Monday, 11 January 2010

Seahawks Draft Blog welcomes Pete Carroll


Anonymous said...

I wonder when we are going to get a replacement for Hasselbeck. This year's QB draft class is weak, I actually hope we don't waste a pick on a QB. Unless we of course trade for a young unproven project.

What do you think Rob?


Rob Staton said...

Hi Taylor,

I think there's always a chance when a new regime comes in that they look to draft a quarterback. I'm hesitant to rule it out despite the limited options at the top of round one. You never know how Coach and the new GM rank a guy like Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen. They'll ask the same questions we will of both - and there are clearly qustions to be asked. I'm not entirely sure though that the new regime would want to so quickly associate their own success and failure with a rookie QB. If they take a defensive end at #6 and it doesn't work out, the repercussions will be considerably less than if they take a QB that early and they bust.

They might investigate trade scenarios and free agency if they really feel they need to move on at the position, but I think at this very early stage they'll go with Matt Hasselbeck. He has one year to go on a contract - that's his motivation for a big year. Go and perform, earn an extension. You run the risk of having to start a rookie down the line if that plan backfires, but that's a better risk to have than drafting a guy for the sake of filling a need this year.

As discussed here:

I think one of the picks could easily be spent on improving the defensive line - a big need at a position of strength in the 2010 class. It wouldn't surprise me if they also looked at finding a dynamic playmaker, either at receiver or running back at some stage.

Patrick said...

I am thrilled to welcome Pete Carroll. Considering the thought of Pete Carroll NEVER crossed my mind before Friday, I cannot think of anyone I would rather have for our team.

I do have a question though Rob. I noticed that on your mock draft on the side you have Seattle taking Dez Bryant at #6. Did this change after the Pete Carroll information surfaced? On your last mock it was Anthony Davis.

Personally, I still want Bradford, and hope it's a Bradford/ Spiller combination. But, I doubt Bradford makes it past Washington, and like you said before, Carroll didn't run a spread offense so he may be reluctant to take Bradford. I also know that combination is the football fan in me speaking. In reality, I really could see a combination of Bryant/ Dunlap, and I think this would make a lot of sense. Bryant would add an immediate impact as would Dunlap. I wouldn't be upset with this combination at all, although I do believe if we get an impact player on offense it should be RB. Really the only player I don't particularly want is Jimmy Clausen and it's not so much for his skills, but just his attitude. If we grab a QB of the future, I just want him to be the right one. I like Bradford, Tebow, or next year Jake Locker. I would love to grab Jahvid Best in the 2nd, but I really doubt he makes it to #40 (Especially if the Lions and Redskins need RBs)

Although he wasn't the general manager at the time, do you have any indiciation of what 1st round picks were taken when Carroll was a head coach before? Maybe to just give a little indication of perhaps what his teams did back then?

Anonymous said...

carroll's not stupid, he knows better than to draft tebow or bradford. those guys will flop, count on it.
ironically, defensive coaches usually draft offense and vice versa, because they are confident in their coaching ability, like spags drafting jason smith. look for the uschawks to draft offense offense offense

Anonymous said...

Leinart is a FA after next year isn't he? If he is then he would be a great pick up..although I am sure the Cards will lock him after Graybeard of NFC West, Warner finally decides to hang it up..Having Carroll here though may be enough for Leinart to give us a look..

Anonymous said...

I'm cautiously optimistic at this point, but I just heard the press conference and I swear that Uncle Pete sounds exactly like John C. Reilly. Just wanted to get that meme out there before everyone jumped on it.

Also, Alex Gibbs at the OL coach. How do you think that will affect the Hawks in drafting OL and RBs? He's got a great reputation, but it seems like the Texans had a pretty bad year running the ball.


Rob Staton said...

Ben - Houston passed the ball a lot last year, they moved away from the run. I think that's a big reason. Schaub threw for something like the 5th most yards in a single season. Slaton wasn't getting it done and they moved away to focus on the pass.

I think, hearing coach Carroll today, that getting a running back will be a priority. That could mean many things, but quite possibly finding a RB in the draft. I think the idea is - great coach for the line, playmakers in the draft. I don't think they'll take a LT in round one.

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