Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Mock Draft 12/23

With week 16 in the books it's time for an updated mock draft. Changes to the draft order have been rectified and there are also some significant changes in the selections. To view the mock check the right hand side bar.

Perhaps the most notable change is at the top with Detroit selecting Andre Smith. This pick is open to change because we don't know what the Lions will do to their front office, coaching staff or roster before we get to New York in April. If they sign Matt Cassel as a free agent for example, it will almost certainly rule out a QB going first overall. At this juncture I believe they will try to emulate the Dolphins this year by taking the top rated tackle first overall and building in the trenches. There are some question marks about Smith's ability against elite speed but he has the tools to be a number one overall selection.

This in turn changes the top five significantly. Click here for more analysis.

I believe St. Louis will consider taking a quarter back or Michael Crabtree but in the end draft Michael Oher. There are concerns about his intelligence but physically he could be the most NFL ready OT in this class. The Rams want a new left tackle after missing out on Jake Long last year.

Kansas City are still slated to pick Sam Bradford. With a new general manager set to come and potentially a new head coach I believe there is a chance the new regime 'take their own guy'. Even if Herm Edwards remains, Bradford suits the spread offense they've been using this year and could sit behind Tyler Thigpen to learn his trade.

With the top two tackles off the board and the Bengals not looking for a quarter back, Cincinnati are left with little option but to take the best player available. No sweat because that guy is Michael Crabtree. With question marks about Chad Ocho Cinco / Johnson's future and TJ Houshmandzadeh possibly hitting free agency if he doesn't get tagged, receiver could become more of a need as the weeks pass.

The Seahawks are up next and they have two options. For starters, no defensive prospects have left the draft board yet so they'd have their pick of the class. That is an option depending on how the 'Hawks scouts have graded the talent. The alternative and option I have gone for in this weeks mock, is that they take Georgia quarter back Matt Stafford. Questions continue to mount about Matt Hasselbeck's future and ultimately a medical report will determine his fate. If the doctors say he cannot be trusted to be healthy, GM Tim Ruskell may be ruthless and move the pro-bowler on with a new era set to begin under Jim Mora. The improved performance of Seneca Wallace would then lead to a training camp face off for the starting role with little pressure to start Stafford immediately. This won't be a popular pick for some of the 12th man but I firmly believe it is a possibility and that this is how the mock has fallen today.

Do you agree with this mock draft? Would you take Matt Stafford in that situation? Can Andre Smith go first overall? Have your say by clicking the comments link below and leaving your opinion.


Michael said...

I say we take Bradford or Stafford or Currey.

Anonymous said...

If Crabtree and the two top OT are gone and the all the QB's remain when the Hawks pick, I would bet anything TR trades down.

Rob Staton said...

It would depend on two main factors, how much we like Stafford and whether or not we feel Hasselbeck and Wallace is a long term viable option. If they really liked Stafford a trade down won't happen, if they aren't keen expect the usual 'work outs' prior to the draft to suggest interest, but in this mock I don't see why a team wouldn't be able to work out a deal with Oakland or Cleveland - both with a lot of holes and having taken a QB in the first round in 2007.

jjhsix said...

I am hoping Hasselbeck's health allows us to pick a QB later in the draft. Personally, I am not a Stafford or Bradford guy. I won't be disappointed if Seattle wins this week, falls back a little and takes Mays. I think he is about the surest thing in this years draft.

jjhsix said...

I'm really glad I found this blog by the way. Amazing job Rob. What do the commentators think about our RB situation next year? Is Derrick Ward not worthy of consideration. He seems to have the size to be an everydown back and he can catch the ball. He will be a free agent because the Giants will likely franchise Jacobs.

Rob Staton said...

Thanks for the positive feedback jjhsix, I'm glad people enjoy the blog and hope you'll keep visiting.

I think running back is a really interesting situation for this team. On the surface, there are much bigger needs obviously. I think Jones, Morris and Duckett are all servicable backs. Not elite but capable. But at the same time, a lot of rumours say Greg Knapp could be the offensive co-ordinator next year. Knapp likes his teams to run the ball. In the past, his teams have always been ranked very high in the running game. I don't think it's completely unthinkable that the RB situation gets reviewed in the off season. Whatever happens Mo Morris is a free agent. Derrick Ward is going to warrant attention from a lot of teams. I also like Knowshon Moreno a lot in this draft and think he could shoot up draft boards.

Whether we end up drafting anyone or not remains to be seen, but it's not impossible.