Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Take Five with Kyle Rota

Here's a Q&A I recently conducted with Kyle Rota from College Talent Scout.

Q/ Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Michael Crabtree. Pick one for Seattle.

Michael Crabtree. For me, it becomes a win by default. I don't think our offensive tackle situation is nearly as bad as our interior OL situation, but we are running with what is, with Branch, a bad WR group. Seattle has the worst WRs in the league. I have serious questions about Smith's ability to handle elite speed rushers, and serious questions about Oher's ability to play guard for a year or two given his less-aggressive attitude and learning disability.

Q/ Who's the best defensive player likely to declare?

If this is about underclassmen, I haven't yet scouted any of the elite players, but from what little I saw I really liked Vontae Davis, the corner back from Illinois. He has a very solid all-around game and is physical against the run. If we're talking seniors, it depends on your defense. Rey Maualuga of USC is a prototype 3-4 LB. For a 43, I think Jame Laurainitis is a top-notch linebacker with the ability to be an impact player immediately.

Q/ Rank these's QB's in order - Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell, Matt Stafford, Tim Tebow.

Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow (with the understanding that you're not starting him til year 3), Graham Harrell.

Q/ Who wins the Heisman?

I think the single most deserving player is Tim Tebow. He's a better player than he was last year, when he (deservedly) won the Heisman. Sam Bradford does just as much, if not more, with less talent on his team, but Tebow is more deserving due to tougher competition. That said, I rarely agree with the official Heisman selection, so don't be surprised if I'm wrong.

Q/ Name one player not mentioned so far that you really like.

I wouldn't take him before pick 12, but I feel Knowshon Moreno (RB, UGA) is the exact kind of player Seattle could get behind. He's not huge at 5'11 208 (listed, not official) or exceptionally fast (4.4-4.5 speed), but he is big and fast enough to play in the NFL. More importantly, he has outstanding vision and balance. He's already a good enough blocker and pass catcher to be on the field in any situation, and he's a competitive, energetic player.

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