Saturday, 17 April 2010

Who would trade for #14?

By Rob Staton
A lot of talk that the Seahawks are putting the #14 pick for sale with the hope of acquiring a 2011 first round pick as part of a package. Easier said than done though, right? Who might be interested in making such a move? If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments section.

Philadelphia Eagles
Peter King has been reporting Philadelphia's possible desire to move up in the draft and secure one of the top two safety's (Eric Berry or Earl Thomas). Berry won't be there and is a very likely pick for Seattle at #6. Thomas could be there at #14.

Why it might happen
Despite trading Donovan McNabb for a much less experienced quarterback, Philly feel they're close. They have some key holes with needs in the secondary, defensive line, linebacker and interior offensive line. They also have two second round picks and might be willing to sacrifice one to get a top 15 talent this year whilst maintaining their own pick at #24.

Why it won't happen
Would a team like Philly really cough up next year's first round pick to grab a safety? The Eagles are a good drafting team who see value in picks. Whilst they might be willing to own a pick in the top 15, the kind of price Seattle would be looking for seems a bit expensive.

Carolina Panthers
Without a first round pick this year, Carolina won't be picking until the 47th overall selection. Having lost Julius Peppers and cut quarterback Jake Delhomme, they might feel the need to get back into the first round in what's considered a deep class.

Why it might happen
The Panthers have traded away first round picks for 2009 and 2010 so they've shown a willingness to make bold moves. They have a lot of big needs - do they consider a quarterback like Jimmy Clausen? What about a receiver like Dez Bryant to take some pressure away from Steve Smith? Defensive line is an issue and this is a good draft for that area.

Why it won't happen
The Panthers might be more conservative having traded away their previous two first round picks. A deep talent pool offers some value at #47. There could be big changes in Carolina next off season with John Fox's future uncertain. This could be a regrouping year which limits the likelihood of an ambitious move in the draft.

Chicago Bears
This is a regime under pressure, from the GM to the Head Coach. They've made some expensive moves to get the team moving forwards but have lost a lot of picks this year in various trades. There's still some big areas of need.

Why it might happen
If this is a job saving episode and whilst maintaining full control - the front office might feel one last roll of the dice is worthwhile. The Bears have needs in the defensive secondary, they need a legitimate #1 receiver for Jay Cutler and they have perhaps their biggest needs on the offensive line.

Why it won't happen
Chicago don't own a second round pick. That's a major stumbling block because I'm led to believe the Seahawks would request a second rounder as part of any deal. If this was the only deal on the table, Seattle might be willing to consider a package not involving a 2010 second round pick.

Buffalo Bills
Big changes amongst the front office and coaching staff in Buffalo. This is a franchise that needs to do something to excite the fan base. Aside from that fact, this is also a team that lacks overall talent and is switching to new schemes on both sides of the ball.

Why it might happen
The Bills are switching to a 3-4 defense and will make significant changes to their offense. The consensus appears to be they'll spend the #9 pick on an offensive tackle, but they could entertain the possibility of another pick to get a nose tackle (Dan Williams) a quarterback (Clausen, Tebow) a pass rusher (Morgan, Graham) or a receiver (Bryant, Thomas).

Why it won't happen
The Bills need to make some moves and they're starting over under a new regime. However, do they sell the house to make improvements in year one? They pick again at #41 and may feel this is a good enough draft to maintain position and not need to spend their 2011 first rounder.


Nick Lauber said...

New England might want to if they really like Bryant and they have two first round picks next year.

Rob Staton said...

New England aren't a team who tend to use the words 'trade up' though. As an organisation, they don't like giving away picks and always prefer to pick more frequently and lower. The feeling tends to be, if you've made a trade with New England you've just been had. I think there's next to no chance they move up, let alone coughing up an extra first round pick in the process.

Nick Phelan said...

Hey Rob. Solid as always man. Your site is always up on my computer.

What about the Steelers trading up for Clausen? Could they be looking at a future without Big Ben. Are there any other players they could be looking at to fill some needs?

trrrroy said...

I could see the Vikes trying to move up to nab Clausen if they felt he wouldn't be there when they picked at thirty.

Patrick said...

My first thought was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After all, they need a WR argueably more than anyone in this league and if Dez Bryant is there at #14 they might pull the trigger. They have 2 2nd rounders which definitely helps, plus I know Raheem Morris and their GM are on incredibly short leashes. Why not grab a slam dunk WR now? I would certainly love to see this happen (sigh) but I know the Bucs are incredibly cheap and would probably never give up future picks

A-R-N-F said...

What about the bolts? They need a back badly and the two best in the draft could still be on the board at 14, at the very least Mathews will be. I think both will be gone at or before 20, which is well before their pick. They won't have the greatest pick next year, but at least we'd get the 40 back. I could easily see it happening, as they are probably one feature back away from steamrolling the West again.

Jon said...

San Diego doesn't make sense, Mathews should be there for them when they pick. Trading up would mean they want Spiller, and a tandem of Spiller and Sproles is kind of a redundancy. Spiller and Sproles both on the smaller side, Sproles would be best paired with a "workhorse" type of back like Mathews or even Ben Tate or Toby Gerhart if they want to address RB with a later pick for value.

But if there's a defensive cog they covet still on the board they might trade up for that. Like if Dan Williams were to fall out of the top 10, or maybe they're high on Brandon Graham or JPP.