Monday, 15 December 2008

Picking sixth overall - is it no man's land?

After a 23-20 win over the St. Louis Rams sent Seattle to 3-11, we reported how this affected draft position. In the current SDB draft rankings the Seahawks would be picking sixth overall. This can of course change between now and the end of the season. I am ranking Seattle ahead of Oakland for now. It could be argued that drafting 6th overall represents something of a 'no man's land' situation for the franchise. To continue...

With five teams selecting before the 'Hawks, the chances are gifted prospects such as Matt Stafford, Andre Smith, Michael Oher and Michael Crabtree will be off the board. These four players currently top our poll to decide who should be ranked first on Seattle's draft board.

If that was the case, who are the second tier of top 10 prospects? It seems nobody is really sure at the moment. Looking at the mock drafts around the web, the results are varied. Dane Brugler at NFL Draft Source says Seattle would go for Ohio State cornerback Michael Jenkins. NFL Draft Dog claims Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry is west coast bound. has Virginia tackle Eugene Monroe going 6th overall, whilst DraftTek has Brian Orakpo going in the same spot.

The indifference arguably indicates the level of uncertainty amongst commentators as to who is in that second tier. Over at a debate started talking about who Seattle could take should they draft 6th overall with Stafford, Smith and Crabtree off the board. A general opinion appeared to be that 6th was 'too late' for the elite talent, but too early for the Knowshon Moreno's, Aaron Curry's, Malcolm Jenkins' of this world.

In the end, Jeremy Maclin was touted as a possible option. Comparing his stats to Michael Crabtree, Maclin has 95 catches to Crabtree's 93. He also gained 1221 yards compared to the Texas Tech receivers 1135. Crabtree, however, was superior when it came to touchdowns, registering 18 to Maclin's 12.

If you're looking for a wild card in this still early stage of draft debate, Sam Bradford's status is worth monitoring. Should he declare it may shake things up in the top five leading to one of the elite guys dropping or he himself falling to Seattle at number six. Would Seattle consider taking the Heisman winner?

Another wild card? If Seattle appointed Greg Knapp as offensive coordinator as reported here, they make look to adopt a run heavy offense. With that in mind, could Seattle 'reach' on one of the top two running back talents, Knowshon Moreno or Chris Wells?

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