Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rob Rang updated mock... it's Crabtree

Rob Rang (NFL Draft Scout) has updated his mock draft with a significant change in who the Seahawks take fourth overall. Having previously suggested the Seahawks might consider Eugene Monroe (OT, Virginia) with the pick, his latest prediction has Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree going to Seattle.

"In addressing the receiving corps, defensive line and offensive tackle positions via free agency, general manager Tim Ruskell has put the Seahawks in position to take the best available player rather than be forced to fill a need. The Seahawks can afford to give Crabtree the year or two it typically takes young receivers to acclimate to the NFL due to the immediate impact T.J. Houshmandzadeh is expected to provide." - Rob Rang


Kurt said...

Hey Rob. The latest gossip seems to be that the Hawks are interested in Michael Hamlin, S out of Clemson. Do you have anything on him? He seems to fit the Ruskell profile, being a productive 3-year starter and making the academic honor roll. I like the fact that he has some size and actually seems to be able to tackle.


Rob Staton said...

Hi Kurt, I'm not too familiar with Michael Hamlin myself but I'll ask those in the know and try to get some information for you by the end of the day.

In the mean time, John Morgan at Field Gulls posted this about Hamlin recently:


Kurt said...

Right. That's where I initially saw it. A bit more Googling and there were quite a few references to him and the Hawks.

He looks like he'd be a great pick if he was there with our 3rd rounder.

Louis said...

OMG....i swear, I've never been to a Seahawk's game even though I watch every single game and keep up with all the news, because of money reasons, but I've been all over Crabtree ever since he finished that great freshman year, and if he came to the SEahawks, i would definatlely buy a Crabtree jersey and probably go to a couple games...btw, have u heard anything new about KC and if they are favoring Crabtree or Curry? Thanks and keep up the great work.

Rob Staton said...

Kurt, I've been on the road for the last 10 hours reporting on English soccer so haven't been able to do much checking for Michael Hamlin. I'll do my best to find out some more information as soon as possible and get back to you.

Louis, I still think there's a big chance Kansas City take Michael Crabtree. It just makes sense to me, if they want to give Cassel the best platform to succeed, give him plenty of solid targets. However, everything I read or hear suggests they will take Aaron Curry. Rob Rang said in this latest mock that 'league insiders' are hinting this will be the choice. Baring all that in mind, I think Curry could be taken. I'm not sure it's the best move for Kansas. No doubt Curry is a safe pick and will add leadership and a solid piece to their defensive puzzle. Is he a difference maker though? Will he change KC's defense single handedly? No.

They're switching to a 3-4, although heaven knows why considering the bulk of their roster is suited to 4-3. They need an outside pass rush more than anything on defense. In a 4-3, Curry plays OLB and can give you some of that. In a 3-4, he plays ILB and doesn't. It just all seems too 'safe' for me - low risk but not great reward. It appears they'll go that route, and it would be to Seattle's great benefit if Crabtree is their at number four.

I'll be posting an updated mock draft of my own soon. There's a teaser on the right hand side (basically the top 10 picks).

Anonymous said...

I think seattle should trade down to numbers 8-10 for a aditional secound round pick. Seattle could get a OT or RB at #'s 8-10. Get a reciever(best available) and a DB(Utah Utes Sean Smith) in the second round.

Anonymous said...

Michael who? The seahawks should be eyeing Sean Smith from Utah. He's a beast. We could get him in the secound round easy.

Rob Staton said...

The main issue as always with trading down is finding a willing partner. The cost of a top five pick is so extreme these days, it almost certainly rules out a trade. I'm sure the Seahawks would like to explore trade down options and potentially get better value and more picks, but they might be tied to the fourth pick and unable to manouevre.

Jacksonville pick 8th. They might want to trade up to improve their offensive line. However, Cleveland are no threat to picking a LT so they could just as easilly do a deal with the Browns. Even then, they could prefer to stay put, keep their picks and pick from Michael Oher or Andre Smith if they so wished.

Green Bay are 9th on the clock, I cannot envisage a scenario where they trade up. San Francisco are 10th, I would be very surprised if they wished to gift a divisional rival extra picks.