Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rob Rang's updated mock draft

For a few weeks now, NFL Draft Scout's Rob Rang has been predicting Seattle would select Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech) with the fourth overall pick. In the aftermath of T.J. Houshmandzadeh signing with the Seahawks, he's changed his prediction. He's now going with Eugene Monroe (OT, Virginia).

I suggested yesterday that the signing of Houshmandzadeh will likely have a dramatic effect on how pundits and bloggers predict the Seahawks' first round pick. By the end of the week, the cluster of mock's that previously universally suggested Crabtree to Seattle was a shoe in, will likely have changed their minds.


Anonymous said...

Monroe concerns me and I don't think we get a dominant LT with him. Add into that he doesn't fit ZBS and I would say this is not the best decision at #4. Not saying Monroe is not going to be good, but his ?s are not things I want to hear about out of a #4 pick.

Anonymous112 said...

If that was the case then wouldn't it be more advantageous to move down couple of spots to get more picks?

Of course it takes two to tango but there has to be a taker who would be interested in that 4th spot.

Chris (Seattle) said...

I'm relieved that all the "draft experts" are going to have Crabtree going elsewhere now. Mainly because the vast majority of mock drafts get almost every pick incorrect each year. Obviously, this is not a knock on draft predictors, but more a testament to how unpredictable the draft really is. All the teams conceal their plans from the media, and there are always one or two surprise picks early in the first round that creates a domino effect, altering every subsequent pick. I'm not the least bit concerned that people will stop predicting Crabtree will come to Seattle, because it doesn't effect the odds either way. I'm still hoping he finds his way to Qwest Field on Sundays.

george said...

say, Rob, what are these question marks Monroe is supposed to have. I know he was named the #1 OT prospect out of HS by Scout.com and hasn't disappointed a bit in college. He is nimble with great length. I suppose he could be stronger but I just don't see the warts. Sure looked good the couple times I saw him play. And, I used to spend a lot of time doing the mock drafts and though not any more I was always surprised how accurate the 'mockers' were especially at the top of the draft[as long as Al Davis didn't have a top pick!] In fact, this year seems to lack that consensus as I see players rising and falling weekly.

Rob Staton said...

Hi George, the main concern I have personally with Monroe is his desire on the field. His effort is too inconsistent. Kyle Rota published his scout report on Monroe last week:


Amongst his report, he mentioned this inconsistency. Kyle also suggested he lacked that desire to move to the second level, concentrating only on his man and failing to move up. He also reported that he might not be a great fit in a zone blocking scheme (which Seattle intends to use from now on). From what I've seen of the top offensive tackles (and I want to stress that I am by no means an expert) I think Jason Smith is the best fit for Seattle. He has the greatest athleticism to excel in a ZBS. If he's off the board when Seattle pick I do wonder if they'd be prepared to take Monroe, I don't think he's the greatest fit. He also doesn't grade to play guard, so you're banking that pick for the future almost like you would be a QB to replace Hasselbeck.