Monday, 8 December 2008

Colt McCoy says he won't declare

Texas Longhorns QB Colt McCoy has today revealed he won't be declaring for the 2009 NFL Draft and will stay in college for his senior year.

That's one to cross off the list if Seattle are thinking of taking a young quarter back next year. McCoy was the Heisman favourite for a short time until his team lost a heart breaker to Texas Tech. That defeat ultimately cost the Longhorns an appearance in the BCS Championship.

McCoy will look for another run at the BCS and the Heisman trophy next year and could become a more polished signal caller in the long run. Alternatively, we've seen how staying an extra year can hurt a quarter back's value (re: Matt Leinart).


Edwin said...

I just came across this blog via and am totally jazzed. This site is well written, so far seems well informed, and is a draft lovers dream :)

Ed Robinson

Aaron Weinberg said...


Would you be interested in writing for a Seattle sports blog web site? I can give you more info via email. Shoot me one:

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Rob is already writing for a "Seattle sports blog web site". This one.

Jeff said...

I'm thinking that Colt will stay in college unless it is clear he will go in the first round. As far as the first pick goes, I'd rather the Lions take a tackle or Sam Bradford than Stafford.

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