Monday, 23 March 2009

Rob Rang updated mock draft

Rob Rang updated his mock draft today with a handful of changes. He still predicts the Seahawks will take Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest). Reports over the weekend had the Detroit Lions 'deciding' on Jason Smith with the number one pick. These are clearly premature and may even be a bargaining tool in any future negotiations with Matt Stafford. The Lions will privately work out Stafford on March 31st and any decision is unlikely before then. Rang still believes the Georgia QB is destined to go first overall.

"Stafford's strong showing at Georgia's pro day only added to the likelihood that he'll be the Lions' choice. OTs Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe remain possibilities - insiders suggest a tackle may even be the favorite at this point - but ultimately, the Lions will revert back to the premise most NFL teams are built around - that to win consistently, a franchise quarterback has to be found."
- Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout & CBS Sportsline


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob - with the 1,20,33 pick I just don't see how Detroit doesn't take Stafford at 1 and fills other needs at 20, 33. They have a much better chance at scoring a LT at pick 20 or 33 then they do a QB because its looking increasingly likely that Freeman goes 17 to Jets or 19 to Bucs.

As for Seattle, I remain unconvinced that an OLB who hasn't (and perhaps can't) rush the passer is worthy of a top 5 selection.

Rob Staton said...

I tend to agree with you jjhsix. The simple fact is, no other position comes anywhere near the importance of a quarter back. I'm not sure taking Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe is the platform to relaunch that franchise, but Stafford could be. He doesn't have to start straight away because Detroit are unlikely to have a 'Miami 2008' comeback, so he can be filtered in slowly.

Then with the 20 and 33, they can address other needs. That could be an offensive lineman, or as I predict in my latest mock draft it could be defensive prospects like Peria Jerry and James Laurinaitis.

The reports that Detroit have settled on Jason Smith are hugely premature. It could happen, but I would still be surprised at this stage if Stafford isn't holding a Lions jersey on April 25th.

Anonymous said...

I don't think seattle will pick curry, they may trade that pick, as curry is very desired! I don't think it makes any sense to spend that kind of money on 2 outside linebackers when seattle plays a lot of nickel and dime. unless they don't think they can lock up Hill?

fountaindale said...

Does anyone have access the table of draft pick values? Is the table available to the common fan? Let's say that Seattle trades the 4th pick to Jacksonville for the 8th pick (Jacksonville would love Crabtree but would probably have to jump over Oakland to get him). What draft pick does the table say Seattle should receive in compensation?

Louis said...

Fountaindale -

Here is the link:

If we traded our 4th pick for their 8th pick, we should get the 50th overall pick also, aka the 18th pick of the 2nd round.

Louis said...

So basically, our #4 pick for their #8 pick and their second rounder would be pretty nice, that is, IF we did not want Crabtree (which therefore means that i hope this trade does NOT happen).

Hmm...its a crab! its a tree! no...its michael crabtree!

ok that was lame but i had to do that =D

fountaindale said...

Louis, thanks for the link.