Saturday, 24 April 2010

Quick, someone buy these men a plane ticket!

By Kip Earlywine
Sergio Render, Jeff Byers, Tony Washington, Jevan Snead (ouch), Donovan Warren (!!) and Stefon Johnson. You weren't good enough to be Mr. Irrelevant, but by God, you are probably good enough to be a Seattle Seahawk.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Byers, Tony Washington, Jevan Snead (! as a developmental QB), Donovan Warren and though I don't like LeGarrette Blount because he is a HORRIBLE fit, but hey, he's worth a try as a Free Agent.

I was really shocked that Washington, Warren, and Snead were not picked at all. Even after falling due to issues, I would have expected a team to bite in the 5th-6th round range when the talent started to fall off.


Charles said...

Kip I'm glad you put up this post. I just made a list of names I'd like to see invited to our team.

Tony Washington - OT - Abilene Christian
Donovan Warren - CB - Michigan
Legarrette Blount - RB - Oregon
Jevan Sneed - OB - Mississippi
Ciron Black - OT - LSU
Andre Dixon - RB - Connecticut
Stafon Johnson - RB - USC
Freddie Barnes - WR - Bowling Green
Sergio Render - OG - Virginia Tech
Jeff Byers - C - USC
Kyle Bosworth - LB - UCLA

If we could get a bunch of these guys undrafted that would be awesome.

Donald Duck said...

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the mock draft and the draft analysis.

I have enjoyed reading everyone's contributions.


trrrroy said...

I still can't believe Snead went undrafted. It just blows my mind. That and Kafka getting drafted so high. Didn't expect that one either.

Rob Staton said...

Snead is a shock - we went into 2009 talking about his potential to develop into a #1 overall pick. Blount should get some interest, but it's perhaps telling that both he and Snead - with their reputations - never warranted even so much as a 7th round compensatory pick.

hunter said...

Donovan Warren is signing with the Jets. he has tweeted it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't expect that because the Jets have a VERY good secondary from my memory during the playoffs.

And bummers. I really wanted Warren.


Steve in Spain said...

Dixon signed with the Steelers.

Blount to the Vikings.

Bruce M. said...

Wonder what Blount's thinking was. With Peterson and especially Gerhart already on the team, what can he offer the Vikes?

Anonymous said...

and Snead to Bucs.

Still holding out for Bryers (I expect him at least) and Washington.


Anonymous said...

walters draft says we signed Bryers C/G.

c-hawker said...

blount to the 49ers.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY is going to sign Tony Washington. There's guys with off-the-field issues...and then there's Washington. Not only is he a convicted sex offender, but it's for having sex with his own sister. Dude's creep factor is off the charts. I don't mind loosening the character requirements from the Ruskell era, but incest? C'mon.