Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday links

Steve Raible of the Seahawks Radio Network makes Seattle's second pick in round one for's beat mock draft. He took Derrick Morgan with the 6th overall pick and makes his case for taking C.J. Spiller with the 14th selection.

Pat Kirwan updates his mock draft, giving the Seahawks Gerald McCoy and C.J. Spiller. It's a pipe dream in my opinion. It will be completely mind blowing if the Lions don't take Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy - with the other going to Tampa Bay. In my opinion, it's as much of a lock as Bradford-to-St. Louis. The Rob Sims trade, if anything, just further increases the likelihood of Suh or McCoy to Detroit.

Evan Silva's updated mock draft has the Seahawks taking Anthony Davis and Kyle Wilson. I think the Davis pick has real potential if he's still there at #6, although I still project in my mocks he'll be going to Washington at #4. The Wilson pick would be a bit left field.

Rob Rang's latest mock draft contains a revelation - Russell Okung has an identical twin also called Russell Okung and the pair will be drafted at #4 and #5 by Washington and Kansas City. Somewhere, there's a proud Mr. Okung (maybe he's called Russell too). Rang's comment that Seattle have 'backed themselves into a corner' in the Whitehurst trade regarding a left tackle is bizarre to say the least, considering the only offensive lineman he has going between picks #40 and #60 is Vladimir Ducasse.

Matt McGuire discusses where Jimmy Clausen will go in the draft post McNabb trade. To be brutally honest, have been telling us Clausen was a lock to go #1... then a lock to go #4. They've been very critical/abusive of Todd McShay in particular, who has never been convinced by Clausen's stock as a top ten pick. McGuire is now talking about a draft day slide - just like McShay has for most of the year.

Scott Carasik's new site and mock draft get a big thumbs up for aesthetics. Great design and love the touch of class the jersey's bring to the projection. He has the Seahawks taking C.J. Spiller and Charles Brown in round one.


gonzhawk said...

yeah, I totally dug that new site with the jersey's-way cool! and I would absolutely love that draft!!

Mr. Chriss said...

At least the writeups in the CBS draft tell you who they actually drafted. Someone needs to call their editor.

Rob Staton said...

I'd like to remind all readers that bad language isn't tolerated on the blog and abusive comments will be removed.

There will be a new mock draft published on the blog tomorrow following a speight of activity in the last 48 hours.

Matthew Baldwin said...


I noticed on your mock preview (right column), you have Seattle taking Trent Williams at 6. I know he had a good combine (in shorts), but what changed on the tape everyone watched pre-combine? The tape showed him getting beat so bad, Bradford got injured. The tape that had everyone thinking RT.

I'm sure you have a thoughful and analytical reply (as always), but I just can't help but thinking this is just another case of "falling in love with a player in shorts."

I'll keep an open mind.

Patrick said...

Peter King mentioned two things I found very interesting. First, he mentioned that he didn't believe Seahawks would grab Eric Berry. It's been stated many times before, but perhaps it could be true after all that even at #6, a Safety is a luxury. More importantly, he mentioned that John Schnieder is "in love" with Bryan Bulaga. I personally am not sure he'll make it to #6, however, it would be interesting. I've heard when it comes to ZBS he is one of the better LTs in this draft.

Matthew Baldwin said...

I think Bulaga is solid, but his crocodile arms scare me. I know some say he meets the threshold of an NFL LT, but 33 1/4 seems too short; especially compared to Okung's 36" arms.

Arm length isn't everything of course, but IMO arm length for a LT (or DE) is just as critical as a DBs 40 time. It's not everthing, but it can be a dealbreaker.

Anonymous said...

Well Jordan Gross, Jason Peters, Donald Penn, Michael Roos, and Sam Baker all have 33 1/4 or shorter arms, so its not like the players can't be successful, I know you said that but its not really bad, i mean Walt is only a 1 1/4" longer. Joe Thomas, Chris Samuels, Matt Light, David Diehl are all within 1/2" of Bulaga's arms.

More important is how he functions in space, how well he can cut block, and his mental game. His hand technique is very important too since the short arms are a factor still

ivotuk said...

" To be brutally honest, have been telling us Clausen was a lock to go #1... then a lock to go #4. "

Not completely correct. While Matt Mcguire may be off on his mock, Walt of Walterfootball was the first Mock to have Sam Bradford going #1 overall to St Louis.

Anonymous said...

I hate to get off topic but I am wondering what your thoughts are on the Seahawks trading Rob Sim to Detroit? Oh and I appreciate the great content on this blog

Rob Staton said...

Matt - Personally, I do not advocate taking Trent Williams at #6. I was never impressed with him in 2009 and whilst there's obvious qualities such as athleticism and power at the P.O.A. - he's a penalty machine, didn't always look comfortable adjusting to LT and of course, was the blind side blocker for 'that' hit on Sam Bradford.

However, a guy with a proven source has touted to me that the choice at #6 is between Eric Berry and Trent Williams. Regular readers will know that I'm not a big fan of either. However - I can't let that influence my projection this week and I want to try and accomodate as many potential scenarios as possible. It's something I'll look into later today when the mock is up.

Ivotuk - I'm a big fan of Walter's site and exchange emails occassionally. However - they were plugging Jimmy Clausen at #1 as an inevitability and did make some pretty harsh remarks regarding Todd McShay for his stance that Clausen would fall.

Rob Staton said...

Annonumous - I think the Sims deal is good all round. He's worth more to Detroit than the pick they traded. The pick is worth more to Seattle than a guy Alex Gibbs clearly didn't want in his system. I think Sims is a very average lineman who started brightly but regressed. A fresh start will do him good, whilst Seattle will move on and look for Gibbs' lineman.

Anonymous said...

seeing a name other than Warner on that 28 jersey looks odd even though it was years ago..

Matthew said...

I think some of the changes in Walt's tune re: Clausen is a difference between what he thinks _will_ happen and what he thinks _should_ happen. He and Matt McGuire both sound like they still think Clausen _should_ go #1 to the Rams, but that seems less likely to play out now. I still think it's practically a mortal lock that he doesn't fall past the Bills at #9. The Seahawks, Browns, Raiders, and Bills all need quarterbacks, and there has to be at least one team that doesn't listen to McShay all that closely.

McShay, meanwhile, has been saying that Clausen _should_ fall, and for reasons that seem to be mostly fabrications. First it was that Clausen was too short, maybe 6'0" or less, which was wrong. Second, he's a poor team mate, which hasn't been corroborated by a single one of Clausen's team mates.

A-R-N-F said...

If he were to fall, it would be somewhat reminiscent of the Rodgers-Smith situation where a shotgun QB with upside went first overall and the more pro-ready prospect fell to the bottom of the first.