Monday, 7 December 2009

Reader's mock: Matt Rocha

I was planning on publishing an updated mock draft last week, but the resignation of GM Tim Ruskell led to a re-think. Obviously this changes the complexion of a potential Seahawks draft - there's no GM or philosophy from which to use as a basis to predict. I'll compile some thoughts and publish a new mock draft at some point this week, probably on Wednesday. In the meantime, reader and contributor Matt Rocha emailed me a mock draft which is worth checking out. I've published it so have a look and let me know what you think in the comments section. Also, if you ever want to have a mock draft published on the blog feel free to send it to me at

To see Matt Rocha's full mock draft click here or select 'read more'.

Matt Rocha:
"I did this mock draft with the idea of Mike Holmgren as the Seahawks GM. I made selections based on things he has said in the past and what he said today (Friday) when was a co-host on 950 KJR. I do not think Holmgren should be given the job as GM of the Seahawks, but he is a strong candidate at this early stage of the process.

Mike Holmgren has said in the past that if he had to do things over again as a GM he would draft defensive players and sign free agent players for the offense. His reason was it takes young guys a longer to learn the intricacies of an offense, whereas with young defensive players you just wind them up and let them go. But, Holmgren might be forced to draft offensive players early and often due to Tim Ruskell neglecting that side of the ball during his tenure as GM. Keep in mind when reading this mock that we cannot address all our needs in one draft.

Here are a things on the Seahawks, that Holmgren talked about when he was on 950 KJR.

-He thinks Hasselbeck has 4 good years left.
-He said the Seahawks need to get bigger players at certain positions.
-The offensive line needs to be addressed. - He is willing to take a shot on players that may have character concerns, because he thinks he can help out troubled players.
-He also said that he likes taking QB’s in later rounds of the draft, because he thinks he can hit on a QB late in the draft."

1. Browns (1-10) - * (QB) Sam Bradford 6-4 218 lbs Oklahoma
Brady Quinn has been a bust so far and may likely be traded or cut before next season. The Browns have one of the worst QB situation in the NFL, so they take Bradford the most NFL ready of the top rated QB’s.

2. Rams (1-10) - (DT) Ndamnukong Suh 6-4 300 lbs Nebraska
The Rams have a hard decision, take a QB or the best player in the draft. The Rams two former 1st round defensive lineman have been a disappointment, so Suh will take over for the often injured DT Adam Carriker.

3. Bucs (1-10) - * (DT) Gerald McCoy 6-4 295 lbs Oklahoma
McCoy has the potential to be the next Tommie Harris. McCoy will greatly improve the Bucs pass rush.

4. Lions (2-9) - .(OT) Russell Okung 6-6 305 lbs Okalahoma St
The Lions reach with this pick, but LT is a premium position, and the Lions need someone to protect the Matt Stafford’s blind side. (Head coach Jim Schwartz is trying to get his undersized defense bigger & more physical players, so DE Carlos Dunlap is another option for this pick.)

5. Redskins (3-8) - * QB) Jimmy Clausen 6-3 217 lbs Norte Dame
The new coaching staff next year is going to want their own hand picked QB to lead their offense and Clausen is their man.

6. Raiders (3-8) - * QB Jake Locker 6-3 222 lbs Washington
The Raiders have lost all faith in Jamarcus Russell so I have them taking Jake Locker as their franchise QB.

7. Chiefs (3-8) - (DT) Terrance Cody 6-5 365 lbs Alabama
The Chiefs need help on the offensive line, but they need someone to anchor their 3-4 defense just as bad. The Chiefs reached last year on DE Tyson Jackson and I think they will reach again.

8. Seahawks (4-7) - (DE) Carlos Dunlap 6-6 290 lbs Florida
Holmgren said he would get bigger at certain positions, so he gets a big DE just like he had back in Green Bay (Reggie White).

9. Bills (4-7) - (OLB) Sean Weatherspoon 6-2 245 lbs Missouri
The Bills have a good MLB in Paul Posluszny, but their other two LB’s are average at best. Weatherspoon has good size/speed and has a knack for making plays.

10. Broncos (from Bears 4-7) - * (S) Eric Berry 5-11 203 lbs Tennessee
The Broncos used a 2nd round pick last year on safety Darcel McBath and signed a 36 year old Brian Dawkins who was a good signing, but they need to find a replacement for Dawkins. Eric Berry might be considered a steal at this point of the 1st round by some draft pundits.

11. 49ers (from Panthers 4-7) - * (CB) Joe Hayden 5-11 190 lbs Florida
Head coach Mike Singeltary like physical players and Hayden is one the most physical CB’s in the draft.

12. 49ers (5-6) - (OT) Trent Williams 6-5 308 lbs Oklahoma
Williams will start at RT for the 49ers, which is the position he played with success his junior year.

13. Jets (5-6) - (WR) Dez Bryant 6-2 215 lbs Oklahoma St
The Jets take Bryant to team up with Braylon Edwards. Dez Bryant, Braylon Edwards, and TE Dustin Keller will be a outstanding trio for QB Mark Sanchez to throw to.

14. Texans (5-6) - (RB) C.J. Spiller 5-11 195 lbs Clemson
Texans RB Steve Slaton has had a fumbling problem and is in the coach’s dog house, so Spiller makes sense here. The Texans offense will be extremely dangerous with C.J. Spiller and WR Andre Johnson.

15. Dolphins (5-6) - * (MLB) Rolando McClain 6-4 249 lbs Alabama
The Dolphins have three LB’s that are over 30 years old and need to get younger at that position. McClain is a big physical player which Bill Parcel’s loves, and he is a great fit for Miami’s 3-4 defense.

16. Titans (5-6) - (DT) Dan Williams 6-2 327 lbs Tennessee
The Titans lack a big body DT that who could take on double-teams, so Williams fit’s a need. He also has some quickness and could help collapse the pocket.

17. Steelers (6-5) - * (OT) Bryan Bulaga 6-6 312 lbs Iowa
The Steelers offensive line has struggled a bit with pass protection, but some of the blame should go to Big Ben for having a bad habit of holding onto the ball too long. Bulaga is a extremely strong guy and might be a better fit at RT. The struggling RT Willie Colon would have to take a back seat to the rookie.

18. Jaguars (6-5) - * (DT) Brian Price 6-2 295 lbs UCLA
The Jaguars defensive line has struggled this year so I think they take Price. Price playing along side DT John Henderson should greatly improve their defensive line.

19. Falcons (6-5) - * (DE) Derrick Morgan 6-4 270 lbs Georgia Tech
Morgan is an absolute steal this far down in the draft. Seven of the teams selecting before the Falcons run a 3-4 defense and Morgan is not 3-4 DE & and unknown as a LB in a 3-4. Former 1st round pick DE Jamaal Anderson has been a bust. Morgan should help the defensive line as a rookie.

20. Ravens (6-5) - (CB) Patrick Robinson 5-11 194 lbs Florida St
The Ravens CB’s are the weak link on the defense and need so major help. While Robinson has had a bit of an inconsistent year, he is a great athlete with good ball skill.

21. Giants (6-5) - (S) Taylor Mays 6-3 230 lbs USC
The Giants need a DT but they would have to reach for one at this point of the draft, so I have them upgrading their secondary. With Kenny Phillips as a the FS Mays would be a SS which should be a good position for him.

22. Packers (7-4) - (OT) Charles Brown 6-6 295 lbs USC
Brown should be able to win the starting LT position his rookie year. This would be the first time this decade that the Packers use a 1st round pick on a offensive lineman.

23. Cardinals (7-4) - (DE/OLB) Jerry Hughes 6-3 257 lbs TCU
Hughes can take over for 34 year old Chike Okeafor as a rush LB/DE.

24. Eagles (7-4) - * (DE) Everson Griffen 6-3 265 lbs USC
Head coach Andy Reid believes in using high round selections for his defensive line and he does it again this year with the selection of Griffen. An alternative selection could be TE Ed Dickson or TE Jermaine Gresham, but they may want to see what they have in last years 5th round pick TE Cornelius Ingram.

25. Patriots (7-4) - (DE/DT) Arthur Jones 6-4 291 lbs Syracuse
Jones is stout against the run and has a lot of experience taking on double-teams. He should be a good replacement for the departed Richard Seymour in the Patriots 3-4 defense.

26. Seahawks (from Broncos 7-4) - (OG) Mike Iupati 6-5 330 lbs Idaho
Holmgren said the Seahawks offensive line needs to be addressed so he takes Iupati. The big man is a good athlete and a monster in the run game.

27. Bengals (8-3) - (OG) Mike Pouncey 6-5 320 lbs Florida
The Bengals solidify the interior of the offensive line with the selection Pouncey. They could also consider Anthony Davis, but the Bengals feel LT Andrew Whitworth can hold that position down.

28. Chargers (8-3) - - (DT) * Jerrell Powe 6-2 330 lbs Mississippi
Powe will be the future replacement for NT Jamal Williams. Powe is quick off the ball and powerful.

29. Cowboys (8-3) - (OT) Anthony Davis 6-6 325 lbs Rutgers
LT Flozell Adams is 35 years old and its time for the Cowboys to draft a young OT to replace him. Davis is a steal this late in the draft.

30. Vikings (10-1) - (QB) Tim Tebow 6-3 245 lbs Florida
I think the Vikings are the team most likely to take a chance on Tebow. Add Tebow to a already loaded offense with the likes of Percy Harvin, RB Adrian Peterson, WR Sidney Rice, WR Bernard Berrian, and TE Visanthe Shiancoe.

31. Saints (11-0) - * (OC) Maurkice Pouncey 6-5 318 lbs Florida
The Saints could lose OG Jahri Evans to free agency this year, so they take Pouncey to replace Evans.

32. Colts (11-0) - (OT) Jason Fox 6-7 310 lbs Miami
LT Tony Ugoh has struggles in pass protection in the past and he might be a better fit as a RT, with Fox taking over as the LT.

2nd round Seahawks (CB) Brian Jackson 6-1 202 lbs Oklahoma
Like I stated earlier, Holmgren said he would get bigger at certain positions and I think he had CB in mind. So I have him taking Jackson, who is the best of the “6-0 ft & taller” CB’s in the draft. He is real physical, and fairly fluid/smooth for his size.

3rd round Seahawks (traded away last year)

4th round Seahawks (RB) Keiland Williams 5-11 229 lbs LSU
Williams runs with good power and has some quickness, although he is not a home run threat. Williams and Justin Forsett would be a good two RB rotation.

5th round Seahawks (QB) John Skelton 6-5 256 lbs Fordham
Holmgren said he prefers QB’s that stay in school their senior year, which Skelton did. Holmgren also said he prefers taking QB’s in the later rounds of the draft, because he beliefs he can hit on a late round QB. Skelton has a lot of playing experience having played all four years at Fordham. Brett Farve came from a small school proving Holmgren is not afraid of getting guys from small school (via Atlanta).

Here is a good article on John Skelton

6th round Seahawks (WR) Kerry Meier 6-3 220 lbs Kansas
Meier brings some size to the receiving core. Meier has very good body control and good hands. He is not quick nor fast, but he has proved in college that he can be very productive.

7th round Seahawks (OT) Derek Hardman 6-6 300 lbs Eastern Kentucky
Hardman was a team leader and was a first team selection in his division. Hardman could be a late round steal.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting take on Holmgren vs. Ruskell. I confess that I like the Monster O-line who can pick up short 3rd down yardage reliably. Iupati would be a welcome addition, however, what I've heard from numerous sources is that Sims, current LG, is the best player on our O-line. Sure, he's a FA, but could be re-signed. Also, I haven't heard from any other source that Brian Jackson is the best 6 foot corner. He's not in Kiper's top 5 senior or junior CB prospects, and is currently 99th on Scouts Inc top 100 prospects, the 14th CB on that list. Doesn't a high 2nd round pick seem rich? Maybe if we trade down to get back our missing 3rd rounder.

Anonymous said...

Good mock. I think it would depend who the new GM is as to taking Dunlap. Could also take Morgan if Webster is the GM. I like taking Lupati at Guard even if we resign Sims (which I think we will) since we will likely let Spencer go and move Ungar to center. We can then either move Willis to guard and Locklear to RT or draft a new right guard. These mocks are so hard because you have to account for new Coaches/GMs and possibly new philosophies.

Also I would be that Jason Campbel will be the most pursued FA this year by Cleavland and St. Louis. Which ever gets him can take Suh insted of Bradford/Clausen/Locker.

I really hope Locker does not go to Oakland. He has not done anything to deserve that.

Mike Kelly

Anonymous said...

BTW, I read the article you linked to Skelton. He seems like a potential monster. I would love to add him to the development arsenal, especially if Holmgren is back. Great mock.

Mike Kelly

Michael said...

Ghee is bigger and as fluid as Jackson. Jackson may slip to 3rd round.

Dunlap can be had in the twenties.

Anthony Davis, if his shuttle times prove out, is more athletic than Iupati.

Interesting mock. I love Skelton. He will be a mover if he shows good arm strength in Feb.

Anonymous said...

I HATE your mock draft... only cause you have Suh going to the Rams. After watching him destroy Texas I want him as far from the NFC West as physically possible. Cleveland... you guys need a DT really really bad... please.

other than that, I would be nitpicking. If Locker declares (I don't think he will) I believe by the time all the workouts and combine stuff is over he will be the first QB taken.

As far as the Hawks go, DE seems to be the hot choice, much like Crabtree was early on in the last offseason. As much as I'd love to see them get more sacks, I think getting some serious talent in the secondary would improve the defense more overall. Also, I wonder how it would go over with the fans if they passed on a LT, regardless of how weak this year's crop looks. The GM who makes that call better be confident in his plan to get the Hawks at least 9 wins or be prepared to have fans turn on him even faster than they did Ruskell.

Rob Staton said...

I'd also like to take this chance to thank Matt for emailing me his mock to publish - much appreciated.

Mr Fish said...

If Suh goes to the Rams as projected in this mock, the Seahawks MUST get bigger, stronger and better on their interior offensive line. Iupati is a good step in that directions. I'd put him at RG and keep Sims on the left.

Ryan from Tacoma said...

We should draft Gerhart or Spiller, Colt McCoy, Berry or another good safety, and an offensive linemen with the first 3 picks.Yes DE does need to be addressed, but is there any in FA? Or for safety we could pick up Atogwe(sp?) in FA. Runningback, QB, and OL do need to be addressed throughout the draft.

kearly said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts and Mock. I would add a few things:

First, that Holmgren drafted a 2nd round QB in Seattle (Huard), and the two best QB's he mentored: Favre and Young were high picks (by other teams). Favre was #33 overall and Young was #1 overall (supplemental draft). Holmgren developed Brunell and Hasselbeck, who were late picks, but basically, he's developed QB's from every talent level, and the better the talent, the greater their accomplishments.

Second, Holmgren had 6 first round picks in his 4 year stint, a whopping 5 of those were for offense. His very first pick for Lamar King was the exception. Holmgren knows offense, and I hope he drafts offense with those higher risk picks.

As far as the mock itself, I'm not sold on Carlos Dunlap, but sadly, he strikes me very much like a Holmgren defensive pick. So-So college production, Good size and measurables, but very poor intangibles, not just off the field but on it. From what I've read at Walterfootball, he's the kind of player that will look exciting in spurts but not have the heart of a real football player. In other words, he'd be the defensive equivalent of Stevens or K-Rob.

Iutapi is a good pick, but would he fit a ZBS? He's enormous. It wouldn't break my heart at all to revert to man blocking scheme, but still, its the kind of pick that could signal a change in philosophy. I agree though that this does seem like a Holmgren pick.

Overall, I'm glad I read this because it helps ground my rosy outlook on another Holmgren administration, and shows in a very real way how Holmgren's flaws could be dangerous to the Seahawks. The Seahawks cannot afford to leave this draft without a franchise QB or at least 1 play maker on offense. The team needs a blue print for the future, and must begin executing that vision this offseason.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to address the d-line through free agency. For one thing, I think we have a lot of young, talented players like Nick Reed, Darryl Tapp, Brandon Mebane and Lawrence Jackson. Along that same idea, we're still waiting for a few of them to reach their full potential (ahem, LoJack) and I don't know if I can take adding another young talent and waiting some more. I'd rather add a proven thing to the d-line and continue to wait on the young guys we already have to continue to develop. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a monster like Suh, but there's no way we get him. Also, I think we have greater needs with the earlier picks. I believe in the talent along the d-line, and I think a large part of their lack of success this year is due to poor secondary play and terrible offensive play. The d-line actually looked decent against the Vikings early on, and then the offense had a million three and outs in a row, the lineman were dead and the Vikings knew it and promptly went score crazy. We need to fix our offense. I'd like to see the early picks go LT, RB and QB. However, I think Holmgren's right about Hass being far from done, and if he is the GM, I believe in his ability to find a QB later in the draft. In that case, instead of QB early, I'd like to add a stud to the secondary. Improving the offense and secondary will help the d-line plenty. I do believe they could use an infusion of talent though, something to electrify the unit, I'd just really love to do it through free agency. I have (somewhat delusional) dreams of stealing Elvis Dumervil from Denver, hoping he gets lost in the free agent offensive overload of Orton, Marshall, Scheffler, and 4 out of the 5 guards on their roster. I also have been hearing rumbles of Darnell Dockett wanting out of Arizona because he wants more money, and he wants to stay in the NFC West to stick it to the Cards twice a year. I'd love to give him that chance. He still has 2 more years on his contract though, so I don't know what will happen there. And I'm sure there are other free agents avaliable as well. Also, Ruskell invested in the d-line last year with Colin Cole and Cory Redding. Neither has been a monster, but was anybody expecting that? CC eats up double teams, and Redding's been decent if not fantastic. Both of those guys benefit from the offense staying on the field and the secondary providing some decent coverage as well. I think our offensive line warrants much more consideration than our d-line. Our d-line may be iffy, but the o-line is a mess.

1stHill said...

Anonymous, I took look at Scout Inc.’s CB’s ranking and I would be very surprised to see 13 CB’s drafted ahead of Brian Jackson. Some of those guys would not be a good fit for the Seahawks. I think we need a CB that is at least 5-11 190 lbs and that would eliminate 6 of the 13 CB’s ranked ahead of him. We need a big CB that is good in run support, good in man-to-man coverage, and can successful play bump and run coverage. From what I have seen of Jackson, he can do all those things, which is why I think he is worth a 2nd round pick. Jackson is not as good an athlete as Joe Haden, Patrick Robinson, or Perrish Cox, but he has shown to be a very good all around player. But, I will have to scout him again, maybe he had a fluke game when I saw him play against Texas.

Here are a few notes on Brian Jackson I wrote down when I scouted him early this year.
CB #2 Brian Jackson 6-1 202 lbs Oklahoma : vs. Texas - He plays up on the LOS a lot. He likes jamming the WR , he is very physical with the WR‘s he covers. He was able to jam WR Jordan Shipley, stay on his hip, and come over his shoulder to break up a five yard pass. Quick acceleration and speed when blitzing the QB. He looks like a legit 6ft 1in. He is able to stay on the WR’s hip. He was able to shut down WR Jordan Shipley. Colt McCoy tried to throw to Shipley but Jackson was all over him and looked back to nearly break up the pass (coverage could not have been any better). Jackson towers over Shipley (Shipley is listed at 6ft 0in.) when they walk next to each other after the play (Shipley is either 5ft 10in. or Jackson is 6ft 2in). He got an interception while in zone coverage (Colt McCoy threw it right to him, horrible pass by McCoy/or wrong route run by freshman WR).

1stHill said...

Mike Kelly, I personally don’t know if I would want Dunlap because of what I have read about him being a bit of a hot & cold player. His DUI is somewhat of a concern as well. But, I made these selections that I thought Mike Holmgren might make, based on his radio interview this past Friday. Holmgren has said in the past that if he were to get another shot at being GM he would use his higher round picks on defense instead of offense.

Michael, I agree that Dunlap may slip into the twenties, due to his questionable work ethic & DUI. I have not seen Ghee this year, I’ll try and catch his bowl game if Wake Forest is in one. I looked up Ghee and he is only listed 6-0 191 lbs, but maybe he has bulked up during the season.

Kearly, I have not seen Iutapi but I have read he moves well despite his size, so he might be able to play in a ZBS. I feel the same about getting away from this ZBS. I thought it was suppose to be easier to plug in offensive lineman in the ZBS, but it seems like it is pretty hard to find a guy that is athletic enough to play in that scheme.