Saturday, 5 December 2009

Tebow, Florida soundly beaten

Florida were systematically destroyed by Alabama in the SEC title game today. The tears at the end from Tim Tebow said it all - this wasn't how he planned the dream to end. It's hard not to admire Tebow the man, he was truly emotional afterwards and whilst visibly crying, still found time to congratulate Alabama and Nick Saban. A class act in every sense.

However, his performance on the field was another great example as to why scouts have so many concerns about his pro-prospects. He made awful reads throughout the game, often being too tentative and dumping a pass off to the tight end when there were better options downfield. His accuracy wasn't great and we once again saw the issues with his long delivery where he holds the ball below waist height before releasing.

But we knew all that already. The great unkown with Tebow is whether the intangibles that have done him so well in college translate to the NFL. This was a test - his team were missing key players on both sides of the ball (well done, Carlos Dunlap) and he needed to drag them to finish line. He couldn't do it - and in the second half he looked sullen on the sidelines as he witnessed a thorough beating from the Crimson Tide. It was more Clark Kent than Superman, spectacles and ready for a day in the office.

I still think he'll go in the first round, although I think it's fair to say now that anyone who does take him that early is buying into the hype and the hope. This draft class isn't all that great with a few exceptions (notably on the defensive line) and someone, somewhere is going to take him earlier than he perhaps should go. Tonight proved, however, that winning games at the next level is going to be a tough ask for Tebow - especially if he lands on a team that doesn't have a good offensive line and some talented weapons.


Patrick said...

Today definitely knocked Tim Tebow back down to earth a bit. I've been a supported of him for some time, but to tell you the truth I was thrilled Alabama won (Going to Cenral Florida I'm NOT a Florida fan). With that said, I'd still love to see the Seahawks take a chance on him... but not with our first pick. If he is still there at Denver's pick, I think it might be worth it. At this point though, I think I'd be a bit more excited if we can grab Bradford or Locker (if he declares) with our first pick.

Now, I just got finished watching the very end of the Texas game, and wow, the final play by Colt McCoy was just pitiful. Texas got lucky, that's all there is to it. And honestly, I don't want anything to do with Mr. McCoy.

Now, I missed the majority of the game, but I heard the announcers say that the way Suh played, it was one of the single greatest defensive performances they've ever seen. I'd say it's looking more and more like Suh may righfully be either the Browns or Bucs #1 pick.

I wasn't able to see the Clemson v. Georgia Tech game but I'm very anxious to hear how Spiller/ Dwyer did.

Anonymous said...

Suh is the best player in the country. It amazes me how he single handedly elevates the play of his team. Don't think I've ever seen a better performance by a D-lineman in my many years of watching football. Whatever NFL team drafts him gets a simple "plug and play" for the next 12 years.

Tebow and the Spread were flat out exposed today. This is the type of defense he will see every week in the NFL and he will need quite a few years and drastic changes in order to become an average starter in the NFL. I admire him as a person but his QB play will not work in the NFL, even if a team adjusts to his skill set.

Today, I was very impressed with Spiller, Arenas, WR Thomas (GT) and Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin. Spiller was simply electric. Arenas plays much bigger than 5'9". Baldwin and Thomas are just massive WRs with unbelievable athleticism.

Perhaps the most impressive performance I saw today (outside of Suh) was the play of Jake Locker. As a UW fan, I hope to god he comes back. The last 2 games of the year showed that Sark and Co. are understanding how to utilize Jake's talent without negatively impacting his development as a NFL pocket passer. I think if Locker stays in school and Sark continues this method of using Jake, I have a hard time believing that he will not be the year long favorite to be the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL draft. He's finally figuring out how to put touch on passes, when to take off and run, etc. My gut feeling is that Jake will be back at the UW to take care of unfinished business.

Overall, a great weekend of football that has me stoked about the draft. It's just too bad that we won't be in a position to take a guy like Suh. It's very rare to find a player with a combination of rare size/speed/power and has a relentless motor to go with it. Suh is the exact reason why I wouldn't take a player like Carlos Dunlap in the draft. It's the motor that drives the car, not the shiny wheels and fancy paint job.

Anonymous said...

Whats your opinion on some of the other Husky's nfl prospects? (Mason Foster, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim)

Rob Staton said...

Annonymous - I have no access to Washington games so unfortunately cannot offer an opinion. Apologies, but I'll try to find out some information for you.

I'm currently watching the tape of Clemson vs Georgia Tech. CJ Spiller is the real deal. No doubt about it for me. Too fast - even with turf toe.

Derrick Morgan also standing out again. I'm happy to have him placed as high on my rankings as he is.

Patrick said...

Have to agree about Spiller, wow, 4 TDs?! He definitely did look pretty explosive. If he is there with our first pick I definitely would not be upset if we snatched him up. I've always been more for Jahvid Best, but man the numbers don't lie and I would gladly take either back.

Rob Staton said...

He looked explosive running on one foot. The guy is special - Seattle must consider drafting a playmaker like that. The offense has nobody even close to his miss match potential.

nightwulf said...

If the new Seahawks GM picks Tebow ANYWHERE in the draft, he should be fired on the spot. I'm not impressed with McCoy either...Locker NEEDS to go back to the UW for another year, but on the other hand, if he does, the Hawks will have NO chance at getting him. This year, it might happen.