Monday, 2 March 2009

Path to the draft - inside the combine

In the latest edition of path to the draft, the NFL Network camera's go behind the scenes to follow Matt Stafford, Michael Crabtree and Brian Cushing at the combine. There are a few highlights - the most humorous being Stafford's meeting with Louis Murphy (WR, Florida). But the most interesting part is the reaction to Crabtree's 'metatarsal-gate' and the receiver speaks openly about his eventful weekend in Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

The more I watch and read about Crabtree, the more I think he is going to be a big player in this league. I have always been high on him, but by watching his reaction and the way he handled all the bad injury news, I see a kid who hates getting in front of the podium because he is a "doer". I especially like the fact that he is not a prima donna at a position riddled with self loving, "me first" personalities. I see a kid who is more comfortable talking with his actions on the field. I want him on our team and I think passing on him at #4 would be a monumental mistake.

People talk about WR being a huge risk, but my gut feeling is that Crabtree is the right choice and I wouldn't second guess that move at all. Hopefully, Ruskell does the same because I see Crabtree becoming special, where I see guys like Monroe and Raji (please no) becoming just good.

The #4 pick should be used on a player that you think can change games and be one of the dominant guys at their respective position. I am hoping for once the Hawks grow a set and "risk" a little. You can't steal second with your foot stuck on first.

Rob Staton said...

It's an interesting clip annonymous, because the highlights we saw from the combine didn't paint Crabtree in the greatest light. I think when you piece things together, it was so much pressure on the kid. He's never had so many people questioning him before - and put that alongside meeting teams for interviews and all the pressure that carries. As you say he's always been someone who did his talking on the field, suddenly he was having to justify his own quality.

Anonymous said...

Just an example, but leading up to the BCS Title game, they kept interviewing the UF WRs and they kept talking about how they all run high 4.2s and low 4.3s and none of them end up breaking 4.4 at the combine (not even top 5 among WR).

All I have ever heard from Crabtree in interviews (specifically Biletnikoff speech) is how he just wants to win and that he just did what his coaches told him to do. I have always appreciated guys who just play the game. I am turned off by guys who talk the talk because they are usually masking the fact that they can't walk the walk.

If anything, Crabtree came off as unprepared to handle the spotlight. There was no vibe of being malicious or misleading. I see a kid who was actually wanting to prove people wrong in the 40. After all, he was given a free pass out of the very thing that people question most about his game, yet he seemingly looked like he wanted to take that challenge head on rather than cashing in on a built in excuse. I respect that. That's the type of player who succeeds at any level. That's the type of player I want representing Seattle, not only as a player, but as a person.