Thursday, 12 March 2009

Draft Journery... Stafford & Crabtree

For the last few weeks the NFL Network has been following three prospects as they prepare for the biggest day of their lives. Matt Stafford, Michael Crabtree and Brian Cushing have given an insight into how they approached the combine, their time in Indianapolis and the subsequent days since. Today, we see a nervous Crabtree getting ready for surgery on his fractured metatarsal and Stafford warming to the focus given to a potential No.1 pick.
Click here for the footage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob--

I believe the NFL will soon decide the number of compensatory draft picks for the teams. Any speculation on if the Seahawks will be entitled to additional picks?

I am not sure who I'm rooting for at #4. Crabtree still makes a lot of sense, especially if we can get a lineman and safety later. However, I wouldn't be upset if we trade down, pick up Moreno and go for someone like Nicks in the 2nd round. Picking Monroe might be fairly safe, but it seems high and we lose the chance to get a true playmaker who has something the offense needs: youth!!

Thanks for your time and the great Web site!

Rob Staton said...

Hi annonymous, thanks for the positive feedback.

I'm a big fan of Knowshon Moreno and if the Seahawks can trade down, get some more picks and still get a playmaker like him they'll have done very well indeed. The problem as often discussed is the difficult in trading out of the top five. But I guess you can never rule anything out.

With regard the compensatory picks, Mike Sando at ESPN alerted me to this link earlier:

It suggests Seattle will get four picks in the 7th round.