Friday, 27 March 2009

Charley Casserly on OT's Monroe & Smith

On March 4th, Charley Casserly made the bold statement that Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith were "not true top 10 tackles". Today he qualifies his reasoning a little further by breaking down the highly rated offensive tackle class of 2009.

"I think the guys got real good technique in his pass protection, so I think he's a very good pass blocker. I think he can come in and play right now. I don't think he has as an upside though, I think what you see is what you get which is pretty good for a left tackle pass pro. I think he's not as physical on the running game as you like and some people have some serious questions about his knee and that might drop him a little."
- Casserly on Eugene Monroe

"I think his best asset is his pass blocking, his feet and his change of direction. My questions on him are this - he's not a real big guy. His body is really tight to be about a 305-309lbs guy. The other thing about him is I polled nineteen teams in the fall. The average grade was a 1/2. History tells me that you don't really see guys jumping that far that fast. That bothers me a little bit."
- Casserly on Jason Smith

In other news, Pat Kirwan (Senior Analyst, has published the fifth incarnation of his mock draft. Once again he has the Seahawks taking Georgia QB Matt Stafford, although he's added a second round choice for good measure. Seattle passes on Alex Mack and William Beatty to take Darrius Butler (CB, Connecticut).


Louis said...

If Seahawks think this way too, then the chances of drafting Crabtree just skyrocketed. i like what im hearing =D

Chris Sullivan said...

I've been saying this for awhile. Being the best tackle in the draft doesn't mean you're going to be the best tackle from the draft. I think in 3 years Michael Oher looks like the steal of 2009 when he's taken between 10-20 and dominates for years to come (after learning his offense). He's no Walter Jones, but if there's an elite tackle it's going to be a freak of nature like Oher and not Smith or Monroe. They're both very good, but not elite.

Big Joe said...

Chris is right on the mark. Everyone gets caught up on the rankings as they grade out today, and the best approach is to project where they will grade out in the next 2-5 years. Not easy to do but a huge factor to grade out the final scores on the draft board in the war room.
And remember, it was Charley Casserly that took Mario Williams first overall instead of Reggie Bush. Smart man!

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