Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day links

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas day. Mine was spent travelling between Sheffield and York visiting my side of the family and Mrs. Rob's. I had to get up early this morning to get back to work, I'm commentating on a soccer game today.

If you need something to read this morning maybe to recover from a hang over or to take a break from relatives and Turkey, here are some links to get you through.

Pete Prisco at CBSSportsline says Detroit must take a quarter back first overall, stating the options are Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford. It's a virtual certainty that Detroit will take a QB or an offensive tackle in 2009.

John Niyo from the Detroit News has put together a nice article here. He suggests that a record number of underclassmen will declare for the draft and talks about who might go first overall. It's an interesting read and really recommended, ending with a look at some of the top prospects in the draft with some help from Mel Kiper.

Friend of the blog Aaron Weinberg from Next Season Sports looks at how the final week of the regular season could influence how the Seahawks pick in the draft.

Now for some mock drafts (you can find my mock on the right hand side bar). Walter Cherepinsky from has Seattle taking Michael Crabtree fifth overall, Matt Stafford is the Lions choice.

Draft Tek is in agreement when it comes to Seattle's pick, but has Andre Smith going first overall.

Matt Chase at FFJungle also believes Crabtree is heading north west. It's seemingly the trendy pick this festive season with Draft Empire also having the Seahawks selecting the Texas Tech receiver.

The guys at NE Patriots Draft disagree however. They have Stafford, Smith and Crabtree going picks 1-3 forcing Seattle to look elsewhere. Michael Johnson, defensive end from Georgia Tech, is the guy they have the Seahawks picking.

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