Monday, 22 December 2008

Seahawks win but stay fifth

Seattle defeated the New York Jets in a snow storm 13-3 on Sunday to record back to back victories. Seneca Wallace put in another nice game, the defense held it's own for once this year and the make shift offensive line were fantastic considering none were starters when the season began.

So what do the results mean for draft position?

1 Detroit Lions 0-15
2 St. Louis Rams 2-13
3 Kansas City Chiefs 2-13
4 Cincinnati Bengals 3-11-1
5 Seattle Seahawks 4-11
6 Oakland Raiders 4-11
7 Cleveland Browns 4-11
8 Jacksonville Jaguars 5-10
9 Green Bay Packers 5-9

Seattle stay in fifth place with the same record as Oakland and Cleveland. The reason for this order is based on strength of schedule. The Seahawks' opponents have recorded a win-loss record of 119-119-1. Oakland's is at 125-115 and Cleveland's 136-101-2.

The Seahawks will select no lower than 7th in the 2009 NFL draft with one week to go. Next week Seattle travel to Arizona to face the imploding Cardinals. Oakland are at Tampa Bay and Cleveland at Pittsburgh. If the 'Hawks win in the desert it looks likely they will be picking 7th. If they lose and the Bengals defeat the Chiefs, they will pick 4th overall.

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