Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday mock drafts

Steve Wyche has published an updated mock draft on He's recently been reporting that Seattle are targetting an offensive playmaker in the first round, so has the Seahawks taking Michael Crabtree fourth overall. He again touts the possibility of a potential trade down as we discussed earlier this week.

Pat Kirwan has also published a new mock for He has a different slant on things, predicting the Detroit Lions will take an offensive lineman with the first pick. This means Matt Stafford falls to the fourth pick, with Seattle banking him as a future replacement for Matt Hasselbeck. Surprisingly, Aaron Curry falls all the way to Green Bay at ninth overall.

Matt McGuire thinks the Seahawks will draft Crabtree. He also thinks Tim Ruskell will take a running back in the second round (LeSean McCoy, Pitt). "Despite the recent signing of T.J. Houshmandzadeh, the Seahawks will still identify wide receiver as a need." - McGuire

Draft Tek and their sophisticated software has come up with a new prediction. Aaron Curry is slated to go first overall - perhaps unlikely since the Lions traded for Julian Peterson. Jason Smith falls to the Seahawks fourth overall, with running back McCoy again the pick in round two.

Q.I. Sports has an unusual train of thought. Matt Stafford, Michael Crabtree and Eugene Monroe all absent in the top five picks? Could it happen? The Seahawks take USC quarter back Mark Sanchez with their first round pick. Stafford falls to the 49ers with the 10th pick.


peaboy said...

I wonder if Seneca flips out and demands a trade if they pick Stafford.

I know most people don't think Seneca is a starting QB, but HE thinks he is and Holmgren kept telling him he could be.

Seems only natural. I think think he's an UFA after this year anyway.

Anonymous said...

If stafford is there i predict jacksonville to trade up, maybe offer a 8and 3 pick? unless they like sanches? seattle can still get crabtree or best player. what do you think seattle would take for that pick. what impact does senca moving into the offence, (wildcat) have in the draft or FA.

Rob Staton said...

It's hard to tell what Seattle would want to trade down four spaces with Jacksonville. I guess it depends on their valuation of Stafford or who else is there at pick four. If they really want Stafford, then they won't trade. If they wanted somebody else and were confident they'd still be there at pick 8, then a trade becomes more likely.

jjhsix said...

Rob can I please get your opinion on this - If Seattle is serious about Stafford, doesn't it make more sense to attempt to include the #4 pick in a trade for Cutler? Cutler is just 25 and, I don't know how you feel, but I think Cutler was better coming out of Vandy and is a better pro than Stafford will be.

Rob Staton said...

Hi jjhsix. I think the issue would be that Jay Cutler is an NFL starter. A team who trades anything for Cutler are going to need to start him immediately. If the team want to replace Matt Hasselbeck for 2009, which they say they don't, then Cutler would be an option.

However, I would be surprised if the Seahawks are involved in any of these speculated trade talks (apparently 10 teams have contacted Denver). I see real similarities between Cutler and Stafford, both have big arms but are suited to playing in a hybrid WCO. They both have sneaky athleticism. Personally I rate Stafford quite highly. I think he'd really benefit from a year or two to develop which is the situation he'd likely find himself in with Seattle. They would then be able to mould Stafford into the QB for their new playbook.