Monday, 15 March 2010

Seahawks work out Derrick Morgan

By Rob Staton
It's being reported by Draft Insider that the Seahawks ran Derrick Morgan's work out at the Georgia Tech pro-day today. This isn't a surprise considering Morgan is best suited to a 4-3 defensive scheme and it's a great area of need in Seattle. For me, he's the most complete defensive end in the 2010 draft class and someone the Seahawks will absolutely have to consider in the first round. The fact they were directly responsible for the drills today at least shows an interest in getting to know Morgan a little better. If he's around when the Seahawks are on the board at #14, it'll be difficult to pass. Here's what I wrote about Morgan when I scouted him during the 2009 season:

"He was consistently making plays in the backfield despite battling strict double teams throughout. Morgan didn't record a sack, but then Clemson didn't throw all that often. He did press the QB when he needed to, again showing that relentless style and always playing to the whistle. On one play he moved inside, explodes past the first blocker (left guard) escapes the left tackle in support and gets to the QB 12 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

"He flashed quickness off the snap instantly putting blockers on the back foot and getting into the backfield. Morgan has the prototype size for a 4-3 defensive end and the size/speed combo which will make him a threat at the next level."

To watch the NFL Network's highlights of the Georgia Tech pro-day, click here. You can see Seahawks defensive line coach Dan Quinn working Morgan out in the footage.


Mind of no mind said...

Derrik Morgan is a tough one for me to figure out. He's worthy of the #6 pick, except that if we don't take him there, he has a decent chance to fall all the way to #14.

As much as I like the idea of getting Charles Brown at #14, is there someone available at #6 that would be better and fit well for us? If we could land a top LT at #6 and the top DE at #14, then that would have to be considered a major success.

This just shows how important it is for us to try and trade back from the #6 spot. I really hope that everyone believes that Cleveland is gonna try and get Holmgren's QB of the future @ #7 and someone wants to trade ahead of them. Like maybe Buffalo. Then we can get Morgan and Brown and save a bunch of money, and pick up a third round pick in the proccess.

Rob Staton said...

I don't see Buffalo making a big splash to get Clausen. I think Washington, Seattle and Cleveland are the main players there - with (at this stage) the Seahawks the likely target. If Clausen is there at #6 and the Seahawks like him enough to take him at all - they will do there. Moving down is fine as long as you are comfortable with the board later on. I'm a big fan of Derrick Morgan - the Seahawks will have to convince themselves to go in another direction at #14. That could happen if they feel they 'have' to address LT, which is what I represented in my mock. But they'd have some great options at #14 potentially: Brown, Morgan, Spiller, Haden etc etc. If they don't like Clausen as the future QB, moving back would be wise with that amount of talent possibly available.

Patrick said...

Okay, just for the sake of this question, let's say... McCoy is there at #6 and we grab him. Would grabbing Derrick Morgan at #14 be a wise decision? On the one hand, we would be neglecting offense (again) and not grabbing a much needed LT like Brown or a potential playmaker like Spiller or Dez Bryant. On the other hand, how lethal would our defensive line be? I mean that would almost be a dream come true, with McCoy causing problems up the middle to allow Morgan and Curry to run wild!!! What do you think?

Anonymous said...

From Texashawk,


With all the talk of the Hawks trading for whitehurst what was your opinion of him coming out of college? Do you know anything about him know and has your opinion changed? Would he be a good fit for the Hawks? Does he have the ability to become the strater?

Rob Staton said...

Patrick - it's something the Seahawks would have to consider. The offense needs a major re-work, it needs youth and needs long term planning. If the Seahawks can trade for a guy like Brandon Marshall without spending a first round pick, that helps with the instant quality. They'd still have major holes, but it might be more tolerable if they want to then draft McCoy and Morgan - which would be a great double pick at an area of need. I still maintain, however, that McCoy will be long gone by #6.

Texashawk - I never scouted Whitehurst coming out of college so I can't offer an opinion there. My knowledge of him is limited. What I do know, however, is that in four years with the Chargers he hasn't been able to beat out Billy Volek to be even San Diego's backup.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,
Just really curious about private workouts, is it like the NBA where other teams other to scout? Do they just bring in one player at a time?


CLanterman said...

You know, I've become so hung up on Clausen, Brown, Houston that I think my draft strategy has become too narrow.
We're most likely not going to be a competitive team next year, so we should go BPA no matter what.
If McCoy should somehow fall, I think we have to draft him. Brown is good, but if Morgan is there at 14, he's a better player at an equally valuable position.

Another guy I kind of hope gets to us at #40 is Morgan Burnett. To me, the difference between him, Thomas, and Berry just aren't that much.

Rob Staton said...

Taylor - pro days are different everywhere. Usually it's like the combine where certain positions do drills at the same time. QB's throw to the receivers etc. Defensive lineman work out together. Some places everything is regimented with a set schedule. Other places teams can come in and ask a guy to do different things. Then you have private work outs or days for a select number of elite prospects.

Rob Staton said...

I've added a link to footage of the GT pro-day at the bottom of the article so check it out (courtesy of Dan Quinn can be seen working Morgan out.

Jony-b said...

I agree with BPA especially this year because we need so many positions anyhow, and I have been talking about Burnett a lot in posts.
He has like 14 picks during college and would be a huge upgrade I think over Babs.
However I also think that we should try to fix one position in any specific part of the game.
What I mean is this, If we do pick up Mccoy we should see how far that goes this next season to fix our D-line. Then we are making sure that we do not over fix. When an inventor creates something they change one thing at a time untill it works.
This same thing applies at O line, I do not think that we should try to replace 2 guys at the same time when one may do the trick as it creates better competition at the other 4 spots.
Another area for this is play makers. We need to get a playmaker, but we need other positions also, Just one playmaker please whether it be WR Marshal or RB Spiller or Best.
Again in the secondary we have the same thing. What if what we need is Burnett to finish off the secondary but we pick up a cb and S when Josh Wilson would do the trick with a better Safety.
It would be amazing if we could pick up one in each area if we can this offseason