Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday links

Harry King discusses the probability of Ryan Mallett (QB, Arkansas) declaring for 2010: "A redshirt sophomore, Mallett is not ready for the NFL. But, some who dream of what Arkansas might be with Mallett deduced his early departure from his eligibility and from national experts gushing about his unequaled arm."

Also from King the pro's and con's of Mallett in discussion with Chris Mortensen: "Mallett’s pros are obvious. Mortensen started with his arm — “There isn’t a big throw he can’t make” — moved on to his height, explained how NFL people like that Bobby Petrino demands so much of his quarterback, and said Mallett’s few interceptions shows he understands how to take care of the ball. Intangibles include a passion for the game and football smarts, he said."

Marc Morehouse reports from Iowa and the potential declaration by offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga: "Any college football player who wants to leave school before his eligibility is up must notify the NFL office by Jan. 15. That’s either two weeks or 10 days after the Hawkeyes finish their season in the Orange Bowl."

Tom Fitzgerald ponders whether Heisman candidate Toby Gerhart will apply for another year at Stanford or head for the NFL: "In the coming months, he'll have to decide whether to pull his name out of the NFL draft. He could obtain another year of eligibility at Stanford and said he might do that depending on how high he is expected to be drafted. Coach Jim Harbaugh says he'd encourage him to turn pro "if he's going to be drafted high enough. ... He's more than ready to make that step."

Rob Rang rallies for Ndamukong Suh to win the Heisman. He's got a point: "On the behalf of college football fans across the world, Heisman voters, I challenge you with proving that the greatest individual honor in sports hasn't become a joke. For a change, lets award the best player in the country the honor supposed to be bestowed upon the best player in the country... even if he plays defense and isn't in a BCS bowl game. Award the Heisman Trophy to Ndamukong Suh."

Matt McGuire publishes an updated mock. The Seahawks get Derrick Morgan and Ryan Mallett: "The Seahawks are desperate for a franchise quarterback, but passing on Mark Sanchez shouldn't be thought of as a bad move. The bottom line is Matt Hasselbeck has two years left on this contract and they would be paying a backup No. 4 overall money for one or two seasons. This team needs to draft for the future if the future is on the board."


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,
I'm not too sold on Ryan Mallett.
Do you see Ryan Mallett as another JaMarcus Russell?
Similar size and athletic ability, seems raw. Also a little of cockiness and off-field problems?
I don't know alot about him, but just off what I know.


Savage said...

I like the looks of the mock draft by McGuire. There definately needs to be an upgrade in the pass rush and Morgan looks to be the best pure rush DE availible. He also is a non-stop, high energy player similair to Jared Allen.

In regards to Mallet, I am intrigued by his size, arm strength and competitiveness. After watching the Florida game, I was concerned about his accuracy. He missed a few throws that could have won Arkansas the ball game. I was impressed with the game against LSU where he led his team down the field for what should have been the game winning TD.

Rob, is accuracy a concern with Mallet? I know there has been some criticism of his foot work as well. Also, I was impressed by Sean Canfield in the Civil War game. Where is his draft stock and would it be possible to wait to pick him until the 4th round?

Chris (Seattle) said...

Hey Rob,

In the spirit of the Hawks needing a "playmaker," how would you feel about them getting Golden Tate? I know we took a WR last year, but he appears to have that ability to change a game anytime the ball is in his hands. What round do you project he will go in?

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - I haven't heard too much about a cockiness from Mallett. Everything I've seen and read suggests he's fairly grounded and he appears to have a solid family support. Mallett's issues though as an early NFL starter could be similar to the ones experienced by Russell, even if as people I think they're very different.

Savage - you make a very legitimate point with regard to that Florida game. Personally, I think it's a game Arkansas should have won comfortably. Mallett missed a number of easy throws, particularly in the red zone. But then he also flashed that ability to nail a big deep throw to perfection, so it was such a contrasting performance. I think consistency is an issue and experience. Having watched Mallett closely against Florida and Auburn, I wouldn't say he's an inaccurate passer. But he makes a lot of basic errors (throwing to open receivers but not delivering an easily catchable ball). I think an extra year of seasoning and we'll probably see those mistakes start to eradicate. Having said that, I put a stat on the blog recently which was interesting. His completion rate against his toughest opponents this year has been quite poor (around the 30-40% mark if I recall) but against very weak opponents, it was up near 80%. I want to see the numbers increase when he plays a legitimate defense, so I hope he stays at Arkansas another year. With regard to Canfield - I've seen him twice but not really studied him in great depth. My initial impression was that he could have some success in a Josh McDaniels system. His stock is kind of in the air at the moment, but should become clearer in work outs in the New Year.

Chris - I have to admit I'm not a massive fan of Tate. I've seen him in games where he's put up monster numbers but even then he never blew me away. One thing I noticed scouting Jimmy Clausen is that he throws a lot of high percentage passes and that Notre Dame are a pass first team. He threw an awful lot of outside slants to Tate and this has really helped pad the wide outs stats in some games. Having said that, Tate has made a lot of big plays. But I think he's a guy who doesn't always catch with his hands and having read Kyle's impressions on him, isn't much of a blocker (not something I studied closely I have to admit). In the NFL I doubt he'll be given the same kind situations from which to make the plays he did for ND and I certainly don't think he's great in any area (speed, hands, size etc). Personally, right now I'd say a mid round pick. If he works out well and surprises people with his physical stats, probably higher.

Anonymous said...

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