Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Casserly: "Smith & Monroe not top 10 tackles"

I wanted to post this video clip from the NFL Network, where Charles Davis and Charley Casserly discuss Jason Smith (OT, Baylor). Contrary to popular opinion, Casserly had some complaints about Smith's work out and his overall potential.

"Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe (are) really not true top 10 offensive tackles" - Charlie Casserly

It's not an opinion I've read or heard anywhere else since the combine. Casserly has his critics, but he is credited with drafting five eventual pro-bowlers in Houston and was known to have played a crucial part in the decision to draft Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush. It would be a huge surprise if Smith and Monroe weren't taken in the top ten, but here's something to consider. If you could have either, or instead choose Ryan Clady - who would you go for? Clady was drafted 12th overall by Denver in 2008.

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germpod said...

Very interesting. Thanks for filling me in on the Casserly's resume, which made me think about it and not just writ him off. I totally would have though he was just a TV personality who was trying to help his ratings by having a controvesial or out of the norm oppinion.