Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Live combine updates - Tuesday

By Rob Staton
It's the final day of combine work outs as the defensive backs run through drills. You can watch events live by clicking here or just hit refresh - I'll update the blog when anything happens. Big day for guys like Joe Haden, Eric Berry, Earl Thomas and Seattle's own Taylor Mays. Keep an eye on guys like Major Wright and Chad Jones, both very athletic. Nate Allen won't participate as he has a quad injury. The cornerback class will be very competitive, there's a lot of borderline first round guys who could really help the stock by running well. I'll post forty yard dash times for the more noticeable prospects as they happen:

Defensive backs group one:

Javier Arenas: 4.52
Larry Asante: 4.69 & 4.63
Eric Berry: 4.46 & 4.40
Kam Chancellor: 4.63 & 4.62
Perrish Cox: 4.53 & 4.57
Dominique Franks: 4.52 & 4.57
Brandon Ghee: 4.37 & 4.39
Joe Haden: 4.57 & 4.60
Kareem Jackson: 4.41 & 4.46
Chad Jones: 4.57 & 4.57
Reshad Jones: 4.54 & 4.59
Trevard Lindley: 4.53 & 4.57

Javier Arenas injured himself running the forty yard dash and only had one attempt. Eric Berry ran two quick times considering he's bigger than expected. Teams won't be put off experimenting with him as a potential cornerback. He hasn't hurt his stock here. Neither Perrish Cox or Dominique Franks helped their stock running in the 4.5's but Brandon Ghee - a first round sleeper, ran very well as did Kareem Jackson. There's been talk that Joe Haden would run a disappointing time leading up to the combine, so it's not surprising that it actually happened. This has to temper his stock though, he's a great football player but he's not got blazing speed. Chad Jones wasn't as fast as I expected.

Defensive backs group two:

Taylor Mays: 4.24 & 4.34
Devin McCourty: 4.34 & 4.35
Jerome Murphy: 4.52 & 4.54
Patrick Robinson: 4.42 & 4.49
Myron Rolle: 4.69 & 4.68
Earl Thomas: 4.53 & 4.44
Donovan Warren: 4.59
Major Wright: 4.49

Taylor Mays' exploded into his forty yard dash and possibly into the mind of Al Davis at #8. Remember, Davis loves to draft defensive backs. He also loves athletic freaks who run fast forty times. Devin McCourty also ran very well and almost certainly locked up a first round grade. I was impressed with Major Wright's time - he's a sleeper pick in the middle rounds and could even go in round two after running a sub 4.5. It was amusing to see Wright joking with Eric Berry after his final run. There's some debate as to Donovan Warren's stock, but he's had a bitterly disappointing combine confounded by running in the late 4.5's.


Ben said...

Last year, Malcolm Jenkins' stock dropped because he ran a slow 40 (maybe 4.6 or so). Are these 4.55 guys too slow to be good corners?

Rob Staton said...

I'll have group two results on the blog as soon as I get them, got to head out - 90 minute drive. Will try to update after that.

CLanterman said...

I was wondering the same thing. Is there any chance Haden drops to 14 now? I'd still rather have Brown (assuming #6 isn't a LT), but Joe Haden at 14 is intriguing.

Ben said...

Ho-Lee-Crap. Mays with an unofficial 4.24 in the 40:

We all knew that he had to run a fast 40, but that is freaking nuts. He's 0.3 seconds faster than most of the CBs and .15 faster than the closest guy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jenkins came out touted as a zone corner so the concerns were not as alarming. He also was talked about as a possible safety prospect because of his size.

Haden is a man cover guy. Speed and hip flex are more important to a man cover than a zone corner.

Ben said...

Now it looks like Mays' official time is 4.43. That's a little closer to expectations.

Kip Earlywine said...

Maybe it was just me, but I thought Jenkins was a stud in the post-season last year. If Ruskell was hell-bent on avoiding Sanchez or Crabtree, I really wish he would have traded down for Jenkins back then. Jenkins was my favorite defensive player in that draft and I think I like him more now than I did then. Course, I only saw him play a couple games last year.

I wonder what Arena's time would have been if not for the injury, because that's a much slower time than I expected. Josh Wilson is very similar as a prospect, and Wilson ran an official 4.39 (with many saying beforehand that he had sub-4.3 ability).

Anonymous said...

From Texashawk,


Some comments by Pat Kirwan on sirus radio that may shed some light on what the Hawks are considering or not considering.

on Bradford sliding to cleveland "I would think that if Bradford is there at 6 Pete would swipe him up, Pete has to get a QB"

Talking about JPP "how does a kid with only 6 sacks in college become a 12 sack guy in the NFL." talking to a Raiders fan about JPP "by the the time this kid becomes what you think he is cable and his staff will be long gone"

Talking about OL to Raiders. "I don't like the Bruce Campbell project."

I thought that these comments were intresting considering Pat's ties to our organization and the fact they where brought up in conversations about other teams not about the Hawks. This gives me the feeling that this is his and possibly Pete's opinions about these players. Just for your information.

Thank's and keep up the great work I love coming to this site and reading about your analysis.

Matthew Baldwin said...

JPP: 6.5 sacks in 7 starts.

But the obvious other side of those stats... he only started 7 games in Div I?? That's not even a one year wonder.

I know he'll go early based on potential not resume, but man is that a gamble. Tempting at 14, but not at 6.

Anonymous said...

Not even tempting to me at 14. Way too much risk with so many other talented players available. I would rather have B. Graham or J. Hughes later. They may not be perfect scheme fits, but if all we need is someone to rush the passer, they can do that. They have proven that during multiple seasons.

Ralphy said...

I will be pissed if we draft JPP. Look how long it takes great college DE's to produce in the NFL. Mario Williams had four sacks his rookie year. JPP may be good one day but it'll take years.