Thursday, 3 December 2009

Rob Rang's updated mock draft

Rob Rang has an updated mock draft on CBS Sportsline that's worth checking out. As things stand, Cleveland would be picking first overall if the season ended now. Rang has the Browns taking Ndamukong Suh (DT, Nebraska), something that I agree could be a distinct possibility. Suh is flexible enough to figure as a 4-3 three technique tackle or as a 3-4 defensive end. Cleveland currently runs a 3-4. Despite the fact they'll almost certainly have a new GM and coach next year, the underwhelming nature of the quarterback class and the fact it'd be a nightmare situation for a rookie QB to come into could make Suh a likely #1 pick.

But what about the Seahawks? Rang has Seattle taking Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) with the eighth overall pick and Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers) later in the first round. That would be an aggressive investment on the offense with an eye to the future, post Matt Hasselbeck and Walter Jones. There are some other notable appearances in the first round - namely Auburn running back Ben Tate.


Anonymous said...


How does the change of GM affect your mocks? Do you still go based on talent/need of the Hawks or do you try to imagine what the new/interim GM philosphy might be?


Patrick said...

I like it. I'd be thrilled with these picks, and I like a lot of his other selections as well. I'm not sure I see Carlos Dunlap going as high as #4 though.

I really think that if Bradford is still available, we need to grab him. I'm honestly just afraid he won't make it there. I'd like to see the Bills grab Dez Bryant, but I don't think they will.

As for our second pick, I sort of think if Jahvid Best is still available (Like he was in this draft) he would be a better pick than Davis. I do like Davis, but I sort of feel like if Brown, Okung, or Williams is gone we should just wait until the second round to grab an OT. I don't think Best will be available with our 2nd round pick (If so it would be a steal)

Rob Staton said...

Mike - I'm going to re-write the mock to co-incide with today's news. Stay tuned, but it's fair to say it will now be very different.