Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Seniors invited to the combine

Here's the list of seniors invited to the pro-bowl. Underclassmen will be added after the deadline passes for them to declare on Friday. The combine takes place between February 24th and March 2nd.


Anonymous said...

From Texashawk


Can you give me a scouting report of Mcknight form USC? Everyone keeps saying that Carroll could go for this guy and that he is explosive. What is your take? I highly value your opinion.

Anonymous said...

From texashawk


Also do you think it is realistic that the Hwaks would take Joe Haded? I would love to see us get a shutdown corner and move trufant over. I think this whould greatly strengthen our D

Anonymous said...

I meant Haden

Rob Staton said...

Hey Texashawk, hope you're well,

McKnight was given a bigger responsibility in the USC offense this year. He was still used in a committee, but he was the one getting most of the snaps. He is very quick - not CJ Spiller/Jahvid Best speed but a notch down. He showed this year he can take the hits up the middle and not just be a guy you bounce wide or get the ball to in space. He was instrumental in USC's impressive win over Ohio State, leading the team downfield as a runner and receiver on the game winning drive. He did a better job this year protecting the ball and fumbling wasn't as much of an issue as it was previously. I think you'd use him in a committee again in the next level, but he's a guy who if you needed him to some weeks, could lead a rushing attack.

It's hard to project his stock right now because of the suspension etc. He's a bit tall and thin at 6'0" 193lbs but you have to second guess which is best - turn up at the combine bigger and look physically stronger or stay slim and run better. If he runs a super fast time, he could be a second round pick. At the same time, I could see him falling into round four. I think in the right team he could end up having a suprisingly succesful year (bit like Slaton in Houston as a rookie). He is also a danger on returns. Seattle could use a guy with his speed and playmaking ability, so if they don't get CJ Spiller, McKnight warrants consideration later on. Pete Carroll will know him better than anyone else, so he's best placed to judge his value.

Haden has to be a possibility. He's easily the best corner prospect (unless Eric Berry is genuinly a candidate to move over to CB). He's physical, he'll let you know he's there - I like that. He's athletic, good recovery speed. He can be a very good corner at the next level. Seattle's secondary suffers from a lack of pass rush, Haden would likewise struggle to cover the Fitzgerald's and Boldin's etc unless Seattle can find that pressure from the front. It's the key to success on defense - the Seahawks must find a pass rush. If they can, it makes sense to draft Haden and lock up a vital position for years. If a defensive lineman is there like McCoy or Morgan - that might be the better choice. But Haden will be on the team's radar. He's a sure fire top ten pick based on talent.

Thomas said...

How about the Hughes guy from tcu, he's a pretty good player and could fit at de

12th Man in AZ said...

Not to be a site-vulture and post random rumors but this one has an NFL Network insider and a pretty reliable guy in La Confora:

The Seahawks have received permission to interview Redskins DBs coach Jerry Gray for their defensive coordinator position.
It's unclear why Gray hasn't generated more interest, but he'd be a terrific hire for Pete Carroll considering the outstanding secondaries Gray oversaw in D.C.'s Jason La Canfora suggests that Carroll might look into a co-coordinator situation with current Seahawks DL coach Dan Quinn involved.
Source: Jason La Canfora on Twitter

I for one would love this move to build cohesion between the D Line and Secondary and add the talent of a Morgan or Dunlap with a Berry or Mays within our first three picks. The Linebackers will be able to disrupt so much more with their natural talents if the other two, weaker parts of the defense are improved and working in tandem to fool offenses. I love this possibility. For the other pick in our top three, go OT/OG and find one later too.

Jayce said...

I giggled like a school girl.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing rumors that brandon marshall could get traded to the that true?


Rob Staton said...

It could be - the Seahawks need a #1 receiver. I also think it's likely to be a lazy rumour. Houshmandzadeh name checked Marshall when discussing new OC Jeremy Bates. I think any one looking to stir a rumour could put two and two together there. I doubt the Seahawks would invest a likely first and third round pick to take Marshall.

Coldmutha said...

You better watch out for Tmays. Pete would draft him in a heartbeat over any other safety. Remember Pete recruited the kid from here. He could not use Mays the way he wanted because of how young the defense was. plus Mays had 96 tackles and last year 55? Come on if you're a football person you can see right through that. Mays has taken critism because of the LACK of talent surrounding him. Take Taylor with the 6th pick

Vince Mulcahy said...

I say we trade Deion Branch for Marshall. Who knows they have already done equally as mind bogging moves.

Coldmutha- I would be disappointed if we draft Mays at six because that would mean Carroll values relationships more than talent. Mays has talent unquestionably but not the level of a sixth pick. If it was at forty I could see it but our first round picks we need prospects with little to no skill concerns.

And I have to agree with rob that half our problem with pass d is the lack of rush. While we clearly don't have the most talented secondary it would be vastly improved if we could generate 50 sacks a season.