Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Mock draft now available

The SDB 2009 Mock Draft is now available on the right hand side bar. As the current NFL season draws to a close and we discover what direction teams are likely to go in, the mock will be extended from it's current 'top 10' format to a full first and second round prediction.

Some issues that may force the mock to change:

  • Will Detroit pursue a QB such as Matt Cassell in free agency? Such a move would be more likely if they appointed Josh McDaniels as head coach (although they are unlikely to make such a smart move). If they did sign a free agent QB, expect them to look at offensive tackles Andre Smith and Michael Oher.
  • Draft order is subject to change. With so many bad teams this year, including Seattle, the final draft order can change dramatically. Currently I have predicted the Seahawks to be picking fourth, however they could realistically pick anywhere from 2nd to 7th.
  • Will the Seahawks cut or trade Matt Hasselbeck? If his back injury proves too problematic, Seattle may look to start a new era under Jim Mora with a new QB. If Detroit passes on a QuarterBack, Seattle could have their pick of the bunch. If Hasselbeck leaves you have to assume they will prefer to take a QB. Seattle's inability to groom a successor to Hasselbeck could come back to haunt them, especially if they have to snub a talent like Michael Crabtree to take a young signal caller. For more on the issue, see the article below.
  • Influx of college talent declaring for the draft. Right now, I don't have Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow etc etc including in the mock. We should find out soon what their intentions are for 2009. If they choose to declare it could dramatically change the way a lot of teams intend to draft.


Kyle said...

Rob you goof. It's Kyle from .Net. Turn on PMs so I can respond.

(short version: of course, I'll throw up a link to yours, it looks good, and what are your career goals/portfolio expectations. I may be able to help there as well.)

Blog looks great though. Keep at it, these things are tough to start but eventually you keep going.

Surf Hawk said...

Crabtree? Come on! Just joking, I just had to be first person to come on here and post negative comments. Looking forward to some good draft stuff over the next bunch of months (like how we'll draft OL.)

Rob Staton said...

Great to here from you Surf!

It's hard to argue against you looking at our poll - nearly 50% are saying OT! I think you're winning buddy!


darnell said...

Love the site and the concept.

I don't see Hass going anywhere soon if he gets a clean bill of health. He had a poor/injured 2006 and bounced back bigtime. His odd number years (03,05,07) are always better than his even number years.

Kurt Warner dealt with some bad years and injuries, Brett Favre dealt with some bad years. I would be choked if the Hawks decided to turn that page on Hass (also, I think if they were to part ways with Hass you would see Walt hang em up that same day).

I really like Crabtree; I think he is an Andre/Calvin Johnson as opposed to the many wrs who have busted. But WRs do have a high bust rate and it could cripple us if if we took Crabtree gave him big money and he flopped - though I don't think he will.

I think the safe pick and the value in the first round will be along the oline with Andre Smith, Michael Oher (both of who are gone by our pick in your mock) Eugene Monroe or a possinle trade down for Duke Robinson. 1st round olinemen are pretty safe these days (Joe Thomas, Ryan Clady, Jeff Otah, Jake Long, Sam Baker)and they have long careers at vital positions.

So in your mock I think the Hawks go with Monroe or Duke.

Also, i don't see Orakpo slipping out of the top 10. He'll be the best pass rusher in the draft and KC can't get any pressure at all.