Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Draftmas Eve - Berry's 'Seahawks' suit

By Rob Staton
The prospects are starting to arrive in New York ahead of the draft. The NFL Network has been following round Jahvid Best (RB, California) and Eric Berry (S, Tennessee). I like Berry's choice of suit (see image above). Very 'Seahawks Blue'. It'll go well with the Seahawks jersey he'll be holding on Thursday. I'll be posting my final 2010 NFL mock draft later today so stay tuned for that. I enjoyed watching this feature which has a group mock involving Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, Brian Billick and others. Matt McGuire also publishes his final mock draft. He has the Seahawks taking C.J. Spiller, something we understand won't happen. Don't forget, if you have any questions or just want to make a point, leave a note in the comments section.


Steve in Spain said...

Congratulations on what you tweeted about getting married! If you're willing to look past her being a Bronco fan it must be true love.

In other news, I thought this was a terrific read: 4 NFL scouts/personnel people rank and comment on their top 20 prospects in the draft.

Kevin said...

That mock? Berry at #6 and Haden at #14? Wierd.

Kevin said... draft, every pick of Charles Davis was a DB.

Patrick said...

Man, oh man those videos get me pumped!! I would love to see Berry holding up that Seahawks jersey. And who knows, maybe Jahvid Best will as well.

Echoing what Steve in Spain said, congrats on getting Married!!!

James said...

Rob, the ideal scenario for the Seahawks would be Eric Berry at #6 and Brian Bulaga at #14. Taking a second look at Bulaga, he has Alex Gibbs written all over him. Very well coached in the zone scheme by Ferentz at Iowa. His thyroid thing is a non-issue because it was just a virus and not a glandular illness. Once he recovered, he dominated Derrick Morgan in the bowl game. Kansas City holds the key, of course. They could take either Berry or Bulaga. If they don't take Bulaga, he could fall to the Seahawks at #14. If KC takes Rolando McClain as you project (and I agree with your logic), then the perfect draft for the Seahawks could happen, with two immediate starters in Berry and Bulaga. Charles Brown of USC could be the fall-back at #14. Rob Rang says he is rising fast and will go somewhere in the teens.

Anonymous said...

That is Brian Billick not Bill Bellichick

Kelly said...

Ya I have to do agree with Kevin. Were the NFL guys not paying attention to the Berry pick at 6? I can't believe that we will go Joe Haden 14 if we do indeed pick up Berry at 6. Very Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Rumors have the Cowboys trying to trade up to 13 to take Earl Thomas. That would seem to indicate Seattle might want to go LT at 6 and Thomas at 14. Thoughts?

Savage said...

Wow, how telling is that tie? It is exactly the Hawks colors. I think we're gonna see #6 -Berry and trade the #14 a few spots down to late teens and take Brown or Davis as the LT.

The rest of the draft I see them taking a couple project OL's and then high upside players. This draft is either gonna be the one that sets us up for a long time or be a complete busts. YOu can forget about the days of the Ruskell safe picks where no one is a star, but everyone makes the team. I think Schneider and Caroll are gonna go for the Boom or Bust picks.

Anonymous said...

If no trades:

6 Berry
14 Morgan
60 Ducasse

would work for me. Top safety and top de.

My preference is to trade down and both spots and acquire more picks (including a 1st next year)

E in F

micah said...

I actually liked the mock draft. It made a lot of sense for a lot of teams, and added great defensive depth in our secondary. I would be happy if it went that way, and picking up an LT in round 2.

That Eric Berry suit also matches the Cowboys. Could we be seeing a trade there? I think the cowboys could be willing to pay our price for the 14 plus this years first for Berry. They need a safety in a bad way. I'll take a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this year plus a 1st next year for our 6. Total value according to the chart that they would give: 1440. Total value we give back 1600, according to the draft pick value chart. It's a doable deal.

Rob Staton said...

For whatever reason, I've always typo'd on Billick/Bellichick. Names are too similar!

Anonymous said...

6 berry
14 Brown
60 Houston


Dave91 said...

Taylor Mays at 14. Heres why

micah said...

I'm pretty ok with anonymous's last suggestion.

Still think that the cowboys could prefer Berry to Mays. Their picks are really low in all rounds and are likely to be the same next year. Cowboys don't need to do much to compete, but a safety with excellent ball skills could put them over the top. I don't think we would get my previous suggestion, but change the 3rd to a 4th and we have the ammunition to trade up later to get into the 3rd or move up in the 2nd; which, in this deep draft, could make a big difference vs a having a 3 4th rounders and a second 5th.

With Dallas's 27th pick, I would take Geno Atkins. This is a deep defensive draft and I believe we should take advantage of it. Atkins won't be around at 60, and probably will go fairly early in the second round. I would use 14 for Brown, Bulaga, or Thomas (BPA). There are also some OT prospects that will be late 2nd to 3rd rounders. I don't like the 4th rd or later tackles much.