Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday links

Jimmy Burch reports that Jevan Snead is still considering the possibility of entering the 2010 NFL Draft. The Ole Miss quarterback endured a disastrous 2009 season despite being touted as a potential first overall pick and possible Heisman winner. There's not one stand out candidate to be the first QB off the board next year, which could help Snead if he did declare. However - his play was so bad this season it's almost unthinkable that he'd turn pro rather than try and leave on better terms next year.

Gary Klein takes a look at the USC prospects that might declare. Everson Griffen has already stated he'll turn pro in 2010, whilst it's a near shoe-in that receiver Damian Williams will do the same. Joe McKnight presents an interesting discussion point - he ended the year controversially but would possibly be the third running back off the board in 2010. Will he return to SoCal for his senior year? He has a young family to consider.

Chris Foster contemplates the potential declaration of UCLA defensive lineman Brian Price. I'll be scouting the Bruins tackle when he takes on Temple in the Eagle Bank Bowl later today. He's the PAC 10 defensive player of the year having registered seven sacks in 2009. I think it's safe to say he'll be in the NFL next year. Where he goes is unclear at this stage - Mel Kiper ranks him 10th on his big board but others are less glowing in their reports - questioning his consistency.

Matt McGuire publishes a new mock draft. He has the Seahawks taking Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) and Bryan Bulaga (OT, Iowa) in the first round. It wouldn't surprise me if the Seahawks take a very serious look at Bradford in off season work outs. I'll be very surprised if Jimmy Clausen goes before Bradford - let alone first overall like we see in McGuire's mock.


Kuya said...

Hi Rob,

I'm a long time reader of your blogs, but first time commenting. This site is on my "daily routine" when it comes to internet browsing for sports. Great job.

I just want to get your input on a big need for our beloved team.

Out of all the OTs that are entering the draft, the OT I'm fascinated with the most is USC's Charles Brown. I've been following all the games of USC, OkSt, Maryland, Rutgers, Oklahoma and of course my alma mater UW. I followed these teams because I really feel this is our chance to grab a fixture on our OLine and have been keeping my eye out on OT prospects. Last year, I really wanted Michael Oher. I mean really bad. He was the type of player that would have fit will with the Seahawks.

Anyway, Charles Brown seems like the OT that will be in the league a long time and with success. The way he slides his feet and jumps off the snap is elite during passing plays. Although scouts question his "strength", from what I saw, he has that ability to get to the second level in no time and lock the LB up. He also pancaked his defenders more than any other OT in 2009. He has played in a big time program and has the frame to fill out. Brown is a true athletic specimen and that was a characteristic of Walter Jones when he came out.

Would you be able to do a little piece on him just like you did for Anthony Davis? BTW, Davis is my 2nd pick as an OT.

I really want to grab a DE with our first pick and an OT with our 2nd pick. That being said, it is the end December and the draft is more than 3 months away. This could change, depending what we do in FA.

I have been a football nut since I was 4. I always believe that the game is won on the trenches.

Thanks Rob.

Rob Staton said...

Hey Kuya - great to hear from you and thankyou for visiting the blog.

Charles Brown is someone who, like yourself, really impressed me when I scouted him earlier in the year. I've written out a link for you below - copy and paste it into your address bar. I did a write up on Charles Brown on October 27th.


Essentially, Brown has the potential to be 2010's Jason Smith - a converted tight end with really good athletic qualities and a bit of a nasty streak. He has a good hand punch, footwork, he gets to the second level - a lot of the things you want to see from a lineman particularly ina ZBS.

However, the fact he is only playing at around 290lbs is a real concern. He needs to get bigger, add some bulk to his frame to stand up to the bigger, faster lineman of the NFL. Right now he can get away with it, bit he won't at the next stage of his career. Smith was in a similar situation last year and managed to get up to around the 310lbs mark for the combine, but maintained all his athletic qualities in work outs. If Brown can do the same, there's no reason why he can't fly up the boards. I had him pinned with Seattle just outside the top ten in my first mock draft.

However, if he can't add the weight or simply loses some of that spark because he's heavier, you're looking at a late first rounder. Right now I'm putting him around the late teens and early 20's mark. He's one of the more intriguing prospects to keep an eye on.

Tim Ruskell would very likely have been interested in Brown, we'll have to see who the new GM is and what he changes. If the Seahawks want to change to a more man scheme or simply get bigger on the line - guys like Anthony Davis become more likely.

Look forward to hearing from you again in the future.


Kuya said...

Thanks for the link. Very informative. I do see what you mean about the "NFL Level". Brown has all the tools to be a great OT. I was just very impressed with him this season. We'll just have to wait and see how he responds when he adds more weight. I mean he looks and plays bigger than he really is, which gives me hope that this guy can really excel in the NFL.

Rob Staton said...

I certainly agree that he looks bigger than he perhaps is - he doesn't look 'small' on the field but you compare him to an AnthonY Davis and clearly there's a difference - about a 40lbs difference to be precise. If Brown can add a bit of bulk, stay athletic - he could fly up the boards. He's a very good college left tackle, now he needs to show he is worthy of that high pick to become a very good NFL tackle.

Anonymous said...


I see that you have the Seahawks taking Joe Haden with the 7th pick.

If that is how the draft order falls, why do you think the Seahawks should go for "another" corner that is sub 6 foot?

I don't know about you but I don't want this team to draft another CB if he isn't at least 6 ft.

Rob Staton said...

Simply because right now we don't know who the new GM is and what changes he will make or philosophies he might bring. For that reason, I'm giving the Seahawks strictly 'BPA' and I think there's a chance that in the situation posted in the mock, Haden might be it. I've voiced this opinion a few times - but I don't think there's much of a talent difference between the 5th best player in this draft class and the 15th. Haden is better than most in that he's a phsyical, fast corner who is capable of making acrobatic plays but also delivering a solid tackle on the line.

Also, I think it'd be easy to tow the line and just give the Seahawks any lineman. Read most mocks and that's what they'll suggest. Obviously there's a chance the Seahawks will go in that direction - although I'm not sure Campbell or Okung deserve top ten consideration. Between now and March I want to look at different scenarios and possibilities - of which I think Haden is one. When we get closer to draft day - 6-8 weeks before - it's easier to diagnose what is more realistic and make logical predictions. Right now we're all just second guessing.

Anonymous said...

Haden is 5' 11, just fine for a CB.

I love you Tru, but I'm tired of seeing you get smoked like a christmas ham.