Monday, 14 December 2009

Jake Locker will not declare

It's been announced today that Jake Locker (QB, Washington) won't be declaring for the 2010 draft and will return to the Huskies next year. This could set a precedent - it's been widely expected that a large proportion of underclassmen would declare fearing a new CBA and possible rookie cap. Locker clearly hasn't been put off by that or injuries to Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham. You have to wonder if we'll see similar decisions from prospects like Ryan Mallett and Andre Davis, but I'd expect the likes of Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry and Derrick Morgan to enter the draft.

Locker will head into the new college season a hot tip to be the first overall pick in the 2011 draft. He's made a big decision today to try and refine his skills in a pro-style offense, whilst also helping the Huskies in their recovery under Steve Sarkisian. It's always admirable to see a young prospect return to try and better themselves ahead of the big pay day - but it's not necessarily always the wisest choice financially. It's a year to get more polished, but it's also a year for scouts to pick apart every little issue they can find.


Patrick said...

I say good for him. I truly hope it isn't a mistake. I'm sure Sam Bradford may have some reservations about his decision. However, I know first hand that Kevin Smith has had his moments of regret after leaving UCF early. So, it could easily go either way. With that say, I definitely have a lot of respect for Jake Locker and wish him the best.

So, this is definitely going to shake things up. I could easily see Jimmy Clausen's stock rise and Sam Bradford's definitely will as well. I wouldn't be surprised if even Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy rise a bit.

As far as for the Seahawks, this is a fairly big move. Our odds of getting someone like Bradford just got a lot worse (I doubt he makes it past Buffalo if the Rams don't grab him right away). I still would kill for Tebow, but I'm definitely in the minority (Ha Ha, Is there anyone else out there?).

On an article I read the other day about why we should not select a QB this year they brought up a very good point. If we don't really need a QB next season, wouldn't it make sense to wait a year so it's a lot cheaper? Now that Locker isn't a factor, the top QBs may be taken before our pick, and with all our others needs clearly present...Maybe this isn't the year to draft a QB after all...

nightwulf said...

Locker has always been a class act. Unless he gets hurt (knock on wood) this will be a great move for his career. He may not get the big rookie contract, but he'll be a much better player, and that will get him even bigger contracts later in his career.
Hopefully this kills any buzz about the Hawks taking a QB in the 1st round. (Patrick, you may kill for Tebow, but I would vote to kill the GM who DRAFTS Tebow for the Hawks. Hopefully, SL or SF are stupid enough to take him)

Rob Staton said...

It certainly helps Sam Bradford because I'm not sure where else you look for that early quarterback. I'm not entirely convinced Bradford warrants such consideration, especially given the injuries. But any team looking to get a QB early is essentially faced with the prospect of Bradford or Clausen now - and I don't believe Clausen warrants a top end pick. This might help secure his position in round one however, depending on how desperate teams are. I just don't see Clausen make a range of throws and his mechanics are a major concern.

From a Seahawks perspective the options aren't great if they are/were planning to invest in a first round rookie QB. It's still early days, but it seems almost certain the Seahawks will be picking in a range from 7-11 - the area I think they'll probably find the least value (basically - the talent at 12-20 won't be much different, but ultimately cheaper). In fact, maybe that isn't entirely truthful. I think the teams picking 4-6 will end up paying a lot more for talent that isn't really worthy, but they'll get the guys they really want where as Seattle may be on their (realistic) 2nd or 3rd option.

It's still early days, but I think we're starting to see the early signs of how this draft could work out. I still think C.J. Spiller is a legitimate option especially if he performs as expected at the combine. Joe Haden is one to monitor - a prospect I'm particularly high on. Without the great options at offensive tackle, it might even be time to start considering the likelihood of a Dez Bryant - someone who would never have been taken under Ruskell but now - you never know.

Anonymous said...

I think Haden and Morgan will be gone. We will be stuck with (S) Thomas or (RB) Spiller. I would prefer (RB) Dwyer later in the first though. So I would say Thomas and Dwyer

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Haden or Morgan is available at our first pick. I love Spiller but I don't think I could justify taking him above two premium guys, even as much as we need a playmaker.

Then I'm really hoping for OG Mike Iupati with our second first rounder. The guy is a beast and would at least contribute to the running game. Then in all honesty, I'd be hoping that a OT slips to the high second round and snatch him up.

I'm a huge advocate of "we need a playmaker," but we are so piss poor at so many positions that I feel like we would just get a guy like Spiller or Best hurt trying to run behind our O-line.

The game against the Texans just highlighted how bad we are. Perhaps we should just settle for BPA at our first 3 picks and just start collecting talent. At this point, a healthy somewhat talented body is much better than what we currently have.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. No spiller. I would prefer to trade down (and acquire a second first rd pick next year for Locker) and get an OT/OG/RB with first three picks. Bulaga/Dwyer/Iupa would be great. Some nasty OL with a thumper for a RB. Trade Tatupu (Hawthorne can play) for a second and get a safety in the second rd (Allen).

E in F

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob,

I saw your comment in response to another message about keeping an eye on Joe Haden. I don't know if you see the same thing, I really like how physical he is and his closing speed. However, when I watch him, he seems to get away with quite a good amount of pass interferences. Especially how he wraps his hand around the reciever, I see this happen at a eye brow raising rate. Just wondering if you seen that as well.


Rob Staton said...

I think it's an interesting point Craig. I have to admit, there have been a couple of games where I've wondered if Haden would've been called a couple of times for P.I. in the NFL. It's hard to put it down as a critical aspect though, because essentially he's a physical corner with good speed - which is what you want at the position. I'm going to revisit the Florida tape I have saved soon so I'll keep an eye out for it and see if it's a big enough issue to warrant concern, but thanks for raising it.

Anonymous said...

Locker is a class act. No big press conference, no drama, just straight to the point. He's not playing for a BCS title, but want's to finish what he started.

I believe a player should leave college when he has nothing left to prove. Locker has shown unmatched physical talents and flashes of brilliance in regards to NFL QB play but not the consistency it takes to succeed. His team is on the rise and anybody who has paid any attention to the UW this year, knows that it's only getting better. Jake has plenty to prove and play for in college football next year. It's refreshing that a kid is choosing long term success over the quick buck. Call it naive, foolish, etc, but Locker has just greatly improved his chances at long term success in the NFL which should speak volumes about the kid as a player and a person.

I highly recommend you guys listen to the Scott Locker interview on KJR. I have to think that Jake gained more respect and confidence in scouts and GMs by his actions regarding entering the draft because it's clear this kid has pride in his university (when most would bail for the $) and is more concerned about improving his QB play and team, not his bank account.

For those of you who cry "Sam Bradford," I say the Manning Brothers, Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, and all the other successful QBs who stayed their senior year. As a long time baseball player, I say, the numbers don't lie. Keep up the great work Rob.

jason heyward said...

Locker was clearly going to be a top 10 pick in the draft and is risking millions of guaranteed dollars to return to Washington. Washington clearly doesnt have a chance to win a National Championship, so its definitely a gutsy move for him to pass on the draft.

Anonymous said...

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