Thursday, 7 January 2010

Today's viewing and Thursday links

Today I'll be watching two games - I have tape from Central Michigan against Troy (a chance to scout Dan LeFevour fully for the first time) and then obviously it's the BCS Championship between Alabama and Texas. I think Bama will win comfortably. I'll have more on both games later, but for now here's some links worth checking out:

Ramona Shelbourne reports that UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price went to the same high school as Seattle's Brandon Mebane and used the Seahawks' lineman as inspiration. Price compares favorably to Mebane as a disruptive three technique at the next level. He confirmed his intention to declare for the 2010 draft this week.

Mel Kiper updates his big board. Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are still first and second. Kiper was one of the first to really single out Jason Pierre-Paul (DE, USF) as a legitimate first round pick and he ranks just outside the top ten in this update. Pierre-Paul announced he would declare for the draft yesterday.

Walter Cherepinsky publishes a new mock draft. Seattle take Eric Berry (S, Tennessee) with the sixth overall pick, Derrick Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech) with the fourteenth overall pick and Tony Pike (QB, Cincinnati) in round two. With Pierre-Paul and Carlos Dunlap flanking Pike in round two, the Seahawks might be better going offense with that 14th selection.

Aaron Hernandez will declare for the NFL draft. The Florida tight end had a great year with 850 yards and five touchdowns, enough to earn the Mackay Award as the nation's best tight end. He's not the biggest but will offer teams a treat in the passing game and could be a second round pick on draft day.


Anonymous said...

Walter Cherepinsky must have consulted with Tim Ruskell on that mock. I'm surprised there isn't a linebacker on there. 2 overrated defensive players who won't solve the real problem on defense (Colin Cole). Wouldn't be so bad if it was Morgan and Brian Price. Mebane needs to move back to the 2-gap where he was more effective. Collapse the front side of the pocket more often and watch Jackson and Tapp turn into pass-rushing stars.
That said, this team needs offense, and if they don't draft a lineman with one of their 1st round picks there will be riots in the streets of Seattle.

Rob Staton said...

I think they have to focus a fair amount of attention on offense. It needs more work than the defense. You can invest all the money in your linebackers and safety's, but it's no good if the offense a.) doesn't score points and b.) can't stay on the field to give the defensive guys a break. I hear defenses win championships all the time (as quoted in the mock) but that only stands true if your offense isn't one of the worst and least productive in the NFL.

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