starters, I believe Berry's best position might be cornerback - considering Haden's already proved he can play the position at a high level, there's no doubt who you'd take. He's athletic and has the speed to stick in coverage, but he tackles brilliantly - very physical. Even if Berry stays at safety, cornerback essentially has much greater value in the top ten. You can never have enough good corners.

Anonymous said...

As we saw this year...

No O-line = No offensive output.

Gotta grab a O-lineman with one of the picks here.

Rob Staton said...

Seattle's offensive issues were down to more than just having an expensive rookie playing left tackle. Poor line play didn't help, but neither did the scheme (clearly not everyone believed in Greg Knapp's offense) and the fact the Seahawks are thread bare in terms of playmakers.

I don't think a rookie lineman playing LT in 2009 would've made any difference. It'll take a concorted effort to get the offense moving. There's the opportunity to draft a lineman at #40 with Charles Brown still on the board.

Anonymous said...

Good selection for the Chiefs. The choice will be between McClain and Berry. McClain will impact more plays and the Chiefs ILB's are horrible.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Gerhart, he had outstanding numbers and yet he's falling to 2nd or 3rd. Could this be a race issue because most RB's are black?

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - it's not a race issue. Gerhart for me is a 4th round prospect at best. He has tremendous numbers in college, that could move him up a round. But here is a guy that won't find the edge, he won't burst through a hole and break off - he doesn't have great speed and he generally takes what is given. He's not a factor in the passing game. I think he's likely to project as a LeRon McClain type at the next level - a full back who takes carries as part of a committee.

Big Larry said...

First of all, I would use both Seahawks 1st rounders on offense. Having said that, I do not think the Seahawks should or will mess with Dez Bryant at 14. First of all, they can probably get Danario Alexander near the top of round 2. He will have a better pro career than Bryant anyway. Plus, the needs at QB, OL and RB are much greater than at WR. WR can wait, OL, QB and RB can't. Here's what I think would be the ideal scenario:
6 - Bradford
14 - Spiller or best OL
6 is too high for Spiller, so take the chance that he is available at 14.

kearly said...

I guess I could see McDaniels devaluing WR, he's a pretty massive douche and part of the issue with Marshall is over money after all.

I still have a hard time seeing Dunlap at 12 though. It would be Tyson Jackson-esque. McDaniels could wait til the 2nd round and get nearly the same caliber 3-4 DE. I think people have figured out that Dunlap has a lot of issues and I half expect him to be a 2nd round pick now.

Probably more likely would be taking OL since the McDaniels decided the other day that he's dropping ZBS in favor of man-scheme which means cleaning out his entire interior OL basically. I could see Iupati making a lot of sense there.

Rob Staton said...

I'll be very surprised if Iupati goes as high as 11th overall.

C_Hawks76 said...

nice mock: I think the Hawks should .... should load up on the o-line ... unless there is a undenigable skill player available.
from the 6th position:
OT Okung OK ST if available
OT Davis Rutgers
from the 14th position:
(this may include a deal down)
S Taylor Mays USC (Defence and Pete Carroll here)
OG Lupati ID ... a monster

timbreda said...

I like Bryant, but I think we have too many needs to spend a 1st rounder on a WR right now. If we take Spiller (and that assumes San Fran don't), he will have the effect of upgrading our WR core two-fold:-
a) He needs covering in and around the box rather better than Jones ever will,
b) He can catch the ball and disappear with it in unlikely positions on the field in much the same way as Reggie Bush can - but with more power.

If we are going to take a WR, Barnes of Bowling Green would be a nice pick given that he seems to be projected in round 5, (due to the lack of blistering pace), but is potentially a Bobby Engram clone. He has a brain, runs good routes and actually catches the thing.

I don't agree the San Diego WR pick - Floyd will take off next year, and they will probably go D, and can't see Minnesota taking Clausen, somehow. He should slip to the top of Round 2 or beyond...
..and speaking of Round 2, I know this is unorthodox, but as this is a Seahawks site, how about making future mock drafts go up to pick 38?