Friday, 27 March 2009

Josh Freeman to meet with Seahawks

Adam Caplan of is reporting that Josh Freeman (QB, Kansas State) has a visit scheduled with the Seattle Seahawks. Tim Ruskell admitted recently that the team is 'in the zone' with regard to drafting a younger quarter back, so it's not surprising they plan to meet with the 6'5", 248 lbs Freeman.


Mike said...

This would be a good 2nd round and a great 3rd round option. I would be much happier if we went at this level for a QB and not at the 4 slot. Maybe a great option if we can do some trading down of the 4th slot.

Big Joe said...

Freeman will not be there in the third round, but maybe in the second if Stafford and Sanchez drop down in the first. It could happen, and I like the idea of getting a QB that could sit a couple of years behind Matt and develop. If the scouts find a gem in the rough that we can get in the 5-6 range even better. But we need to spend a pick this year on a QB!