Thursday, 31 December 2009

Final mock draft of 2009

First of all, happy new year and thank you to everyone that has visited the blog over the last year. It's been a pleasure working on this website mainly due to the great feedback we get from you guys and the interaction we've been able to have with Seahawks fans and NFL fans in general. Please continue to spread the word, send in your emails and most of all - best wishes for 2010 and let's hope the Seahawks have better fortunes next season.

Here's my final mock draft for 2009. The draft order is accurate ahead of the final week of the season. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

#1 Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska)
There's no obvious quarterback candidate to go first overall, so St. Louis take the best player with the opening selection. Suh is a dominant force with elite potential.

#2 Gerald McCoy (DT, Oklahoma)
Jim Schwartz had a lot of success in Tennessee thanks to an elite defensive tackle. McCoy is 1B if Suh is the best player in the draft. He could go first overall.

#3 Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers)
Davis could be the next Ryan Clady. Kansas City have shown they'll draft to fill a need, even if it's a bit of a reach.

#4 Derrick Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech)
This pick could change if Bill Cowher ends up in Tampa. If the Buccs stay with a 4-3, this pick makes the most sense. Morgan is the clear outstanding end in this draft.

#5 Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma)
The Redskins will start 2010 with a new GM and a new coach - probably Mike Shanahan. The pick will likely be a quarterback or an offensive tackle.

#6 Dez Bryant (WR, Oklahoma State)
Mike Holmgren inherits a great offensive line, but he needs some playmakers and direction at quarterback. With Bradford off the board, he takes Bryant.

#7 C.J. Spiller (RB, Clemson)
Spiller is a 'love it' or 'hate it' pick, but when he runs a 4.2 at the combine he'll be a top 10 pick. The Seahawks need that kind of game changer on offense and with another first round pick to come, they can address other needs too.

#8 Russell Okung (OT, Oklahoma State)
I think Okung's a little over rated and realism alongside his recent knee injury (how serious is it?) could push him down the board. At the same time, there's a premium on offensive tackles and that could keep him near the top.

#9 Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland)
Bruce Campbell, Taylor Mays and Carlos Dunlap. Pick your poison, because we all know how Al Davis drafts.

#10 Rolando McClain (LB, Alabama)
Can we start saying the Broncos got the best out of that Jay Cutler deal? McClain is an absolute steal for a 3-4 team like Denver.

#11 Joe Haden (CB, Florida)
Haden has top ten talent but slips because of needs elsewhere. The 49ers luck out again - just like they did when Crabtree fell into their lap.

#12 Brian Price (DT, UCLA)
The Jaguars would love Haden and could trade up to get him. Their next biggest needs are at defensive tackle and receiver. Price fits the 4-3 as a three technique.

#13 Everson Griffen (DE, USC)
The Titans will likely invest in their defensive line next April. Carlos Dunlap's stock is going downwards fast, helping guys like Griffen.

#14 Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa)
Not many teams have drafted better than the 49ers over the last couple of years. The trade to get this pick was pure genius. Bulaga will be a top right tackle for years.

#15 Dan Williams (DT, Tennessee)
This is a bit of a reach, but the position is so important to a 3-4 team I'm going to predict this for now. Damian Williams would be better value and just as much of a need.

#16 Eric Berry (S, Tennessee)
The Steelers would be a good fit for Berry. He needs to be on a team that has a good defense to excel. They'll love him alongside Polamalu.

#17 Jason Pierre-Paul (DE, USF)
The Falcons have big needs at cornerback and on the defensive line. Pierre-Paul is raw but with massive potential.

#18 Earl Thomas (S, Texas)
Hometown favorite who fills a need. He could be the most complete safety in this class - he tackles better than Berry but has similar ball hawking instincts.

#19 Damian Williams (WR, USC)
The Ravens will almost certainly look at receiver this off season. Williams is a superb prospect who could have an instant impact. This is a value pick, the Ravens always seem to find value.

#20 Trent Williams (OT, Oklahoma)
The Jets could use an addition to their offensive line. Williams is a pure right tackle at the next level, he's not performed well on the blind side this year.

#21 Mike Iupati (OG, Idaho)
If the Seahawks stay with a zone blocking scheme next year, Iupati would fit nicely whilst still offering much needed size and power. He could go earlier than this. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click here.

#22 Jermaine Gresham (TE, Oklahoma)
Gresham's injury has hurt his stock, but he's still a top 15 talent. If he's healthy, the Giants get an absolute steal here.

#23 Charles Brown (OT, USC)
The size issue is the only reason Brown falls this far. If he can get up to 310lbs for the combine and maintain his athleticism, his stock will soar.

#24 Ricky Sapp (OLB, Clemson)
Sapp really impressed me this week. Arizona are still piecing together their 3-4 scheme and Sapp could be a stand out OLB.

#25 Arrelios Benn (WR, Illinois)
Bad quarterback play has hurt Benn's stock, but this is still a guy touted as a top 15 pick at the start of the year.

#26 Taylor Mays (S, USC)
This seems like a very good fit. If Mays makes it past Al Davis (and reports are already saying the Raiders love Mays) then he probably won't fall past Dallas.

#27 Jerry Hughes (OLB, TCU)
The Patriots need to find a pass rush. Hughes is a perfect fit for 3-4 teams like New England.

#28 Ryan Mallett (QB, Arkansas)
Will Brett Favre be back next year? Will Tavaris Jackson get another chance? If Mallett declares (and it looks like he will) this might be the range he'll go. Teams could trade up to get him.

#29 Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida)
Dunlap's stock is low right now, but it could easily rise up again after the combine, interviews and work outs. On paper, this could be a steal for Philly.

#30 Brandon LaFell (WR, LSU)
The Chargers are my AFC pick for the Superbowl, so I think they'll pick later than this. Receiver is somewhat of a need and LaFell deserves first round consideration.

#31 Bruce Carter (OLB, North Carolina)

I'm a huge fan of Carter - when I watched NC earlier this year he stood out. If he declares, he could go much earlier than this.

#32 Travis Lewis (OLB, Oklahoma)
I wanted to get Lewis into the mock somehow. It's maybe not Indy's biggest need, but Lewis is talented enough to warrant this pick.

No Jimmy Clausen?
I still can't find a place for Clausen in my first round mock draft. I wrote about this in greater detail back in November, but I remain unconvinced he'll be a top pick in 2010.


Jayce said...

Though I'm a bit sad we aren't able to pick a LT in the draft, this is probably the most realistic and best scenario grabbing the next Steve Hutchinson and perhaps a CJ not called Chris Johnson. All in all if we were to pick like this, I would be pretty happy.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have CJ on the team and would be excited for a playmaker to watch. However, it doesnt address any of the four positions the hawks will eventually need to address with high draft picks.

dominant pass rushing DE
#1 WR

Will CJ Spiller with a three star line be better than J. Best with a four star line? conventional wisdom says don't draft a RB that high unless its a luxury.

A new GM will win alot of points with the Seattle fan base with a Hutchinson replacement

hunter said...

I really hate the Spiller pick. i dont think he will run a 4.2. he has never been timed at a 4.2 in all his years of running track. So thats not going to happen. I would prefer a LT instead.

Jayce said...

Nate Burleson is underrated, even with a crappy O-line and no running game, he almost reached the 1k mark. In my opinion WR is set, its just we need more time for Matt to throw it.

You do have a point, if we draft a LT and Mike Iupati with first rounders and somehow snag Jahvid with our second rounder, we'd have an exceptional running game and perhaps an improved passing game.

I'd say give Matt a chance in a new O-line and draft a QB next year.

Cory Redding used to play DE right? Do you think its realistic we can somehow grab Seymour from Raiders and put Redding at DE? What do you guys think of that?

Anonymous said...

We are in a catch 22 here. We need a gamebreaker, but do we do that at the cost of a top tier (maybe not elite) OT?

I agree with a comment above that a top notch OT, OG (Iupati) and RB Best is much better for the franchise than Spiller and Iupati. As a fan, I'd be thrilled with Spiller and Iupati. However, I think the Seahawks are so bad that this would be unwise because we truly need to rebuild with an identity in mind.

My top 3 picks would be....

1a. OT Okung (not spectacular, but widely regarded as a "plug & play") or OT Campbell (I'm enamored with his upside)

1b. OG Iupati (guys this big should not move like he does. I am going to be severely disappointed if he is not a Hawk)

2. RB Best, WR Benn, WR Lafell, DE Griffen, DE Pierre-Paul, DE Romeus. (I think one of these guys will be available with our second round pick due to injury, inconsistency, unpolished, etc. That said, all offer tremendous ability/upside.)

Savage said...

If the Hawks don't have a chance at Morgan or Bradford, there could be worse things than Spiller. In this case the choice is between Spiller and Haden. While I think Haden may be the better prospect (he did a very good job limiting Jones, Green and Lafell this year), Spiller fills a larger need.

I wouldn't a take an OL that high so to me it takes a LT out of play there. I think the difference between a player like Okung (or the others) and Jason Fox is minimal enough to the point were it would be better to take Fox in the 2nd round, than take Okung at 7.

I have no argument against Iupati at 21. He sounds like he'd almost single handedly improve the run game. There is a lot of talent left in Gresham, Benn, Mallet on the board at that point however. I think you'd have to take a long look at Mallet. If Knapp is still around I can see him pressing for Mallet as he'd have the arm to stretch the field that Knapp looks for.

If the draft goes this way, I like to see (7) Spiller (21) Iupati (2nd) Fox (4th) Eric Decker/Jordan Shipley/Chris McGahaa (5) Sean Canfield

myjackrebel said...

i think this would be a successful 1st round for the hawks. i would like to take one of the tackles over spiller, but not if its a reach. If Spiller is the gamebreaker we are hoping/assuming he will be thats a solid pick.

Rob Staton said...

I'll try to explain my thinking a little here. Firstly, obviously the Seahawks have many needs. I would love to be able to give them a truly excellent left tackle, a dominant pass rusher or a long term option at QB. In this scenario, the top DE/QB/OT are all off the board.

I'm yet to be convinced by Russell Okung or Bruce Campbell (I need to see more of Campbell though to have a strong enough opinion on him). Okung would have better value with Seattle's second first round pick and his recent knee injury raises some concern. Campbell likewise has injury history. I'm also not convinced either are good fits for the zone blocking scheme Seattle is using - and until we know the new GM and what changes he will make, it's hard to move away from it.

Derrick Morgan is off the board here as are the top two DT's, so it's hard to justify the pick on the defensive line. If Morgan fell, he'd undoubtedly be the choice here.

So it came down to drafting one of the OT's, Spiller or Joe Haden. I went with Spiller on this occassion knowing the Seahawks will be able to add to the offensive line later on - either with Iupati or Charles Brown (the USC lineman will warrant more serious consideration if he can get up to the 310lbs mark for the combine).

I completely understand why people would disagree with this. It could be argued it's very high for Spiller, banking that he'll have a Chris Johnson type impact in the NFL. I think he very easily could do.

Jahvid Best falls out of round one - you could get a similar playmaker in the second round without investing that top ten pick in Spiller. You could also suggest the chance is still there to draft a defensive end or offensive tackle in round two - guys like Corey Wootton and Jason Fox are still around.

But when all was said and done (and baring in mind the scheme fits and injury concerns) I couldn't place Okung or Campbell at #7. It was tough to differentiate between Haden and Spiller because the Florida cornerback is also worthy of a top ten pick and you can never have too many good corners.

Essentially though it proved one thing to me - that Seattle won't solve all their problems with one draft. The 2010 draft will be as much about laying foundations. The addition of a quality playmaker who scores cheap points will earn respect for Seattle's offense, drawing pressure away from the offensive line. At the same time, you're getting a better running game and a nice big body to be a permanent feature alongside Max Unger for the next 10 years. That's not a bad start going forwards.

Anonymous said...

Why waste a pick on Sam Bradford, a guy who never faces adversity (actually he did 3 times, 2 times he hurt his THROWING shoulder, and the other time he looked very average-last year's BCS game)? He has played on the superior team week in, week out. He comes from a gimmicky system that has produced zero NFL talent QB wise.

So, why would we want put the future of our franchise on a guy who has never faced this type of situation? Seriously. It boggles my mind that many of you want this guy and think he's going to step in and be able to radically change his game (work under center, make real reads/adjustments) and be able to handle great adversity week in, week out for 17 weeks in an NFL season.

He would be coming to a team where he is going to get hit hard and often, all the while throwing to guys who are not very talented in comparison to the rest of the league. Why gamble a top 7 pick on someone like that?

Personally, I think we use this draft to set up taking a QB next year. That QB should be Jake Locker. Yes, I'm a homer. But you are talking about a local kid who is loyal, classy, has thrived in the face of adversity, and most importantly has performed on a team that is usually inferior week in, week out. He can perform with little help from his O-line while throwing to guys who are wildly inconsistent.

It makes too much sense to me. He is a "once a decade" type talent and has a good head on his shoulders to go with it. We know what he can do playing on a bad team. So let's get the pieces in place to go after him next year and jump start this rebuilding process. Get an OT, Iupati, and one of the talent game breakers that will slip into round 2, whether it be Jahvid Best, Benn, Lafell or take a chance on a guy like Demariyus Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I think I might opt for Okung/Cambell, Iupati, Best in this scenario and hope a decent run game emerges. That and a revamped O-line could keep Matt out of a wheelchair. Pick up a couple decent FA's to upgrade the defense and we have a chance at being competitive. But I wouldn't be upset with Spiller. Though, am I crazy to think he could be there at the beginning of the 20's? I look at the teams drafting before us and RB doesn't really look like a need for any of them.

Rob Staton said...

I think Houston, Pittsburgh and New York would definitely show interest in Spiller. There's always a chance teams will trade up as well, but I'd be surprised if Spiller lasted into the 20's in most scenarios.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to see Spiller falling. That said, there may be a lot of teams who take the mind set of, why take Spiller in the mid first round when we have a good chance of getting Jahvid Best late round 1 or early round 2.

The fact that Best and Spiller are very similar might just allow Spiller to fall to our 2nd first round pick. It's a calculated risk, but in light of the current situation, it would be worth the gamble to address a tougher position like OT or DE with the top 7 pick and just hope people devalue Spiller due to the presence of Jahvid Best. I would love to have Spiller, but I'm afraid he would get hurt trying to run behind our line. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I would not pick it quite this way, but I would be happy to have Spiller and Lupati on our team. They would give us toughness on the O line and a Gamebreaker to hold the D line from it's rush toward out QB. This also would give our play action pass a chance to be successful. I am a little leary of what is going to happen in Free Agency thiis year. I expect teams will hold onto certain RFAs as long as possible to see if they can get a draft pick then a ton of players will be dumped at the deadline (Spencer.) Anyway this is the most interesting off season since The Big Show came to town. Looking forward to the next few months when we can top looking at the mess on the field and start dreaming of better days.

Mike Kelly

Jayce said...

How do you guys feel about the possibility that Richard Seymour bring picked up? I think that can help our D-Line a bit.

Swamp_fox said...

Rob - I'd be thrilled with this first round. Well thought out, and while there's always room for debate (Haden would almost certainly have been Ruskell's "safe as Sears" pick at 7 in this prospective draft) you make a compelling case for Spiller.

Also I really dig the slim team logos used in your post - cool design my man.

Swamp_fox said...

Jayce - love to have Seymour, esp in uncapped year (it's not my money). But we're still not that competitive next year even with him.

Has FSU's Hudson declared, guys? He would get some Rd 1 consideration, no?

Rob Staton said...

For me, Hudson is worth a late first rounder. When I spoke to Chris Steuber at, he said the same. There's no news yet on whether he'll declare, but it's one to monitor.

Seth said...

I really like this draft. I have been on so many draft sites that really don't address the Seahawks needs it made me sick. With the first pick I would prefer a LT but that won't happen. I still think that Harden has a lower floor than Spiller but Spiller has a huge roof. Out of the two I think I would take Harden. One guy I see no one talking about is Toby Gerhart. If he runs a mid 4.4 to a low 4.5 like he says he can why not take him and hope for the best with Forsett. I think next year the Seahawks are gearing up for a push for Locker. I would be happy with that. Makes us more relevant again. But out of everything that has been said, Iupati is the only thing that will make me happy. If we don't, I feel this draft is a waste. The only thing that can make this better is if we spend the money and get Deuce away from Arizona. Then it won't matter who is back there running or throwing they will have so much time it will be awesome. Get mock draft. Go Seahawks!!!

kearly said...

I don't think Spiller is a love or hate player, but I do think you would have to love him very much to select him 7th overall. Forget the pick, the contract he'd be getting would pay him about $45 million for 750-1000 carries. With a rookie salary restructure likely on the horizon, I think cost consciousness will weigh heavily on GM's minds in this draft. Paying a 150-200 carry RB $9 million a season already looks really bad right now, but a year from now, it could look like a travesty when top picks are earning 2 million a season. At least if you sink that high contract into an impact player who gives you a lot of use (like QB, OL, or DE) it doesn't sting so bad. But for a half carries RB, that would burden a team financially.

For that reason, I'd be stunned if Spiller was a top 10 pick. I think he'll go mid to late 1st. If we are truly set on drafting Spiller, at least trade down first, add a pick, then sign him to a lower slot and a more merciful contract.

kearly said...

I think Jimmy Clausen will be this year's Mark Sanchez. Both are risky, come from pro-style offenses, and both are juniors. Clausen is more flawed than Sanchez, but his stock is about the same as where Sanchez's was this time last year. Remember last year how a weak QB class raised the stock of some less deserving QBs? White was Seneca Wallace 2.0, and he was a 2nd rounder. Freeman would have been a 2nd or 3rd round prospect most years. He was a mid 1st round pick.

There is a similar shortage of good QBs this year. Clausen is stands on nearly equal footing to Bradford in the eyes of some (WalterFootball updated its mock today and had Clausen #1 overall), its not inconceivable that Clausen could be the 1st QB taken, deserving or not (I personally am not big Clausen, but his stock is very high). Bradford has serious questions regarding his shoulder and the offense he came from, which could possibly cause him to not be the 1st QB taken. If the draft were today, I'd be very surprised if Clausen didn't go in the first round. Most mocks have him going before CJ Spiller.

kearly said...

Regarding the picks themselves: I like them. There is not an offensive player in this draft that is more fun to watch than Spiller. Iupati is fun to watch- for lineman standards. These picks would instantly make the Seahawks better and more entertaining simultaneously. Tackle would need to be addressed. I'd hope to add Jason Fox in round 2.

The one stipulation is that I'd trade down and pickup a 3rd rounder before drafting Spiller. Even if I'm wrong and he doesn't last til the mid 1st round, that's ok because you'd still have plenty of other options available. Missing out on Spiller won't kill us. There are many holes to address with RB being one of the most minor ones.

Also, the way your mock breaks down is pretty tough for me. The three unquestioned elite DL of this class, the best QB, a LT, and the best WR are all off the board before Seattle. That sucks. Its very close to a worst case scenario. Basically, none of the top 5 talents fall to Seattle, and that is what I'm really hoping for, that one of those top 5 guys falls to us. If I was forced to use that pick without trading down, I'd get Haden. But I'd try really hard to trade down in that scenario.

Anonymous said...

Jason Fox has been hurt and I don't think I would invest a high second round pick in a guy who most likely cannot become an average starting OT in the NFL. I failing to see how Fox upgrades our line. In all honesty, I think he is tantamount to putting a band aid on a bullet wound. He is not bad by any means, but we have filled this roster with mediocre O-line talent.

Despite this OT class not being spectacular, Okung is seen as a sure bet to handle LT even if he doesn't become elite but I think most believe he will become a well above average LT. Bruce Campbell has some injury history but is seen to have a ridiculously high ceiling. Anthony Davis is seen as inconsistent but (yet again) is another guy with a high ceiling.

I think the problem is that people fall in love with certain players and find a way to downgrade less sexy picks like OT. At some point, we have to acknowledge that there is no perfect prospect (Suh is close) and that the Hawks need to be smart with these picks and address positions that are the toughest to find.

I love Spiller, but he would get killed behind our O-line. Do the smart thing and invest in some beefcakes up front and get this offense set to the point where you feel comfortable playing a young QB who has the ability to hand the ball off and rely on the running game.

kearly said...

Here is a link which charts the average draft position of each player in every major mock released so far.

Not exactly rock solid science, but I think it gives a pretty good indication of how popular each player is.

Also, this is what Walterfootball had to say about Seattle's 1st round pick from Denver (CJ Spiller). I thought it was hilarious:

"Jim Mora Jr. is one of the worst head coaches in NFL history. He's only made the playoffs once in four seasons, essentially taking Dan Reeves' old team to the NFC Championship in 2004. Teams often quit on Mora at the end of the year. And Mora has a huge blind spot for figuring out what to do with his talent. In Atlanta, he foolishly tried to put QB Dog Killer in the West Coast offense, which predictably failed.

Now, in Seattle, he just doesn't seem to understand that Justin Forsett is infinitely superior to the horrible Julius Jones.

Because the Seahawks obviously don't view Forsett as the answer to the position, they'll jump at the opportunity to draft C.J. Spiller if the option is there come April. Spiller is the most dynamic offensive talent in this class, capable of going the distance at any moment. Seattle's offense needs a player like that."

Jayce said...

I completely agree. We aren't looking for someone who is only going to be a minor upgrade. We need to revamp the O-line and make it stable for our future QB.

kearly said...

Jason Fox didn't miss a start until his 48th game (due to illness). He'll miss his teams bowl game to a lower extremity injury, which he had surgery on. His injuries in 2009 were generally of the "nagging" kind and he played through them without impacting his ability to play well.

I'd be fine with spending a 2nd round pick on an average LT. An average LT is hard to find and is worth a lot of money. I'd rather take a LT sooner than Fox, but I was using Rob's scenario where the two first round picks are used on RB and G. In Rob's scenario, Fox in the 2nd is probably the best we could hope for.

I like Okung, but not enough to draft him in the top 10, which is where he'll be drafted almost guaranteed. There isn't an OT I'd draft in the top 20 without holding my nose, really. I'm not a fan of Davis (just looks slow and half assed) and Campbell is too injury prone. Injuries have killed our OL the last 4 years, so adding the most durable players possible should be a priority.

Anonymous said...

Tim Ruskell, stop posting on here. The Seahawks do NOT need defense. You were fired for a reason. Go Away!!!

Mike J said...

I am a Bucs fan & they look like they will be drafting 4-6. I'd be happy with McCoy,Morgan,Haden or esp. Berry (if Monte Kiffin gives him a good rec in private).Then Rd.2 pick up a CB & a WR, & Rd.3 a guard or another D-lineman.
Overall this is one of the most sensible mockers I have seen.I agree about Clausen; he could do a Brady Quinn.

Rob Staton said...

Mike - thanks for stopping by and appreciate the kind remarks. Always feel welcome to visit the blog - it might say Seahawks at the top but all NFL fans are welcome and treated with respect.

With regard to the Buccs, it'll be interesting to see if Bill Cowher ends up in Tampa and whether that will lead to a 3-4 switch. If so, it makes guys like McCoy and Morgan less likely - as (in my opinion) both are strictly 4-3 scheme fits. I'm not sure what the alternatives would best be, I think it'd be a huge reach to take Eric Berry in the 4-6 range (in general I think he's over rated, he's certainly not worthy of a top ten pick for me). The Buccs offensive line has improved over the year, so maybe as an outside bet could be someone like Dez Bryant or Joe Haden?

Having said that, we still don't know whether Cowher will end up in Florida - even if he does it might be best to stick to the 4-3 and take advantage of the obvious talent on offer for that scheme.

Anonymous said...

Spiller won't do anything behind a terrible offensive line. Seahawks need offensive linemen and defensive secondary as well as a quarterback. No way do they draft Spiller.

Anonymous said...

I'm not comfortable with Sims converting back to RG. He has done well on the left side this year, but he wasn't as effective as a Right Guard last year. In this Scenerio, our line would look like:
Locklear - Iaputu - Unger - Sims - Willis/FA/Later draft pick? I do like the look of the interior if Sims can play effectively at RG.

Anonymous said...

If Sims can convert back to the right side effectively however, then the inside does look really good and that would help Spiller, and naturally Spiller's speed would help on outside runs. Seahawks offense would transition to a run heavy offense with Spiller and Forsett, but with both of their pass catching abilities, Matt (unfortunately he'd still be the QB next year, given thsi draft), then he will have good dumpoff options aswell for his feeble old arm.

zayden said...

great picks, actually posted the same thing a few days back. i laugh at some that scoff at the possibility of spiller only getting 200-250 carries.

chris johnson wasn't supposed to do that either, until he got his hands on the ball. so if spiller gets only 250 carries, we have to take into account the fact that he has great hands as well. the screen game improves, and then even in the return game.

as far as our line, i think that we have guys playing out of position with unger now in place, lock back where he belongs on the rt side, as well as sims? Things aren't that bad. you put iupati in there and there is something to work with. with those guys back in their "natural?" positions, having iupati pulling around to lead the way? there is something to work with i think

would like to see the mock, go into our 2nd pick to see what your thoughts are there. would like to see the defense addressed, but.......

Rob Staton said...

For starters, although it might satisfy the fan base - you can't force the issue with that LT position. We don't want to pay $40-50m to a left tackle not worthy of the investment. I have serious reservations about Okung and Campbell, particularly in the scheme Seattle is currently using. In an ideal world you'd be able to get a guy to fill that hole - but in an ideal world Peyton Manning mark II would be there also.

With the top OT, DL and QB gone, I had to look at other options and on this occassion, Spiller was the pick. Seattle desperately needs a guy who can put cheap points on the board. Even the average teams in the NFL have a weapon or two - Spiller can be an elite threat for me as a returner, runner and receiver.

Now - I also firmly believe a large problem Seattle's o-line has is that it's over worked. A rookie isn't going to block two guys at once any better than Sean Locklear. Team's flat out do not respect the 'Hawks offense and they are happy to blitz in numbers, stack the box - the full works. Adding some elite speed in the backfield could ultimately take some pressure off that line - especially a guy like Spiller who's in on any play call and can be used with great effect as a receiver. If he gets the ball in space, you're in trouble. That limits a team blitzing too much, because Spiller can kill teams with a screen, wheel or dump off. He'll get in behind the rush consistently, you have to leave guys back.

I understand the need for a left tackle, I also understand why people would be against draftig CJ Spiller that early. But Seattle's problems won't be solved by just drafting any left tackle. You can't force it.

Lenny James said...

2010 cuts or trades

Julius Jones
Larwrence Jackson
Deion Branch
Kelly Jennings

Free Agency Additions

Big Play WR(Brandon Marshall), DB(No midgets), DE

2010 Draft

1a. CJ Spiller
1b Mike Lupati
2 Best LT available
3 Aquired from a trade. Best QB available(Colt Mccoy?)
4 D Line

jah said...

the exact 2 players i want to see in seahawk blue next year.

Jayce said...

Agree with jah. That's best case scenario for us. Hey who knows maybe someone like Anthony or Bruce will drop to us in 2nd round.

Jayce said...
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1stHill said...

I would love if we ended up with Spiller and Iupati. I want Iupati for the Seahawks in the worst way, after watching Iupati play in his bowl game. I could not believe Iupati's quickness for a 330 lbs guy, if we selected him I would like to see him get a few snaps at DT on obvious passing situations.

I would want Spiller over Haden, and I would consider taking DT Brian Price at #7.

Great mock Rob, I also would like to see you include the Seahawks 2nd round selection (you don't have to full 2nd round mock).

Rob Staton said...

I considered doing a 'top ten' of the second round leading up to Seattle's pick (we'd pick 9th in round two if the season ended today). It's something I'll consider doing in the next mock draft.

Antoekneeo said...

Out of all the mock drafts I've seen, from professionals to average fans, you are the only person that has Eric Berry not in the top 10. Very interesting. I think mock drafts should be what you think most likely WILL happen rather than what you want to happen. There is NO WAY IN HELL Eric Berry is not selected in the top 10.

Rob Staton said...

What makes you think this mock draft isn't based on what I think WILL happen? I have no reason not to put Berry in the top ten - but having watched a lot of tape on Tennessee this year and last I just don't think he will go in that range. I'll be very surprised if Berry goes in the top ten picks. If I'm wrong I'll admit so, but I'd recommend people try to watch some tape on him before jumping to the conclusion that all the hype is justified.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know if all the people hating on Rob for his Eric Berry draft position/assessment have seen anything other that youtube highlights?

Maybe some of you don't realize that McShay and Kiper were talking about Everette Brown being a top 12 pick all last year. We saw how that turned out.

As for my personal opinion, Eric Berry is a very good player who is a little overhyped thanks to ESPN and youtube. That said, the positional value of safety is pretty low and teams picking in the top 10 are usually very bad. Bad teams have holes much bigger than safety to justify taking one that high.

I urge you people new to this site to actually read what Rob and Kyle write because it is very thoughtful and full of justification. I don't think Rob downgrades the likes of Eric Berry and Jimmy Clausen because he simply doesn't like them as people or is trying to be "edgy".

Anonymous said...

As i am a football nut i do think Seattle is going to make some noise with Spiller. They have to address lack of speed and big play options.The guard Pick is also a good call. The only difference i see here is They make some huge waves by trading some players to aquire some picks in this years draft or next. Hassleback is still a viable qb for some team and may draw interest from some for a 2 or 3rd pick. He is at te end of the career and getting something back during a rebuild is a good move. Another player that could be on the move is Tatupu, injuryies are stacking up and Hawthorne is cheaper and very good. Again may get a 1 or a 2 for him maybe both split years. But on another matter......WTF is going on with the coaching staff? Do they have a clue how to call a game, same plays same situations, nothing out of the ordinary and teams film it learn it and we never change, only to meet Hasslebacks comfort zone? Wow amazing how a team loses its ability to function so fast. Mora seriously looks confused on every play. Knapp has absolutely no clue how to game plan and throw wrinkles in a game plan to use motion or speed that we do have in some players (Butler). Defensively i cant gripe much, injuries, time on the field, i was exhausted just watching them. O coord. gotta go, take Mora with him Make a push for Cower, rebuild with a game plan to run (O-Line) then draft a QB (Locker) next year and you have a young talented laden team with an identity..Also we need to Blitz more everyone abused our A gap and we couldnt seem to co ordinate an A gap blitz with tight bump and runcoverage to save our lives.