Saturday, 30 January 2010

New draft coverage series: POTD

By Kip Earlywine
Disclaimer: This series is based off highlight/lowlight videos and internet consensus opinion. As such, it paints an admittedly incomplete picture of a player that can only be obtained by real scouting methods (every snap, several games, like this). At best, with only highlights/lowlights I can unearth about 25-50% (at most) of the information on a player. Basic athleticism, glaring flaws, amazing strengths, those things will come out, but the subtle things (which matter just as much if not more) will not. So please don't take anything in the POTD series as gospel, and feel free to disagree or contribute information in the comments.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, this type of thing is fun, easy to do, and it allows me to "introduce" a large number of players. Once we near the NFL draft and Seattle's options become clearer, I'll actually do some detailed scouting reports as Kyle Rota does, assuming I can get some hands on the games and figure out how to scout with a decent amount of credibility by then.

POTD is short for "player of the day." In these posts, I'll make a quick evaluation based off of easily available information. Again, this isn't a final word on a player... think of it as a preview which we may or may not expand into greater detail later.

I'll probably throw up my first POTD later today. This post is just for the sake of getting the disclaimer out there before I start.

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