Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday's combine review

By Rob Staton
The defensive lineman and linebackers took part in drills today and ran the forty yard dash. The combine wraps up tomorrow when the defensive backs work out. I'll be updating my mock draft after the event, but I have to say - very little has surprised me so far in Indianapolis. I don't think too much will change, there's a tendency to over hype situations after the combine, but there's been very few shocks so far. Those who were expected to impress have done.

So what's been happening today? Here's some of the forty yard dash times:

Ndamukong Suh: 4.98 & 5.07
Gerald McCoy: 4.96 & 5.14
Dan Williams: 5.17 & 5.17
Brian Price: 5.13 & 5.16
Jared Odrick: 4.98 & 5.04
Ricky Sapp: 4.61 & 4.62
Lamarr Houston: 4.85 & 4.87
Sergio Kindle: 4.65 & 4.66
Everson Griffen: 4.64 & 4.73
Brandon Graham: 4.69 & 4.69
Carlos Dunlap: 4.71 & 4.66
Jason Pierre-Paul: 4.64 & 4.69
Derrick Morgan: 4.72
Sean Wetherspoon: 4.57 & 4.59
Terrance Cody: 5.64 & 5.75

I've been unable to find a second unofficial time for Derrick Morgan. If anyone has the information, please feel free to let me know in the comments section. Of the times, I'd say Lamarr Houston's is the most impressive. I've been giving him a first round grade for some weeks now and this won't do him any harm at over 300lbs. He's fast, disruptive and can play either scheme. It's still pretty hard to separate Suh and McCoy. Teams will be split on who they prefer, although I expect most to favor Suh. Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Graham both looked very fluid in their runs. Rolando McClain didn't run.

You can see the first group running their forty times by clicking here.

Derrick Morgan speaks to the NFL Network.

Gerald McCoy also speaks live on set.

Lamarr Houston talks about his impressive combine performance.

Jason Pierre-Paul discusses the combine. I can't help but like the kid. Immense talent and potential, but completely grounded too. Wherever he ends up, I wish him all the best.

Suh or McCoy? Mike Mayock gives his opinion.

The defensive backs also took part in the bench press. The two top safety's did fairly well - Earl Thomas managed 21 reps and Eric Berry notched 19. Taylor Mays, who is much bigger and physical, only managed three more reps than Thomas (24). To compare, Kyle Wilson managed 25 reps, but Donovan Warren only conjured up 12. Joe Haden benched 18 reps.


12th Man in AZ said...

a quick note on Dexter Davis who is a DE that I saw a lot of at Arizona State. Quick, good tackler, can move sideline-to-sideline, and on an ASU defense that held the team last year as our offense was horrible, he was definitley the leader and most fun to watch. Could be a Carroll guy from his knowledge of Pac-10 players and can be a potential mid to late round grab for some DE depth.

Rob Staton said...

Davis impressed today - thanks for the info 12th man in AZ - much appreciated.

Michael said...

I could be wrong but it looks like Derrick Morgan has the slowest time of all the top DE prospects. Will this hurt him relative to Dunlap and JPP? He appears a little less "sexy" in terms of his physical package and "potential" than the other two.

Mike Kelly

Rob Staton said...

What concerned me most about Morgan was his size, he's about 10lbs lighter than I expected. Not sure if he's done that to keep him in 3-4 scheme consideration.

The forty time doesn't really concern me with him, it's not a bad time. It's just not Pierre-Paul good, but then JPP is an athletic freak. I think Morgan will warrant serious consideration at #14. I think he could have a similar impact as a rookie to Orakpo. He'd be a perfect fit with the Giants as they look to repair their pass rush. I think JPP remains a very realistic option for Seattle at #6.

CLanterman said...

The DEs are surprisingly similar. Griffen averaged 4.69, Graham averaged 4.69, Dunlap average 4.69, JPP averaged 4.67, Morgan did 4.72. Doesn't seem to be much separation.

I'm surprised Houston was THAT much faster. Also surprised Price was only 5.1x, but I guess he did weigh in above 300. Perhaps he's been trying hard to gain weight the past month or two.

Rob Staton said...

Can't help but being impressed with JPP on and off the field. I like the kid.

Nano said...

Cool, thanks Rob. There is some solid speed from the defensive line group. This is an exceptionally quick class, especially at tackle.

If we didn't look at Price at 14, we might still get a stud DT (that could go earlier in a lot of other years) at 40. Impressive class, the combine has been an affirmation of its athletic ability.

Kip Earlywine said...

Gerald McCoy has a future in television when he's done with football. McCoy certainly gives off the aura of a future household name NFL player.

Yeshhh said...
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Yeshhh said...

After watching Houstons highlights and his combine workout I'm beginning to hope that he doesn't go in the first 39 picks.

Jon said...

Morgan looks like a pro, they talked in the interview about his ability to play all downs as a solid run defender which makes him the entire NFL package as a DE. A guy like JPP will be a 3rd down heat seeking missile, pass rush specialist and likely a liability against the run.

This is the case for liking Morgan, should be a solid pro for years to come BUT I just don't see him as a double digit sack guy in the a Jevon Kearse post knee injury.

Anonymous said...

Morgan = overrated