Tuesday, 1 December 2009

More reaction to Carlos Dunlap's DUI

The big news today is the DUI arrest of Florida's Carlos Dunlap - just days before the SEC Championship game. The initial reaction would be that this should hit the talented defensive end's draft stock incredibly. Getting wasted before the big game is bad enough, but deciding to get into a vehicle is pure stupidity. So what are people saying about this?

Steve Muench from Scouts Inc doesn't actually think it'll damage his draft standing too much: "Dunlap will have to answer questions from NFL general managers regarding this event. They will want to know if this was merely a blip on the radar or something that is a trend. If he can convince this was a one-time mistake and stays out of trouble for the rest of his time in Gainesville, we don't think it will hurt his this future first-rounder's draft stock significantly."

Jeremy Fowler reports that Carlos Dunlap's father (also named Carlos Dunlap) says his son will not feature against Alabama: "Dunlap Sr. spoke today with Florida Coach Urban Meyer, who said he needed to speak with his administrators but that he didn't know if he could play the junior. Dunlap Sr. said as of 2:15 p.m. that his son was still in jail despite being granted a release from an Alachua County judge about five hours ago. Paperwork is stalling the process."

Dennis Dodds wasn't impressed: "Asleep at the wheel? With the engine running? While the car was in gear? 3:25 in the morning? Dude, that’s not drunk. That’s falling down, can’t-count-backwards-from-100 drunk. Allegedly, of course. Certainly not exactly what you expect, though, from the BCS title game defensive MVP and one of the team leaders. Not what you want from the guy tied for the team lead in sacks (seven). A guy who could be a first-round draft choice.
Carlos, aren’t you supposed to celebrate after beating Alabama? Another stomp of the Seminoles hardly seems worth the Captain Morgan."

Kevin Wiedl offered these thoughts on Dunlap after watching Florida dismantle Florida State at the weekend: "Dunlap shows great range against the run, showing the ability to make plays down the line in pursuit and in space to the outside. He is not as strong or stout at the point of attack as Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan, but Dunlap is more athletic and covers more ground. There is no question that Dunlap is locking down a high-first round grade."


Anonymous said...

Maby Carlos will drop far enough in the draft that he will be able to party with teammate Leroy Hill in the off-season!

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