Sunday, 1 March 2009

Crabtree to have surgery on Wednesday

The Michael Crabtree injury saga appears to be coming to a conclusion. Reports are saying he'll have surgery on Wednesday to repair his fractured metatarsal. This means he won't be running at his pro day in March and faces up to 10 weeks recovery time. It's the best decision for Crabtree, it was more important to be healthy for camp with whichever team drafts him. A team only has to watch tape from his 41 touchdown, two year career with the Red Raiders to see what he has to offer.

"After thorough consideration and discussion with my advisors and doctors, I decided to have the surgery, rather than risk any further injury," Crabtree said in a statement Sunday. "As a competitor, I wanted to run at my pro day, but it became clear that the best thing for me is to have the surgery and be ready to get on the field as soon as possible." - Michael Crabtree


Louis the Legend said...

Really good
Really REALLY good

Rob Staton said...

You can have ten points if you manage to come up with a 'Michael' too...

Louis the Legend said...

Injuries :S
Coming to Seattle =D
Hand Catches
Even more amazing
Leaping abilities

On a side note, it looks like Housh is gonna sign with the Vikings (according to, which increases the chances we pick Crabtree in the draft

Anonymous said...

If seahawks sign TJ, who do you see us drafting instead. one of the two OT's? (Jason smith or eugene monroe)
or do you see them going in a different direction.

Louis the Legend said...

Anonymous -

Personally, I think that they would still pick Michael Crabtree with the 4th pick...Ruskell values production over potential (Crabtree = highest prodution humanly possible in his 2 years at Texas Tech, lol), and Michael Crabtree fits that. He also has no character issues. However, if Crabtree is picked by STL or KC, then i either see the Seahawks:
1) Getting Jason Smith if still there or Monroe if Smith is gone
2) Trade down to around the 13-16 pick in order to get Moreno + an extra player.

I personally would like to still get Michael Crabtree, but if he isnt available then i would like to trade down and grap Moreno, another offensive playmaker. People keep on saying our OL needs help but if u look at the end of the season, you can see the depth we have at that position, and with all the money invested there i dont see us getting another O Linement (except maybe another Center, such as Eric Woods or Alex Mack) in the 2nd or 3rd round.

But chances are Housh heading to Vikings =(

Anonymous said...

The SeaHawks still need to pick up Michael Crabtree if he's still available. It's great to have T.J., but you might not see another 2 time blelinkoff award winner esp as a Freeman/Softmore. This guy is very special and valuable enough to be used in a trade if you don't have a brain to use him.

Anonymous said...

Draft Michael Crabtree anyway. He'll be a great addition to T.J. Whoseyourmomma. You can pick up OL, and DL, DE in other rounds. Forget drafting a QB that would be a waste. Wait 'til Tim Tebow is avail next year. BTW- what's with drafting a long snapper last year anyway?