Thursday, 22 April 2010

The plan of action for tonight

By Rob Staton
Draft Day is here! Kip Earlywine's mock draft will be on the blog soon so stay tuned for that. You can see my final mock draft by clicking here and Kyle Rota's is also available here. Also, I'll be here all night providing instant analysis on EVERY first round pick. I really hope you'll stop by too and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. It'll be used as an open forum, so you can talk about the Seahawks picks, let me know what you think about the moves made by other teams or ask as many questions as you want.
Hope to speak to you later!


Derek said...

Hey Rob I have a couple draft questions if you find the time today.

1. What is the best record a teams has had picking first overall?

2. Can a player choose to skip the draft and enter the league through free agency? Or does every player out of college have to enter through the draft or wait a couple years?


akki said...

Instant analysis from 12:30am to 4:00am BST? You're nuts! :-)

Savage said...

My predictions, assuming no trades and the picks hold true are:

#1- Bradford STL
#2- Suh DET
#3- McCoy TB
#4- Williams WSH
#5- Okung KC
#6- Eric Berry: I think the Hawks will have his value too high to pass up on for a tackle like Bulaga. I assume Williams and Okung are both gone at WSH and KC at this point and that makes Berry the obvious target.
#7- Haden CLE
#8- Pierre-Paul OAK
#9- Bulaga BUF
#10- Morgan JAX
#11- Pouncey DEN
#12- McClain MIA
#13- Spiller SF
#14- Dez Bryant: Again, the potential here will be too much to pass up on and with the targeting of Marcshall shows, the Hawks will not be afraid to pull the trigger on a player with so called character issues.
#15- Wilson NYG
#16- D. Williams TEN
#17- Clausen SF
#18- Davis PIT
#19- E. Thomas ATL
#20- Jackson HOU
#21- Mays CIN
#22- Odrick NE
#23- Brown GB
#24- Griffin PHI
#25- Hughes BAL
#26- Saffold ARZ
#27- Iupati DAL
#28- Best SD
#29- Kindle NYJ
#30- McCourtey MIN
#31- Price IND
#32- Gresham TEX

Savage said...

Its interesting that Oakland is apparently making Darren mcFadden availible. Guy was the #4 pick in '08. I wonder how he would fit in the zone blocking scheme. Anyone know? If he's a good fit I would offer the #60 and see if Al Davis bites.

akki said...

McFadden has been a bad fit for the Oakland ZBS - that's why he was a #3 RB behind Fargas and Bush. He's useless between the tackles, which is where the ZBS likes to run. Heck, I think he should be converted to WR rather than stay a RB.

Rob Staton said...

Derek - I'll try to find out for you before the draft begins.

Akki - I was supposed to be at work at 6am too... but thankfully was able to move it around. Now I can sleep between 5-10 before heading in at 11!

Anonymous said...

Handy ESPN is showing the first round live in the UK. :) No scratching around for dodgy feeds!

Scotia Seahawk

Rob Staton said...

ESPN is the toast of every UK NFL fan tonight.

Al the Kiwi said...

Yep. Here's to ESPN! Well stoked to be watching on TV instead of the computer. I've been looking at a few other blogs and comment pages and there appears to be stackloads of interest in the UK. It's not really the right time to be asking I guess, but does anyone know if Mike Carlson's back on 5 on Sundays this year or is it all night poker like every other channel?

Anonymous said...

What is the chance we trade our 14th pick to Raiduh for both Asomugha & MacFadden since both of them are on the block. Getting two for one price.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd take that deal..