Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Andre Smith's pro-day assesment

Alabama offensive lineman Andre Smith had his pro day today in what was a serious case of damage limitations. At the combine, Smith had a disastrous weekend. He interviewed badly, admitted he was out of shape and then just left without informing anyone. Working out for team's today was his chance to show he still warrants serious consideration as a top 10 pick, so how did he do?

Mike Mayock at the NFL Network wasn't impressed.

"He made a poor first impression. By that I mean the first thing you do at a pro day is your height and weight and when they asked him to get up on the scales he took his shirt off. No one asked him to take the shirt off and if I was him or his agent, no way would I let him take the shirt off in the entire work out. No upper body definition, obviously fat hanging over the belt. You want to see a guy who's worked out a lot harder than that." - Mike Mayock

It's hard to disagree with Mayock. Interestingly, Smith also ran his 40 yard dash shirtless. It wasn't a flattering sight and although nobody expects a 325 lbs offensive linemen to carry a perfect physique, it certainly wasn't the kind of body you'd expect from someone hoping to secure a multi-million dollar contract. He had 19 reps on the bench press at 225, also a sign that he hasn't exactly been hard at work over the last few weeks.

It just seems surreal that here is a guy who a few weeks ago appeared to have the world at his feet. Sure, there were questions about his ability against elite speed. But he was top of Todd McShay's big board for a considerable period of time leading up to the combine. I had him going second overall in my earlier mock drafts. Did he get complacent? For a guy who missed his team's Sugar Bowl visit for talking to an agent too early, he hasn't exactly been well advised.

However, when you watch Smith in action there is no doubt that he's a talented prospect. He will never be a top blind side blocker but could have some value as a right tackle. With a premium on offensive linemen in the NFL there's still a chance he could go in the top 10 to a team like Jacksonville or even San Francisco. However, if this sub standard effort is deemed too much of a concern for teams he could drop link a stone. If NFL scouts now view Smith as immature and with the physique of a guard, he may be in for a shock on draft day.


Kyle Rota said...

From what I heard, Rob, unless he somehow kills at his other pro-day, he'll be lucky to get into the 2nd round. It's amazing a top-10 pick can drop so far.

That's from a source I consider very reliable. It wasn't just the build, he looked awful in the drills, on the bench he struggled with every rep except the first one. I have been as against Smith as anyone, but even I would pay a lot of attention in the 2nd round.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Kyle, thanks for the information. That would be some dramatic fall. Definitely a situation worth monitoring.