Sunday, 7 March 2010

Seahawks 2010 draft cap

The NFL have introduced this year's collection of 'draft caps'. Remember last year's all-green number? It's a bit more subtle this time round. This is what the latest member of the Seahawks will be wearing n April 22nd when he takes the stage in New York. You can purchase the 2010 Seahawks draft cap by clicking here.


Patrick said...

As someone who has owned the draft hats for the past few years, this one is dissapointing. With that said, I've already pre-ordered mine.

I have to say, It's tough looking at mock drafts without knowing what's going to happen with Brandon Marshall. It's still very exciting!!!

Jon said...

I'm a graphic designer so I'm going to be harsh as a given(I normally don't like the look of these hats) but these things are worse than usual.

The Seahawk color scheme on white is always weak. The lineart in the Hawk logo is white which is why it pops against the usual blue we all like, against white it does the opposite.

Since I'm on the topic of the Seahawk aesthetic, whenever they "update" the jerseys next they should work silver back into the mix. Like a metallic version of the light blue/teal in the logo now. For the helmets at least.

Also I was disappointed we didn't get a throwback game last year with the classic uniforms, I thought the preseason schedule of AFC WEST teams was a hint...but no.