Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Seahawks would be picking seventh

If the 2009 season ended today, the Seahawks would own the seventh overall pick. Four teams share a 5-9 record, but Seattle's strength of schedule is significantly weaker than the others around them. In fact, only five teams have an easier schedule, with Green Bay (who would be picking 23rd overall) the nearest on the board. That kind of sums up the Seahawks season I guess.

Meanwhile as expected, Anthony Davis announced he'll enter the 2010 draft today. The news broke shortly after Rutgers defeated UCF at the weekend, but the decision is now official. He could be the first offensive tackle taken in the draft, in what is generally considered a down year for the position.

Elsewhere, Ndamukong Suh was voted the AP player of the year today - the first defensive player to receive the acknowledgment. He'd already won four awards - Nagurski, Bednarik, Lombardi and Outland - and remains a firm favorite to go first overall in 2010. The fact he also finished fourth in the Heisman voting goes to show how good this year has been for the Nebraska defensive lineman.

Mel Kiper published has final big board of 2009. Suh and fellow defensive tackle Gerald McCoy fill out the top two, although I'm sceptical about the next two prospects on the list - Eric Berry and Jimmy Clausen. I'm yet to be convinced Berry justifies the hype he's received, his tackling is a major concern. Clausen just doesn't look like a first round pick.


Savage said...

I hope Kiper is right. While I don't think they'll go that high, it would be great if Clausen and Berry did cause it would cause a better prospect to fall to the Hawks.

Even with it being early, barring the Hawks pulling off an upset it looks like they're gonna be picking 7th or maybe 6th. I would like to get the 6th (not likely) cause that would mean we'd get a great chance to pick either Morgan, Haden, or Bradford.

As of right now, I'd go for Morgan, with Haden as a back up. They way I think the draft could end up falling, we'd have that choice.

Anonymous said...

I say we trade our pick to the arizone cardinals along with tj hoosh to a team in our division.. the cardinals, for two people who want out of ARI dockett and boldin..then grab an rb somewhere like say ahmad bradshaw.Instead of rebuilding this year lets put together a team that could make a run to the super bowl NOW

Rob Staton said...

It's a nice thought annonymous, but I doubt the Cardinals would be willing to gift Dockett and Boldin to a wounded division rival.

Savage said...

Bradshaw has a year left on his contract for dirt cheap. Then I think he's a RFA. I doubt the Giants would give him up considering Jacobs is going downhill.

I expect to see the Cards to look at dealing Boldin more than Dockett. Dockett is such an important piece to their D that I bet they'd rather make him hold out, than deal him for low value. Boldin I do expect to be dealt over the offseason, but not to the Hawks and Definately not for Housh or our pick.

Rob Staton said...

The Ravens will likely show some interest in Boldin. That could be a good fit. I doubt the Cardinals would be willing to deal with another NFC team, let alone a division rival.

kearly said...

Just a thought:

Its a long ways away, and so my forecast could certainly be off. But its starting to look like Seattle might have a shot at taking the first QB on the board.

As the draft board currently stands (assuming Seattle finishes 5-11), only 3 teams ahead of Seattle would likely consider taking a QB: STL, CLE, and WASH. Of those, the Rams currently would pick 1st overall and would not likely pass on Suh for a risky QB like Bradford. Cleveland just hired Holmgren, who has never once drafted or been part of a team that drafted a QB in the first round and has openly said he prefers to find QB's later. That plus he already has two young QB's on the roster. And who knows, he might even trade for Hasselbeck. It wouldn't surprise me.

That leaves the Redskins. 1 win in the final 2 games would put the Seahawks ahead, although the Skins last two games are pretty tough. At home vs. Dallas and on the road to San Diego. Dallas will be really tough to win as the Cowboys are playing for their playoff lives, but San Diego already has their division wrapped up and by week 17 may have a bye secured as well. I'd expect them to rest starters. It's a winnable game.

The Seahawks are still early in their GM hunt, but the biggest name on their radar is Eric DeCosta. DeCosta has shown a tendency to recommend drafting 1st round QBs.

Its still a ways off, and a lot of things have to fall in place, but I like what little I'm starting to see come together.

MontanaHawk said...

Look for Brian Price, DT, UCLA to jump up the draft boards and be a top 10 selection come April. His value in a 3-4 is just as high as it is in a 4-3. Though I question his endowment, I feel he can be a great player at the next level.

Rob Staton said...

Price is getting a lot of attention. That's a real possibility based on what I've read and been told.

kearly said...

I like Price, but not in the first round. Looks like this year's Evander Hood. I continue to be amazed that Mebane somehow lasted til the back half of the 3rd round in 2007 when guys with less ability rise into the 1st round like this.

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