Thursday, 11 December 2008

Updated mock draft

The 2009 Seahawks Draft Blog mock draft was updated today with a few minor changes. To view the mock check the top of the right hand side bar.

The order has changed, with the 49ers picking after the Jaguars and the Browns. The Seahawks remain in 4th position but that could change after Sunday's schedule. If Seattle beat St. Louis they will likely swap places with the Chiefs. Should Seattle lose, they could even find themselves picking second overall.

Kansas City are now predicted to select Malcolm Jenkins. The Chiefs have more pressing needs particularly pass rush but at the moment I don't have any defensive ends in the top ten. With Jacksonville picking seventh I have them taking recent Butkus Award winner Aaron Curry. That in turn forces the Chargers to look elsewhere and I think Rey Maualuga is a good fit for them. The 49ers are now selecting Eugene Monroe, a player I'm not particularly high on.

The draft does not include Sam Bradford and will not do so until he gives a firm indication he wishes to declare. Watch out for Knowshon Moreno who I believe could gate crash the top 10 come draft day.


Mr Fish said...

If Bradford does declare for the draft, do you think Detroit would take him rather than Stafford?

That right there might be a reason for him to stay in school. ;-)

Rob Staton said...

I think it comes down to how Detroit view each quarter back. Stafford has a reputation for having a cannon arm, great physical qualities and suprisingly athletic abilities. At the same time his decision making has been questioned, he often throws deep into double coverage. Todd McShay in the article below this one says his decision making "scares him to death".

Bradford on the other hand is very accurate and leads the nation in touchdown passes (48 to date). His touch and vision is second to none. However, he hasn't got a big arm like Stafford and hasn't had to face much pressure playing for the Sooners. He's barely been touched all year, having loads of time to pick his passes. Stafford on the other hand has worked behind a poorer line and has often been forced to think and react in the pocket. Can Bradford be as accurate under pressure?

I have Stafford going to Deroit in my mock but this can change. If Bradford declares, it will bring about an interesting debate. I think a lot of Detroit fans want them to take a LT like Miami did last year with Jake Long. We'll know their thinking come free agency. For example, if they signed Matt Cassel to a big contract it all but eliminates them from taking a QB.