Friday, 19 December 2008

McShay talks about Aaron Curry and Tim Tebow

Todd McShay has made yet another appearance to talk draft today, this time discussing some of the prospects in his weekly Around College Football segment. Firstly he discusses Tim Tebow's future in the NFL. It's a bit of a tiring discussion now and I'm pretty sure Tebow himself is sick of hearing other people say things like 'H-Back' and 'mechanics'.

A slightly more interesting discussion is once again the attention Wake Forest line backer Aaron Curry is receiving. He's already won the Butkus Award and is top of both Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock's draft boards. Now he gets the seal of approval from Todd McShay. He could be the first line backer taken over all and many are tipping him to have the same impact as a rookie that Patrick Willis and Jared Mayo have had.


Mr Fish said...

Who is Todd McShay and why should we take him as an authority on the draft?

Mr Fish said...

I tried to answer my own question, but since most of McShay's stuff is part of ESPN's subscription-only content, I was unable to form an opinion of McShay's track record.

Except for this: Google had a cached copy of his mock draft from last year. He had the Seahawks picking Kentwan Ballmer. 'Nuff said.

Rob Staton said...

McShay is a pundit for ESPN who does a weekly look at the draft. If someone voices an opinion on the draft and I can link to it then I'll put it on the blog. I'm hoping as the weeks go on this comments section will become more popular and people will discuss the various comments made by the Mayock's, McShay's and Kiper's out there.