Friday, 26 December 2008

Who is the best defensive prospect in the 2009 Draft?

Our poll to find out the best defensive prospect in 2009 has finished and the winner is USC safety Taylor Mays. The Seattle native is listed at 230 lbs and 6'3" in height, Mays is often described as a 'beast' with linebacker size. He'd be a popular pick amongst 'Hawks fans not just because of his roots at O'Dea High School and his size, but also because the team would really benefit from an injection of pure quality at the safety position.

The only issue with Mays is that not many people seem to know much about him. He's difficult to scout, often standing deep behind the line of scrimmage for USC. Trojans head coach Pete Carroll recently admitted that no team had thrown deep on his team in 2008 making it impossible to judge Mays in certain scenarios he might face in the pro's. Mays has the size and athleticism. He's coming from a school with a tremendous history of producing defensive talent, something the Seahawks have milked from with Lofa Tatupu and more recently Lawrence Jackson.

But how will he cope against the faster and more nimble players he could face in the NFL? 26% of you thought he'd do just fine.

In second place came Wake Forest's Aaron Curry with 20% of the vote and Rey Maualuga, another USC prospect, finished third with 19%.

A new poll is now up so check the right hand side bar to vote and have your say!


Kurt said...

Hey Rob,

Just wanted to say you do a great job with this blog. I've been spending a lot of time researching the Seahawks '09 draft and your blog is one of the better ones out there.

Keep up the good work!

Rob Staton said...

Thanks Kurt. It's always great to get feedback from readers and any positive comments are much appreciated. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and keep checking back!