Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday links

By Rob Staton
I'll be updating my mock draft tomorrow, you can see a top-ten teaser on the right hand side bar. Below are a collection of links discussing ongoing events at the Senior Bowl in Mobile.

Bucky Brooks lists Oregon running back LaGarrette Blount amongst those who have boosted their stock this week: "Blount entered Senior Bowl week amid a host of character questions following his lengthy suspension following a postgame scuffle in the season opener against Boise State. While his character assessment remains a work in progress, Blount has impressed scouts with his solid play throughout the week. Blount has displayed a nice blend of speed and power as a runner, and his nifty footwork allows him to slither in and out of holes. Throw in the fact that he catches the ball as well as some receivers, Blount's value as an every-down back has started to rise in the minds of many scouts."

Matt McGuire isn't as positive about defensive backs Trevard Lindley (CB, Kentucky) and Taylor Mays (S, USC). On Mays' performance in Mobile: "Continues to bomb at the Senior Bowl."

McGuire goes into more detail on his criticism of Mays: "He's really struggling and showing all the weaknesses I thought he had. He's stiff, he doesn't play the ball, and his instincts aren't there. One time, Tebow threw a duck on a skinny post over the middle and Mays was clearly in position to make the pick, but he was too focused on making the big hit. He'll thrive at the Combine, but Michael Johnson did the same, and he went in Round 3. Mays won't go quite that low, but he isn't solidifying a first-round grade this week. I give him a ton of credit for coming out here to try and prove himself - we can't doubt his competitiveness and love of the game."

Albert R. Breer reports similar problems for another big name prospect - Tim Tebow. He quotes a NFC South scout's review of the Florida quarterback: "To me, he’s just not a very good quarterback prospect. Now, if you want to rework his mechanics, his release, try to improve his accuracy, then you see a guy with this big frame that can throw. He’s a big-time project, no doubt."

Rob Rang says West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Brown has been impressive: "For those that haven't yet seen him, Brown is far from another version of Wildcat-specialist Pat White. Brown has a quick release and a strong arm and was fearless Wednesday, attacking all levels of the field despite having already secured his status as one of the risers from this week's action. His strong performance and legitimate upside may have boosted his status into the late 2nd or early 3rd round."

Tony Pauline lists Jared Odrick (DT, Penn State) and Andre Roberts (WR, Citadel) amongst the most impressive performers this week, but isn't sure about Florida State cornerback Patrick Robinson: "The former Seminole star is athletically gifted and physically beats down opponents. But Robinson struggled against quick opponents he could not get his hands on and gave up receptions all week. He really never displayed the ability to make plays on the ball unless he was facing the action."

Mel Kiper discusses Tebow and the Senior Bowl:


Ben said...

I heard JPP struggled in Senior Bowl practices (at least the first couple of days). Is that an Al Davis-style pick based on athletic potential or did he show something to warrant such a big move?

Mind of no mind said...

I gotta give you props on this one. Everyone has been tearing apart Taylor Mays' game this week, but they don't seem to be saying anything that you havn't been saying all year. I'm not even sure I'd be happy with drafting Mays' with our second round pick either now.

Rob Staton said...

Ben - JPP isn't a senior so he's not at the Senior Bowl.

Ben said...

I seem to be mistaken. It looks like he's showing up in a few mocks in the top 15 and has been predicted to be a fast riser. I look forward to reading about your analysis tomorrow.

Lenny James said...

Hey Rob, JPP at #6, whoa. I think taking JPP is a huge risk we cant take. We will never again have two top #15 picks in the 1st round. We have to get a QB and LT this year no exceptions. We could wait until rd 2 for a tackle and hope Gibbs can develop him. JPP might be a great DE but we are in no position to gamble especially at #6. Waiting until the 2nd or 3rd round for a QB would be a wasted pick considering we drafted Teel last year.
I'm not comfortable hoping Matt Hasselbeck stays healthy considering his track record. I remember last off season when there was a buzz the Seahawks might consider Mark Sanchez. Hasselbeck stated,"If we draft a QB I hope he is ready to sit the bench" lol.
If worst comes to worst do we really want to be stuck with Seneca Wallace and Teel again. If Clausen is there we should take him. He has better senior stats than both Mannings, and P Rivers.
Best case Scenario we draft Clausen and Hasselbeck stays healthy all season. Clausen would be more than ready in 2011 or 2012 learning under Carroll and Matt for a year or two.
Bottom line we cant trust Hasselbeck to saty healthy without insurance.

#6 Clausen
#14 Spiller if available. Otherwise D line or DB help.
#40 Best ZB LT

Rd 4 Gerheart or Blount depending on if we got Spiller in rd 1.

ChavaC said...

God I would be pissed if we took Mays in the first. I would have to start calling Carrol "Al Davis Jr.".

The JPP at six is a little puzzling. He seems like a big one-year-wonder risk, and Derrick Morgan is still on the board (who has seemed to be rated pretty favorably on the site). I'm curious to see the reasoning behind that one.

Curt said...

Love the blog Rob and the knowledge you bring to it. I too was surprised to see yo put JPP at #6. Can you share more insight why you put him there. I'm sure these picks will change many times before the draft but was just curious why you put him there.

Ralphy said...


Did you see this on PFT that apparently Kerney has retired?

Mike Florio's VW bus is on the way down to Miami, but that hasn't stopped tips from flowing into the PFT inbox.

Calling from the road, Florio passed along that Seahawks defensive end Patrick Kerney held a retirement party last week. Apparently, some of those in attendance are amused the media still has no idea.

Kerney, 33, was expected to undergo elbow surgery this offseason. Due $5.15 million in 2010, the Seahawks seemed likely to ask him to take a paycut. It sounds like they won't have to go through the trouble.

Drafted 30th overall by the Falcons in 1999, Kerney played in two Pro Bowls. He was first-team All Pro in 2007 with the Seahawks and recorded 82.5 sacks in his 11-year career.

Rob Staton said...

Curt - thanks for the kind words. I will be publishing a new mock draft later today where I will discuss JPP to Seattle in greater detail. Stay tuned.

Ralphy - I noticed the article courtesy of Danny O'Neil earlier. Interesting development - although I've always believed one of the first three picks would be spent on a defensive lineman. The Seahawks need a greater pass rush, Kerney retiring would make this increasingly likely.

Chavac - I'm a big Morgan fan. However, with these early mocks I'm trying to evaluate all possibilities. Seattle could pass on him in favor of JPP, I'll represent that in my next mock. There will be more on this when it's published later.