Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wednesday mocks

By Rob Staton
I'll be updating my own mock draft tomorrow. Free agency is in full swing and the first wave of prospects are signing contracts and potentially shaping the 2010 draft. In the meantime, here's a few of the other mocks worth checking out:

Pete Prisco compiles his first mock draft of the year. There are things I agree with in Prisco's projection (Rolando McClain to Kansas City). There are things I disagree with (Seattle taking two offensive lineman in round one, including Bruce Campbell 6th overall). I firmly believe that is not the direction the Seahawks will go with their first pick in the draft.

Clark Judge also makes his first projection for the 2010 draft. Judge's mocks have been amongst the most accurate in recent years. The Seahawks take Bryan Bulaga and C.J. Spiller in round one. I'll be surprised if Vladimir Ducasse goes in the first round - incredibly raw and I'm not sold on his ability to play tackle in the NFL.

Pat Kirwan at NFL.com updates his mock draft from last week. Kirwan is close to Pete Carroll, so he might have a good idea as to how Seattle will spend those two first round picks. He continues to project the Seahawks will take Jimmy Clausen 6th overall and C.J. Spiller at #14.

Walter Cherepinksy updates his mock draft and uses a theme you're likely to see copied in a lot of online projections in the upcoming days. Russell Okung goes second overall to the Detroit Lions - something that I don't expect to happen, but Cherepinsky does make a valid justification for his decision. It means the Seahawks get lucky with Gerald McCoy falling to pick #6, with Anthony Davis added at #14.

Matt McGuire was the original proponent of Okung going second overall. His mock also has McCoy and Davis falling to the Seahawks. A lot of fans would salivate at that prospect. If both quarterbacks are off the board before the 6th overall pick, I can't envisage a better scenario for the new regime in Seattle.

Chris Steuber adds a third mock that sees the Lions going with the offensive tackle from Oklahoma State. I do think Okung is vastly over rated and remains unlikely to go this high. Again the Seahawks pocket Gerald McCoy with the 6th overall pick and they add C.J. Spiller at #14. One thing is clear, the Seahawks are well placed to make two very good additions to their roster - whatever happens before they're on the clock on April 22nd. As good as Brandon Marshall is in proven talent and production, I'm not sure you surrender the chance to select twice in the top fifteen this year.

FF Jungle go in a different direction and introduce us to the term 'pet cat alert'. I kind of like that, I might run an article listing my own 'pet cats' at some point before the draft. The Seahawks select C.J. Spiller with their first pick, ironic given he played for the Clemson Tigers (Tigers, cats etc).

TA Draft get my weekly award for the best logos used for each team. The Seahawks select Jimmy Clausen and Everson Griffen in the first round. Interestingly, every mock I've listed in this article so far has Sam Bradford going first overall to the St. Louis Rams. It wasn't so long ago that Ndamukong Suh and Clausen were the two appearing at the top of everybody's projections.

The Draft Kid reverts back to the 'Okung @ #2' philosophy. Again, it leads to Gerald McCoy falling to #6. I'll say it again, but if this were to happen - and I'm completely dubious - that would be a great pick for Seattle with both quarterbacks off the board. Charles Brown is added at #14 with Jahvid Best taken in round two.

Pro Draft Party offer something a little bit different - a video mock:


Anonymous said...

I guess we should all be fingers crossed on Okung going high. I have the feeling he'll still be there when the 6th pick comes around but both QBs and DT's will be gone. Worst of both worlds.

Scotia Seahawk.

Anonymous said...

Was McCoy's 23 bench reps at the combine and his general lack of upper body bulk indicating he's not been a workout warrior a red flag for anybody? I wonder if he'll be as successful disengaging from blockers in the NFL, or whether he'll be stymied by the improved talent level.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing more stuff indicating Charles Brown may be the 3rd OT behind Okung and Bulaga, followed by Davis and Campbell. Makes me wonder whether Brown will still be there at 14. I'd hate for the Niners to snap him up at 13, for example. A first round of McCoy and Brown would be awesome, but I wouldn't count on Best at 40. If we can get a 3rd rounder for a more durable guy, like Tate or Hardesty to complement Forsett and Jones, I'd rather see #40 on a WR (assuming we don't get Marshall) or DB like Chad Jones.

Rob Staton said...

It doesn't concern me that much annonymous, because McCoy's game was never about raw upper body power. He's very quick and uses his speed to get into the backfield. He's generally smaller than a lot of DT's, but if you wanted him to get bigger/stronger there's a frame to work with there.

Savage said...

McCoy, Davis/Campbell and Best would be the ideal scenario, but I put it at about 1% chance. I just have such a hard time seeing McCoy and Best both fall that far.

At this point, the thrre most likely candidates (With the % likelihood of them being there) I see at the #6 pick are Eric Berry (60%), Jimmy Claussen (30%) and Gerald McCoy (10%). I think the Hawks would perfer McCoy or Claussen, but I see Berry as the most likely option. This is in no way a reccomendation to pick Berry, but based on rankings and grades from most observers, he's probably going to be the highest ranked prospect left at 6.

Chris said...

I imagine I am not alone in wanting to hear your thoughts on the trade of Wallace to Browns. I mean how will the offense even function without the threat of the SeneCat formation?

Rob Staton said...

Chris - it's a valid point. Not being able to lure the other team into a false sense of security with a run for a loss of 5 yards on first down is a need that must be addressed.

On a serious note, I just think it's a move that suits all parties. It gives Wallace a chance to compete to start in Cleveland. It gives the Browns a chance to install a QB who knows the system they want to implement. Seattle gets compensation which I imagine will be higher perhaps than some expect if Wallace has a succesful year in 2010 - with it probably being a late rounder if Wallace has little impact.

I expect the Seahawks to bring in an experienced veteran at some stage to backup Hasselbeck. But then, I also expect the Seahawks to seriously consider Clausen if he's there at #6.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought Rob. The Lions front office has never been known to draft players who work out. They seemed to do alright last year with Stafford and the CB/S? they picked up but even if Okung is as over rated as you think he is, I don't think that means that the Lions will necessarily see that.

On Seneca, this could mean that the new regime likes Teel. I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to late round QBs but you never know.

Rob Staton said...

Absolutely Bill, and I know a lot of people who are very high on Okung - even though I don't agree.

Having said that, I think all the moves Detroit have made on defense so far are not so much 'papering over the cracks' to justify drafting an OT second oveall, but rather setting up the best supporting cast for an elite prospect like Ndamukong Suh. Let's be honest here, the Lions defense was a joke last year. You weren't going to put Suh in there and suddenly things change - arguably it'd be a waste of money putting Suh into that situation. They've made the moves they needed to, I think, to make accomodating Suh more of a justification if anything.

I would be surprised if the new regime have an opinion of Teel right now. He'll go into camp and work out, but if the Seahawks draft a QB and/or sign a veteran to compete in camp, it doesn't look good for Teel. He'll have a job maintaining a roster spot next year I think.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off topic but has anyone heard anything about our scheduled meets with Watson, Bell and Hamilton?

JohnnyB said...

"Again, it leads to Gerald McCoy falling to #6. I'll say it again, but if this were to happen - and I'm completely dubious - that would be a great pick for Seattle with both quarterbacks off the board."

Wait, you're not implying here that if McCoy and Clausen are both available, the Seahawks might or should pass on McCoy????

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - Ben Watson is visiting with the team today. No news on Bell or Hamilton, I think Bell might be in town today as well.

Johnny B - if that scenario was on the table, the Seahawks would have a choice to make. If they believe Jimmy Clausen can be a franchise quarterback, it's no foregone conclusion you just select Gerald McCoy. I'm not making the call for the Seahawks after all.

JohnnyB said...

"If they believe Jimmy Clausen can be a franchise quarterback, it's no foregone conclusion you just select Gerald McCoy. I'm not making the call for the Seahawks after all."

I thought you *were* trying to make the call of what the Seahawks will or might do. In that vein, you look at prospects and based upon how good you think they are or aren't, you try to figure out what the Seahawks will do. So, if *you* see a bonafied number one pick DT falling from one to six, and *you* see a QB with serious questions available at the same time, why wouldn't you predict they would take the DT?

Kip Earlywine said...

I know its probably a bad idea to weigh interviews and television screen time into my opinions, but Gerald McCoy's performance on NFL Network during the combine is the very best I've seen. He could seriously go into broadcasting right now. A very intelligent, extremely likable guy that just has the aura of a Hall of Famer. If he falls to Seattle, it would feel destined and fortuitous to me. Obviously, I'd be thrilled.

I really like Walter's mocks. Even if I don't agree with his picks, I enjoy reading his well thought out logic. I don't think QB is a lock to Washington at all though. If anything is a lock, its tackle. If they don't take one at #4, they probably won't get a starting capable one.

The best mock for Seattle is draftkid's. McCoy/Brown/Best. McCoy and Best are steals at areas of need, and Brown is obviously a great pick as well.

Yeshhh said...

Mr Steuber from Scout.com has my dream draft! McCoy somehow falling to us, grabbing a playmaker like spiller, and Charles Brown also falling to us. With a draft like that and perhaps a few role players in free agency and we've got to be favs in the West. Only problem is this scenario is probably the least likely one out of all the mocks since it requires all three to fall a bit :(

c-hawker said...

I have said it before and I'll say it again, McCOY fall's to the Hawks

Rob Staton said...

Johnny B - I don't understand your angle. All I'm saying is that if the Seahawks see Clausen as a franchise QB, regardless of my own review, then he has to be an option at #6 whoever is left on the board. That is me looking at what the Seahawks might do.

I rank McCoy very highly, I also appreciate that there's a lot to like about Clausen even if I've also looked at the negatives on this blog. That'd be a tough call to make if the Seahawks rank Clausen as highly as some do.

C-Hawker - if you are right I'll make a point of creating an article pointing that out and giving you due credit. I think it's unlikely as I still fully expect Suh and McCoy to be gone in the top three picks.

Lenny James said...

Hey Rob, I love Marshall as a talent but I would not give up pick six. What do you think about trading down with New England who has 3 2nd rd picks. I believe they pick 21. If we can pick up one of NE 2nd rolund picks in the process. That would give us Marshall and picks 14, 21, 40 and maybe 47.

14. Taylor Mays
21. Charles Brown
40. Lupati
47. BPA maybe Tebow or D Line
4th Power RB ( Gehart, Blount, Hardesty, Dixon)
That would fill alot of holes on our team.

Wgat do you think?

Rob Staton said...

The Patriots aren't known for making moves like that. They generally accumulate as many picks as they can in rounds 2/3, so I think it's unlikely. The thing to remember too - any team trading up that high would need to be getting ahead of Cleveland. I'm not sure a team will see a prospect that they feel they have to make such a dramatic move to get.

Louis Phan said...

@Lenny James

if we traded our 6th pick for NE's 21 and 47th picks like you said, then there would be no way that we could keep both the 14th and 21st pick and get Marshall as your dream draft has it.

Also like some others have said, its unlikely that a team will trade up until they know who will be available. Aka, draft day. By then, it could be too late to get Marshall...

Earlier this week I was a huge fan of getting Marshall, even if it costed us the 6th pick, but if we have a chance of McCoy at 6, then Id much rather keep the 6th pick than get Marshall


Wow.. Steuber's draft is what I'm talking about... addressing our needs now!!! With the possibility of Marshall signing with the intent for next years draft picks!! The division is our's for the taking.

cysco said...

Given the current rumors and the tide of many of the mocks, my dream scenario would be as follows:

#6 - McCoy falls to us
#14 - Brown
#40+ 3rd round next year for Marshall
Ryan Lilja

I would consider that a seriously good streak of player acquisitions.


Anonymous said...

Hmm that's interessting but frankly i have a hard time determining it... wonder what others have to say..

Rob Staton said...

I've updated the article to include Pat Kirwan's latest mock draft.

Nick said...

I think the chances of either Suh or McCoy being available at 4, let alone 6, are 0.000%

Rob Staton said...

I would tend to agree, Nick.

New mock draft out tomorrow by the way.


Nick, thats the fun thing about as a wanna be GM ..its all spectulation. You know as much as a third grader how the Hawks or the five team head of us are going to draft. No offense!!

Anonymous said...

Walter's mock would be ideal if it were to happen. We get one of the best DT, a LT that fits us, another Rbto complement Forsett and a WR who can be a potential Desean Jackson player.