Monday, 7 December 2009

Notre Dame's Clausen, Tate to declare

Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and playmaking receiver Golden Tate will both declare for the 2010 draft. No surprises here.


Patrick said...

As nice a surprise it was to see Ndamukong Suh as a finalist for the heisman, I'm pretty dissapointed to see C.J. Spiller not make the cut. I don't believe Tebow really deserved it this year and after that last game, Colt McCoy should have practically been disqualified.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you Patrick. Tebow has no right to be in the top 5 if the Heisman is truly based on performance.

In regards to the article above, please god do not draft either of these clowns. Clausen will get overdrafted by a desperate team or fall big time and Golden Tate is another slow and small WR that will have no chance to become anything more than a "nice" slot WR in the NFL.

My wishlist for the Hawks would be any of the following:

CJ Spiller
Joe Haden
Derrick Morgan
Brian Price
Charles Brown
Mike Iupati
Damian Williams or a taller fast WR
Ndamukong Suh (pipe dream)

Rob Staton said...

Patrick - the fact Tebow is amongst the finalists essentially makes the Heisman a laughing stock for me. He's had a poor year and couldn't do anything against Alabama. Who voted for him? McCoy QB'd an unbeaten team and probably would've won last year if it wasn't for Michael Crabtree - but my word that game against Nebraska didn't half show him up for what he is. Texas' schedule this year has been a joke too.

It should be between Suh, Gerhart, Spiller and Ingram. No doubt.

Anonymous said...

truly i think seattle needs someone who can do more like Golden tate, or spille, or gieger and if they want a good receiver go with Floyed from noter dame we also need a knew Qb cause Matt youre good bot thats just it hes only good